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king of pop
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It all started when I was 7 years old. Somewhere in the месяц of June или July, I got news that Michael Jackson had died. I didn't care much at that time. Life went on as usual for me. Them my dad upgraded his car and one день gave me a lift in it. I turned on the Музыка player. The first song? Thriller(the song). I fell in Любовь with it...

Then only had I realized who Michael Jackson was. My dad still had еще songs. I listened to them all.
As soon as the player struck Little Susie, my dad would change the song. I did not know why. I downloaded Little Susie and listened. After the song was over, my eyes were waterfalls. The song was absolutely gloomy. I researched the story and finally ended up here on this site. Only Fanpop gave me a reasonable explanation for Little Susie.
I created my own account on this site, just to praise him...
He shall live in my сердце forever...
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