Mamma Mia! Which is the best part of the movie??

SophSky posted on Mar 01, 2009 at 12:40PM
It´s really hard to choose, but I think one of the best parts of the movie it´s when meryl and amanda sing together slipping through my fingers. There we can see an incredible relation between mother and daugther!! I love that scene because they show us how much they love each other!!
What do you think??

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Больше года SophSky said…
Does somebody agree with me??
Больше года paola1901 said…
I love slipping through my fingers too, but also super trouper because I think is a song from Donna to Sophie and how Sophie sees that her mom is so cool
Больше года cherylfan1 said…
its really hard because i like honey honey and i like slipping through my fingers and i like lay all your lov on me
Больше года merylrox14 said…
I agree with you SophSky, its a great scene!
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Больше года ItComesToThis said…
big smile
The whole movie is awesome, but I love that scene in the church!!!