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Here I'll update about Malex quotes in the season 1....

Episode 1 - Pilot

*Alex wake up in a white room laying on a bed*

Michael: Evening Alex. It is Alex, right? Never Alexandria
Alex: Who are you? Where am I?
Michael: Well, you're not in prison anymore. You're not even in Michigan, although we are the only ones that know that. You're death was officially ruled a suicide by the prison coroner on november first. Your ashes are stored right here. My name is Michael, I work for the government, we've decided to give you a second chance.
Alex: Why? Why me?
Michael: Because you're a young, atractive, white female with virtually no personal ties or paper trail. Now, those do exist, but they're hard to come by. What really grabbed
our attention, though, It's how you managed to kill a criminal we were about to take out.

*Alex runs away from Michael but he grabs her wrist making her feel pain*

Michael: His name was Kyle, by the way. He was part of a smuggling ring. Stand and your wrist breaks.
Alex: I didn't kill no one! It was Ronnie.
Michael: Your boyfriend's body was found next to his apartment, dead from an overdose. No one showed up to his funeral, either.

*Michael leaves Alex's wrist out and she runs to the bed crying*

Michael: Your life is over, Alex. I'm here to offer you a new one. But you have to be willing to earn it.
Alex: What do I gotta do?
Michael: Learn. How not to sound like a teen meth whore, for starters. Learn to stand up straight. Learn how to walk right. Learn how to talk right. Learn how to serve your country.

*Michael knocks on door*

Michael: Instead of just yourself.

*The door is open. Michael looks at Alex and then leaves the room*

*Nikita voice sound while it shows Alex in her room getting dress*

Nikita: They told me they were giving me a second chance. They told me I'd be serving my country. What they didn't tell me was they were training me to be an assassin. They're probably telling some other girl the same thing right now.

*The door of Alex's room is open and Michael is waiting for her. Nikita voice sound again*

Nikita: It was a year of training. before my first mission, sort of like a military charm school. Everything to make me the best killer I could be. Till I broke one of their rules........

* Nikita tells the story to Gary while Michael shows Alex the division*

Nikita: ...I want them to know I'm here. I want you to tell them everything I just told you. I want to send them a message. It ends now.

Michael is looking at Alex while she looks at the recruits training in the division*

*Amanda is teaching Alex*

Amanda: Well, don't just stand there, Alex, try it on. You'll find it fits perfectly.
Alex: I don't wear stuff like this.
Amanda: As a style choice, or because you're not used to it?
Alex: Because it's ugly.
Amanda: And you're beautiful. Michael was right about that much.

*Alex in in the computers lab. Michael comes in*

Alex: I'm never gonna get this.
Michael: Yeah, someone else told me that once. She was wrong, too. Remember, you're just getting started.
Alex: Damn right.

*Alex watch Michael leaving*

Episode 2 - 2.0

*Percy is talking with Michael about Mirko*

Michael: I'll call an escort service.
Percy: No. As you would say, it's not secure. Get one of the new girls. Number 13. Alex. She'll remind Mirko of his homeland.

*Michael looks surprises at the mention of Alex. Percy leaves as Michael looks worried*
*Alex is in a class and Michael comes in*

Michael: Alex. Come with me.
Alex: What's wrong?
Michael: You've been activated for an OP.

*Alex left the class with Michael*

Jaden: She's been activated? I've been down here 2 months, and she's been activated?
Teacher: Stow it, Jaden.

*Jaden and Thom watch Alex and Michael leaving the class*

Jaden: Bet you, Michael's tapping that.

*Michael and Alex in into Mirko's place. He watch her while she walks towards him*

Alex: So where's the party?
Mirko: In here.

*Alex looks back to Michael. He looks her as she walks in the next room with Mirko. Mirko close the door and Michael looks between mad/worried* (cute♥)

*Alex is with Mirko. He tries to get her but she yells at him*

Alex: Stop! Stop!

Alex tried to get Mirko away but he hits her. Michael listen all from outside. He looks mad*

Michael: Take this

*He gives his weapon to a guard and walks in to the room. He runs towards Mirko and hit him. Some masked guys in to the room and kidnap Mirko*

Michael: Are you okay?
Alex: Hell no!
*Alex is in her room with Percy and Michael*

Percy: Think. Try to remember.
Alex: It just... happened so fast.
Percy: You're trained to think faster. You said one of their masks came off. You don't remember seeing the face?
Alex: I...

