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By Matt Webb Mitovich / May 31 2021, 3:00 PM PDT For

The following contains spoilers from all of Lucifer Season 5.

“Oh, my me!” As Lucifer Season 5 came to a close, those three little words from Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) came on the heels of him using three other, weighter words to at long last affirm his feelings for “the Detective,” Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Season 5B’s eight episodes, released to Netflix on May 27, have been very well received by fans, including as they did the full-on introduction of God (guest звезда Dennis Haysbert), a musical episode, a complex...
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posted by bparlog
I Любовь Tom's Пение voice! I was wondering if he is also a singer in real life and has released any albums или Музыка downloads? I Любовь the Мюзиклы in Season 5B and I can see Tom being a great singer in real life and recording Музыка during breaks in seasons или if another Covid lockdown! I also мотыга, мотыги Netflix keeps renewing Lucifer and pays our beloved actors / Актрисы what they deserve. If Netflix was to Отменить Lucifer, I will definitely Отменить my subscription with them. There is only so much foreign imports that I can handle during seasons of Lucifer!