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The Captain Marvel movie was the greatest movie to come out since the Marvel franchise started. The ending of Captain Marvel left me in tears and thirsting for Capt. Marvels Далее appearance. The supporting actor Lashana Lynch playing Maria Rambeua left me ready to run through a brick wall. I would do anything for that darling little child. I think Marvel Studios needs to Удалить every single superhero and make Captain Marvel the face of the universe. Her name already is literally Captain Marvel, Captain of the Marvel Universe. Captain America WHO?!? Captain Marvel would wipe the floor with the звезда spangled soldier. I want everyone who see's this to respond with your Избранное scene from Captain Marvel and I will make sure to get back to every single response. #therealheroes #makeeverysuperheroawomen #ilovethismovie
"CAPTAIN MARVEL" (2019) Review

For several years, many movie fans, critics and feminists have criticized Дисней Studios and Marvel Films for failing to green light a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film that starred a person of color или simply a woman. And for years, producer Kevin Feige have assured these critics that the studio was planning such a film for the franchise. Ironically, it took the plans of a comic book film from another studio for Feige to fulfill his promise.

Sometime in 2014 или 2015, Warner Brothers Studios announced it plans for a solo film featuring one of D.C. Comics' more...
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