Melina & Gary New Spot Banner/Icon

Chandlerfan posted on Feb 01, 2010 at 10:24PM
Clearly we are in need of a change XD

So, please post banners/icons in this forum if you want them to be considered for the spot banner/icon. You can make them yourselves or submit ones you've found.

First start posting banners only - start posting icons after the winning banner has been decided

I'll give you guys extra time after the banner has been chosen so you can make/submit icons that match the banner

Icon size = 100x100
Banner size = 800x100

And please make sure it's Melina & Gary, not Mac & Stella, so nothing from CSI:NY unless it's off-set photos, awards, etc.

So go ahead and create some graphics to make this spot awesome! =D
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Больше года huddysmacked said…
I'll work on them this week. Don't lose your patience ;)
Больше года Chandlerfan said…
LOL *breathes* OK, I'm calm XD

But seriously, don't worry, take your time :)
Больше года huddysmacked said…
Ok so here are some options I made:




I know they are crappy but well it's better than anything. I am making more though that might as well be much better looking but then again anything that has Mel and Gary on itself it's beautiful XD
Больше года Chandlerfan said…
Amazing banners! :D ♥
I especially like the 2nd option - it's gorgeous! :)