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boytoy_84 posted on Mar 07, 2014 at 11:49PM
1. Favorite Matthew Lawrence movie?

2. What movie would you play in with Matthew?

3. If Matthew could be your relative, what would he be?

4. Favorite actress that Matthew worked with?

5. Favorite actor that Matthew worked with?

6. Favorite Matthew Lawrence show?

7. How did you known Matthew?

8. If Matthew could be in a horror film, what film would it be?

9. What Disney film and character would you want Matthew to do a voice to?

10. Do you share a birthday in February with Matthew?

11. Favorite Matthew Lawrence character?

12. Are you Aquarius like Matthew?

13. Do you have more than one siblings like Matthew?

14. Favorite Matthew Lawrence quote?

15. Least favorite Matthew Lawrence movie?

16. Least favorite Matthew Lawrence character?

17. Were you born in the 80's like Matthew?

18. Is Matthew, your favorite Lawrence brother?

19. If you could spend a day with Matthew what would you do?

20. Should Matthew return in Girl Meets World?
 1. Избранное Matthew Lawrence movie? 2. What movie would Ты play in with Matthew? 3. If Matthew

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Больше года boytoy_84 said…
My Answers:

1. The Hot Chick
2. Mrs. Doubtfire
3. Boyfriend/Husband
4. Rachel McAdams
5. Robin Williams
6. Boy Meets World
7. Since I seen him in Mrs. Doubtfire
8. Scream
9. The Lion King/Adult Simba
10. No, my birthday is in March
11. Billy - The Hot Chick
12. No, I'm a Pisces
13. Yes, 1 brother and 2 sisters
14. "She's the most amazing girl in the whole world." - Billy/The Hot Chick
15. Trucker since he's only in a small role (involved sex)
16. Scott - Trucker
17. Yes, 1984
18. YES!
19. Go to the movies and a fine restaurant
20. Yes! His character, Jack should be a P.E teacher
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