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Rockman 2.0:

Harpy Woman
Weapon: Feather Shot
Weakness: Gatling Gun

Build Man
Weapon: Shovel Burst
Weakness: Feather Shot

Gatling Man
Weapon: Gatling Gun
Weakness: Harpoon торпеда, торпедировать, торпедо

Scuba Man
Weapon: Harpoon торпеда, торпедировать, торпедо
Weakness: Zap Cannon

Zap Man
Weapon: Zap Cannon
Weakness: Icicle Cracker

Icicle Man
Weapon: Icicle крекер, взломщик
Weakness: Shuriken Blade

Yo-Yo Man
Weapon: Yo-Yo Spin
Weakness: огонь Breath

Dragon Man
Weapon: огонь Breath
Weakness: Shovel Burst

Rockman 2.2:

Jet Man
Weapon: Jet ракета
Weakness: Flare-Up

Tank Man
Weapon: Big Cannon
Weakness: Jet ракета

Marine Man
Weapon: Aqua Launcher
Weakness: Big Cannon

Mirage Man...
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posted by pbj2309
We need to find some good clean fun

(Yeah! Yeah!)

I just don't know where to go
Something new, fun to do
We need to find another kind
Something bright and shiny
Some routine that is clean
And our clothes not wrinkled
Spyler Cinnamon Keith & Mouse
We can stay all pressed and pure
And we wont get
масло, сливочное масло
Spyler Cinnamon Keith & Mouse
We need good clean fun
Three dirty little words
[Spyler Cinnamon Keith & Mouse]

Good clean fun


Words she's never really heard

[Spyler Cinnamon Keith & Mouse]

We need good clean fun
Oh no!
We need good clean fun


Three dirty little words

[Spyler Cinnamon Keith & Mouse]

Good clean fun


Words she's never really heard

[Spyler Cinnamon Keith & Mouse]

We need good clean fun


To масло, сливочное масло it's just screwy

[Spyler Cinnamon Keith мышь & kid vocalists ]

Good clean fun
She's only happy if she's


(PB&J, ya'ay!)

[Female Vocalist]

Ooo ooo Oodelay

(more vocalists join)

Ooo ooo Oodelay
Ooh ah Oodelay


(Yeah, whooo!)

[Female and Male Vocalists, Overlapping]

PB&J, PB&J (Ooh, aah, Oodelay...)

Do do do doot da day-o!
Do do do doot da day-o!
Do do do doot da day-o!

Open up a new day-o
Jumpin' up to play-o
Everybody just say so
Ooh ah!

Ooo, ah, ooo, ah, eh-o
Day-o, Oodelay-O

[Female Vocalist]

Mother, Father, sister and brother
All the family now!

[Female Chorus]

Ooh ooh ooh, ah, Oodelay-O!


posted by pbj2309
what all this
cinnamon speaking were making fun
spyler speaking some treats for the Хэллоуин party tonight
cinnamon speaking
im making a
boo berry pie.

Oh, Ты wanna have fun
When you're having none
And Ты wanna have a treat
When nothin's to eat
Whatcha gonna do when you're feelin' blue?
Don't fret или fuss
It's up to us
Start making fun

[spyler& cinnamon]

Making fun

[Marino, Axl and Spider]

Making fun

[Spyler & cinnamon]

Making fun

[Axl, паук and Marino]

Making fun


There's just so much that can be done
When we are making our own fun

[Cinnamon & Spyler]

Making fun...
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Marino “
A friend can be worth
Her weight in Золото and more.
More precious each day
Than the день before.
The time Ты choose to spend
Together with a friend is all it takes
A few treasures found
Down in the deep blue sea
May sparkle and excite
Both Ты and me.
But putting trinkets first
would have to be the worst of all mistakes.
both girls
Can treasure hold me close?
Can treasure comb my hair?
Would treasure laugh
At all my jokes?
Does treasure really care?
Do trinkets sit and chat?
Do trifles swear their truths?
Do golden baubles make me laugh?
They shimmer and they glimmer
But I think I’ll treasure...
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GE is so spooky in here
yeah i can't be elev they send the 7 of us in here
ground shaking
is every one okay
X lets meet up if we find every one
lets spit up
GE its so dark I can't SE in here
I can't see ether
I wish we were Главная Right now
me to
ZERO lets Fallow are way out of here
Zero come on x lets find are way out of here
if only I can find my friends
Cinnamon & Axl
Cinnamon Axl give me a hug
Massimo we missed you
I Missed Ты to sweetheart
Guys can Ты quit hugging
we are so happy to see you
Zero give me a hug
no no no no
Massimo Cinnamon Axl
group hug
lets go home
The end
Spyler/Cinnamon On the eve of Hoohaw Hoo
There's a звезда in view
High above Ice Mountain
Twinkling just for you

With a dream in mind
Turn around three times
And wiggle finger antlers
Like the Great Ice Moose
marino Make a wish
And then honk once
And twice again
axl Hop one-two
Add a ha-hoo too
And maybe on the day
Of Hoohaw Hoo
All your wish just may come true
Pallette and Massimo When Ты open up your eyes
Look into the skies
And through the darkness
Shines the brightest star
Spyler/Cinnamon Make that wish and when
Ты see the звезда begin
To sparkle just a little more

Then you'll know
all It's the звезда of Hoohaw Hoo
Winking back at you
Telling you
Your little wish got through
simon And maybe on the день of Hoohaw Hoo
Your dream may just come true
Your dream just may come true!
Nothing lasts forever,
that's what people say.
When something you've been dreaming of
just gets washed away.

Nothing lasts forever,
what am I supposed to do?
When hopes and plans vanish in the sand,
how do I make it through
At least we worked together.
We gave it our best shot.
Maybe when Ты lose something,
Ты discover what you've got.
арахис speaking):
You've got us, Jelly!
Yeah, that's true. Thanks,peanut!
Nothing lasts forever,
nothing we can do.
It's hard to know,
when things just come and go...

It's so hard to understand,
when things just shift about like sand.
[spider cinnamon Massimo & Axl]
Oodely oodle, skippety doodle, oodlely-doodely day
A skip, a poke, a little joke
We're off and on our way
A pack on our backs
We'll follow the tracks
And oh it's gonna be great
A perfect day, hip-hip-hooray
We can hardly wait

So exciting, exploring the walls and floors
So inviting, opening brand-new doors
Peanut, Marino Zero X Spyler & Jelly]

Oodely oodle, skippety doodle, oodlely-doodely day
A hop, a skip, we're on a trip
To places far away
We've packed a snack
A pic-a-nack
And oh what fun it'll be
A perfect day
We're on our way
To see what we can see

Smell the flowers
Adventure's round the bend
Sunny hours, meeeting brand-new friends


Oodely oodle, skippety doodle, oodlely-doodely day
Oodely oodle, skippety do--

Spyler Marino Zero X арахис & jelly]

It's an oodely-doodely day

[Massimo паук cinnamon & Axl]

It's an oodely-doodely day


It's an oodely doodely day!