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"This cannot be happening." Michael сказал(-а) as he jumped out of постель, кровати and began to put his clothes on. "Why the rush michael? why not just stay a little while longer?" Jenna asked. "No im getting the fuck out of here!" Michael exclaimed as he began to button up his shirt. "Well Ты sure as hell were'nt saying that last night." Jenna сказал(-а) coldy as she sat up in bed. "Thats what Ты think." Michael сказал(-а) as he grabbed his куртка and began to make his way to the door. "Hey michael whats your wife diane going to think when she hears Ты slept with me." Jenna сказал(-а) sarcasticly. "She aint going to say anything because me and Ты didnt do shit last night!" Michael сказал(-а) angerily. "How do Ты know? Ты were to fucked up from all the drinking Ты did to even remember if Ты werent so fucked up maybe Ты would remember that Ты nailed me last night" Jenna shot back. "Stay the fuck away from me." Michael сказал(-а) angerily as he closed the door and walked down to his suite and stormed in the door. "Dude where were Ты last night?" Alicia asked as he walked in. "I dont wanna talk about it, just leave me alone." Michael went into his bedroom, shut the door and locked it.

About 2 weeks have gone and they are now in Flordia.Since the incident michael has not told anyone not even Alicia about what happened. Whatever was wrong. Alicia could tell it ws bothering him. Little did Alicia know all hell was going to break loose.

One день after Rehearsing alicia decided to go to michael's dressing room and find out what went on at the party that night. When Alicia made it to his dressing room she knocked on the door. "Michael its me alicia open up i really need to talk to you." Alicia said. Without a word michael unlocked the door and let her in. "Dude whats been up with Ты lately huh? ever since the party you've been Актёрское искусство strange, whats going on michael?" Alicia asked her voice full of concern. Michael put his head down, "I cant tell you." , "Why not?", "Because if i told you, Ты would probably not believe me." Michael said. "Michael have i ever not believed Ты when Ты told me something?" Alicia said. "No" ,"Well tell me michael, what the hell is wrong?" Alicia asked. Michael took a deep breath. "Apparently something happened between me and Jenna the night of the party." Michael replied. "What do Ты mean?" Alicia asked. "Jenna tells me that i slept with her." , "WHAT?!" Alicia exclaimed in shock. "Shh!!! will Ты keep it down!" Michael сказал(-а) in a harsh whisper. "Are Ты fucking serious michael?" Alicia replied. "I dont know, all i remember is going in the louge to talk to her, her giving me a drink and then i blacked out and the Далее thing i know i wake up in her постель, кровати in nothing but by boxers and she's laying Далее to me-naked." Michael stated. "Michael have Ты considered the possiablity that maybe she put something in your drink?" Alicia said. "Actually no i didnt." Michael replied. "You сказал(-а) she gave Ты a drink right?" Alicia said. "Yea", "Well there Ты go i wouldnt doubt it if she put a дата rape drug in your drink, so i think you'll have nothing to worry about." Alicia replied. "Yea i guess your right, hopefully this doesnt get any worse." Michael said. Just then there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?" Michael asked. "Its me." , "Oh what does that сука want now?" Alicia said. "I have no clue and i really dont wanna find out." Michael сказал(-а) as he got up and opened the door. "Hey michael." Jenna said. "What the hell do Ты want?" Michael asked angeriy. "Well i will tell Ты as soon as miss know it all gets out of here." Jenna replied giving Alicia an evil grin. Alicia gave Jenna a dirty look as she walked out of the dressing room. "Well now that we are alone..." , "Just tell me what the hell Ты want so Ты can get out of my sight." Michael сказал(-а) flatly. "Well thats certainly no way to talk to your babymama." Jenna сказал(-а) crossing her arms. "Excuse me?" Michael asked. "You heard me." Jenna replied as she walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Im pregnet and your the father." Jenna сказал(-а) as she tried to Kiss him. "GET THE FUCK OUTTA OF HERE!" Michael exclaimed as he shoved her out the door and slammed it in her face. Jenna then stormed off, little did she know Alicia had been standing right outside the door and heard what she had сказал(-а) to michael. "Its about time to open a can of southern whuppass." Alicia сказал(-а) as she stormed off right behind Jenna........................

:O!?:O?!What will happen next?????!?!?!?!?!?! Part 12 coming soon!!!!!
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