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posted by MoniBolis
- Tomorrow – Dr. Kane says – Ты can take Donnie Главная tomorrow morning –
Lucas and Cuddy smile. For a little еще than a месяц Lucas and Cuddy visited their baby in the NICU
- Did Ты hear that sweetie? – Cuddy has the baby in her arms. Donnie is bigger and has a еще healthy color. – You're going Главная –
Lucas kisses the baby forehead before Cuddy puts him back on the cot.
- Thank Ты Doctor –

- So I'll take a couple of days off to be with the baby –
Cuddy says to Lucas as they walk to her office.
- Любовь the idea –
- Ты can stop smiling, can...
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posted by MoniBolis
Lucas opens the door of his apartment.
- Hi – He smiles to Lisa and lets her in – Were we supposed to meet today? –
- No – Cuddy sits on the couch.
- Something wrong? –
Lucas sits Далее to Cuddy.
- He is under custody, and his hearing its Thursday – she tells Lucas. The P.I. realizes she is talking about House. – They don’t need me there, right? –
- The police took your statement, there are еще witnesses –
- He is going to jail –
- The charge is malicious destruction of property so depending of the amount of damage; he’ll be in jail a…while –
Cuddy sighs – This is so…argh….I...
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posted by MoniBolis
- I never had sex with a pregnant woman before –
- Good! If Ты had I would broke up with Ты right now –
Begging of February, and Cuddy and Lucas find out the sex still is fun.
After Rachel birthday in December and Cuddy birthday in January they feel еще stable with their relationship, which is weird considering that she is 6 months pregnant.
- So when are Ты gonna stop going to work? – Lucas asks Lisa – I don't think pregnant women are supposed to be in hospitals –
- Not yet – Cuddy says as she slowly gets up from the постель, кровати – I can still do my job – Lucas gazes at her, admires...
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Lisa Cuddy looks at her drink.

- Ты don't look so joyful tonight Dr. Cuddy – Another doctor tells her.

They are on the open bar of tonight's gala. Cuddy has a three день medical convention in Chicago.

- I got the news that a…friend of mine died yesterday – she says

- Sorry to hear that – the man nods and walks away.

Cuddy goes to her table, but she doesn't sit down. She is in a bad mood to hear the speech.

- Lisa? –

Cuddy hears her name but it takes her a while to react. She turns around to see who is talking to her

- Lucas? –

- Hi – he walks to her. He is clean shave now and wearing a...
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posted by MoniBolis
Lucas concentrates on his phone, is Saturday morning and he’s thinking about Lisa Cuddy.
He hits his head on the table. He stays on that position, thinking, trying to figure out what he is actually feeling for Cuddy.
Lucas sits back up, looks at the phone on his hands. He smiles as he remembers the first time he went out with Lisa, but then his сердце aches when he remembers the breakup.
Lucas gets up and walks around in his apartment, clear his mind. On his coffee таблица are some papers, flyers, and notes. One in particular catches his eye. It’s a flyer for a cinema Показ old movies.
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Cause we deserve closure.
Spoilers for the season finale

English is not my first language.

Cuddy’s breathing got faster, she was so close. She held Lucas tight to her body.

“Oh God” She moaned in pleasure.

Lucas admired her as she climaxed. He followed her soon after. Cuddy opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“Marry me” Lucas said

“What?!” Cuddy was caught by surprise

“Marry me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m in Любовь with you.” He сказал(-а) very serious.

Cuddy couldn’t speak. A thousand thoughts rushed through her head.

