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Storm clan was not the only one who found this land, Ice clan was formed with the bravest and strongest cats

1.articstar-is a solid white she-cat with sky blue eyes

1. Bluepaw-is a blue and gray she-cat with amber eyes
2.waterpaw-is a dark blue Tom with amber eyes
3.jaypaw-is a black and red she-cat with brown eyes
4.dirtpaw-is a dirt color Tom with brown eyes

1.shadowclaw-is a black Tom with лайм, известь green eyes
2.fireclaw-is a handsome оранжевый colored Tom with amber eyes
3.sharpclaw-is a ginger Tom with amazing yellow eyes
4.raveclaw-is a black and white Tom with amber eyes
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It was a tragic день when thunder, wind, shadow and river clan all left the full of prey land.But under all that sorrow and death built a new and stronger clan STORM clan with respectful, loyal, and bravest Кошки ever!

Leader-bluestorm is a gray blue she-cat with лайм, известь green eyes

1.Willowclaw- is a pure white she-cat with blue eyes
2.Blackpelet-is a black and white Tom with amber eyes
3.Bluefur-dark gray with left back leg and left front leg black and лайм, известь green eyes
3.Ashfoot-dark gray, light gray, and black mixed with yellow golden eyes
4.Blacktail-all white with black tail and brown eyes...
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