*Michael interrups Alex*

Michael: She had two bottles of champagne. And dadich was slapping the hell out of her. She was not ready.
Percy: I want answers, not excuses. Who attacked us, how did they find us, and where is mirko dadich?
Michael: Probably dead by now.
Percy: Let's hope not. For your sake.

*Percy leaves the room and Michael looks at Alex*

Michael: If you remember any more, please let me know.

*Michael leaves the room*

*Alex is training and Michael walks towards her*

Michael: Alex!
Alex: Hey. I'm glad you're here. We didn't get a chance to talk after the whole safe house thing and I don't know, I just wanted...
Michael: I think you should hear what I have to say first.
Alex: Okay.
Michael: Percy is disappointed in your behavior. Your lack of discipline, your destruction of property. He's giving you 2 weeks to show visible improvement... Or it's over.
Alex: What?! Jaden started it, she can't...
Michael: Jaden is in the same boat. I just wanted to give you
a head's up.

*Michael starts to leaves but then goes back to Alex*

Michael: I'm sorry, what did you want to say?
Alex: I just wanted to say thank you. For saving my life.

I'm in here by Sia starts to play

♪ I'm in here, can anybody see me? ♪

*Michael looks at Alex and leaves*

Episode 3 - Kill Jill*

*Michael in to the class of the recruits*

Good evening. This exercise is designed to test your tracking skills. You'll be examining evidence collected from the home of a domestic terrorist, who was planning to meet a munitions expert. Now, their goal was to destroy a government facility. Your task is to uncover the identity of the munitions expert and where the meet was going to take place. Our agents were able to do this in 12 hours. Let's see if you can do better.

*Michael looks at Alex and then leaves*

*Alex, Jaden and Thom are discussing about the exercise. Alex figure out about something*

Jaden: Michael!
Thom: What are you doing?
Jaden: Alex here seems to have it all figured out.
Alex: Well, There's a lot of evidence that points to Virginia as either the target location or the meeting place between our terrorist and the munitions expert.
Michael: Continue.
Alex: This is a ticket stub to a theater in Blacksburg. 3:15 matinee of "Elmo: The movie.". So far, our terrorist is female, college-educated, no kids, based in Brooklyn. Driving all the way to Virginia to see an Elmo movie is way weird.
Michael: So, that's where they met?
Thom: Maybe
Alex: Definetly. This is one of those theaters with assigned seats. Row G, seat 12. And this is a stub G-11... the person sitting next to her. We know exactly where they were sitting. On Sunday the 10th between 3:15 and 5:00 pm.
Michael: That's not bad. We're after 100% confirmation.
Alex: If there are cameras, you can get it.
Michael: What do you mean?

*Michael and Alex go to the cameras room. Michael is placing his hand on her shoulder. They go after Birkhoff*

Michael: Tell him what you told me.
Birkhoff: Hey, what's she doing in here? Operations is off-limits to recruits.
Michael: Go on.
Alex: Okay. I used to have this friend Zeke, and he used to bootleg DVDs until they started putting night vision cameras inside the movie theaters.
Michael: Lyric theater in Blacksburg, Virginia. Think we can access their security footage?
Birkhoof: Who do you think you're talking to?
Michael: 10th. 3:15 showing in auditorium 4.
Birkhoof: "Elmo, The movie"? This is creepy.
Michael: G 11, G 12. A, b, c... get closer in on that couple.
Birkhoof: Hey. There's our reporter.
Alex: Reporter? I thought you said this was an inactive mission.
Michael: And that must be her source.

*Michael avoids Alex*

Alex: Just for training.
Michael: How long before facial recognition can pinpoint the name of the new guy?
Birkhoof: Don't need it. Dude used his credit card to buy that tub of popcorn. Benjamin Prentice. North Virginia state.

*Alex looks up the screens and sees Jill and Nikita's license*

Birkhoof: Member of the outdoors club.
Michael: Great. Get me his home address.

*Michael looks at Alex*

Michael: Gold star.
Alex: Wait. I wanna go on the mission.
Michael: Maybe next time. Why don't you stay here with Birkhoff and observe from operations? You've earned it.

*Michael leaves and Alex looks up again to Nikita's photo*

Episode 4 - Rough Trade

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