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posted by MoniBolis
- How are Ты feeling? –
- I don't longer cry myself to sleep thinking about my dead boyfriend –
Lucas is visiting Kelly at her mother's house.
- Okay, dumb Вопрос –
The girl is sitting on an оранжевый coach, the P.I. on a chair.
– Thanks for bringing me my things – Kelly says. – What happened to your eye? –
Lucas has a black eye.
- A prostitute hit me – he responds.
- Did Ты forget to pay her? –
- I was investigating a case – Lucas says.
- Sure, Ты were –
- Talking about investigating, I can help find out who was behind it, ask some questions… –
- Don't – Kelly interrupts...
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posted by MoniBolis
Chapter 04: Party

- This is not what it looks like – Lucas сказал(-а) – I needed a дата for the wedding so I invited her, and we were just talking. She has her own room –
The woman looked at Cuddy – Okay –
- Hi – Cuddy approached the woman – Dr. Lisa Cuddy, nice to meet Ты –
- I’m Jessica Jones –
They shook hands.
- I was about to introduce Ты – Lucas сказал(-а) – Jess is my girlfriend –
- I got that – Cuddy told him – I’ll go back to my room now, goodnight –
Cuddy walked to her room and closed her door. She put her hand on her forehead Of course he has a girlfriend
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posted by MoniBolis
Lucas wakes up, for a second, he forgets where he is.
- Good morning – Cuddy walks in from the other room. Lucas smiles when he sees her. She is already dress up for work.
- Hi – Lucas sits down, looks to the alarm clock. Its 7 am
- Do Ты want to take a shower? –
- No, I’m fine. I’ll just dress –
Cuddy walks to him and gives him a kiss. – I’ll be in the кухня –
After a few minutes, Lucas goes to the kitchen.
- Coffee? – Cuddy offers
- No, thanks – Lucas Ответы – I have to go…I have a job in Pennsylvania –
- Really? –
- I’ll be back by tomorrow...
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posted by pietruszka
English = not first language.

1) Lisa Cuddy sucks at relationships. She dated men from the internet, (and we all know that she likes sex so I don't think that she had long-term plans for the most of them) ruined every relationship she ever had, gave up trying to have normal family and focused on the baby. So she admitted to herself that she doesn't need Любовь from a boyfriend или husband. And then Lucas came - and it turns out that she can be in something that actually works out. Even it may look silly - loser-like funny PI and kickass dean of medicine, that obviously something that works. Almost...
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Setting The Scene: Lisa arrives at work...

Lisa pulled into her parking Космос in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital carpark, parked her car, gathered her things and got out. She locked the door and started to walk towards the front door of the hospital. Halfway to the door, she turned back towards her car to admire her superior parking skills, but instead was shocked by how dirty her car was.

"I need to get that car cleaned! I'll have to somehow find the time." Lisa sighed, feeling еще than a little stressed. She turned and continued to her walk to the front doors of the hospital.

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posted by volle-terrienne
Hi everyone! I started a FF with two of my Huddy-Luddy Друзья and I thought I could share it here... if some are interested in it and kind of like it, please tell and I'll update soon =)

And I'm terribly sorry but we are french... so it's a french FF... (Try a good translator if Ты wanna read =) )

Authors : Mimine, Volly & Josam

Date : Novembre 2009 - ?

Avertissement : NC-17

Disclamer : Après une longue lutte sanguinaire pour déterminer à laquelle de nous deux (trois) appartient Lucas, nous avons finalement décidé d’un commun accord d’admettre qu’il n’appartient à personne, ainsi...
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posted by MoniBolis
Two weeks later, Cuddy feels so much better, emotionally that is. Physical, she is exhausted.
- Ты could nap in here– her assistant tell her – I won't tell anyone –
- No, the день is almost over –
Cuddy is sitting on the little диван, мягкий уголок in her office. Moments like this, she misses her old office.
The phone rings. – I'll get it – Jonah says – It's Mr. Douglas –
- Hi –
- Hi Lisa, I got your message, I couldn't answer –
- It's okay…Are Ты busy tonight? –
- Well…I'm watching the game with Tony and Zach –
Cuddy wonders why men say "the game", like everybody knows what game is on....
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posted by volle-terrienne
Here is the Далее chapter I wrote myself. (I Любовь the Lucas/Rachel interactions so I wanted to write a "cute" scene between the two of them... But I didn't forget the Luddy ship ;) )

Chapter 5

« Tu vois... juste une semaine! », lui dit Lucas après le départ de House. La doyenne soupira doucement, soulagée de ne pas porter de plâtre.

« J'avais peur de devoir rester trois semaines sans pouvoir marcher... » répondit-elle en s'installant à nouveau dans ses bras.

« Ouai... moi aussi » Lisa leva la tête pour croiser son regard :

« Комментарий ça toi aussi? »

« Non je ne parlais pas des trois...
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posted by misanthrope86
Lisa knew that ‘Beatrice’s Exquisite Delicatessen’ was down the road from the hospital. So she knew Lucas had lied to her. But what did that mean? She couldn’t figure it out. He was, seemingly, doing a good deed. He had bought her lunch. So why would he lie about it? What was he hiding?

She sat in her favourite chair, gently cradling baby Rachel, who was sleeping angelically.

Good deeds. Lisa had benefitted from a few lately. Someone had washed her car, helped her clean up after House, a number of hospital donors had дана very generously to the hospital recently. She had also noticed...
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posted by MoniBolis
"I'll be back before Ты know it"
That's what Lucas told Cuddy over a week ago. He took a case two months ago; in behalf of Rachel's teacher; Jenny. It turned into a much complicated and long case.
Lucas ended up in Virginia. Cuddy, now 8 months pregnant, was not happy about it.
Now he's back home. He's tired and he just wants to cuddle with Cuddy and to fall sleep.
At 3 in the morning, Lucas enters quietly into the house. He sees the light on.
- Lisa? –
Cuddy is sitting on the edge of the bed. Her hands clenching the bedspread, she's in pain. – Ufff – She groans – I need to go to the hospital...
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posted by MoniBolis
Lucas is fooling around with Kelly in his apartment. After all, what is the point of having a pretty girl as your neighbor?
- Come here – the girl kisses him and pulls him to her. They fall on the couch.
The phone rings, but they both ignore it. The answering machine picks up.
Hi Lucas, it’s me, I guess you’re not home… Cuddy voice makes Lucas stop paying attention to Kelly.
- way…I want to talk to you, about what happened. Call me, please. Bye –
Lucas gets up from the sofa. – Why did she call me? –
- Why did Ты stop Поцелуи me? – Kelly asks as she sits down. The private investigator...
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posted by volle-terrienne
Here is chapter 4, wrote by Mimine (another luddy-huddy fan-friend of mine :), Далее chapter will be mine ;) )

Cafétéria du PPTH- 12h

Il avait réussi à soigneusement l'éviter durant toute la matinée. Et s'était même demandé s'il ne devait pas aller déjeuner à l'extérieur, pour être tout à fait sur de continuer sur sa lancée. Puis la raison l'avait emporté. Enfin, le porte monnaie surtout. Impossible d'entrainer Wilson ailleurs. Il avait du s'y résoudre. Tout comme il avait du se résoudre à l'entendre, encore et toujours, lui parler de Lisa Cuddy. Et de sa relation avec Lucas....
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Setting The Scene: Lucas encouraged a woman he knew to meet with Dr Lisa Cuddy about making a donation to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Lisa Cuddy got up from her desk, strode across her office and put on her coat. She was off to lunch with a potential hospital donor and was excited about the prospect of getting еще money for the cancer research department. With a skip in her step, she left her office and made her way through the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital lobby and out into the crisp winter air.

Lucas sat on a bench out in front of the hospital, watching people, sick and...
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English is not my first language, so all the mistakes are mine, but if Ты tell me what's wrong, I’ll change it
Yes, I have a soft spot for luddy
Spoilers...I guess

“Cappuccino for Ты and black coffee for you” The waitress handled Lucas and Cuddy their beverages.
“Thanks” the couple said
“So, how was your week?” Lucas started the conversation
“It was like a soap opera to much drama” Cuddy took a sip from her coffee
“Really? Is one of the nurses pregnant and doesn’t know which doctor is the father?”
“If sex affairs were the biggest problem in the hospital; I would have more...
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