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I found this from a friend on Facebook, but it's originally from a site called "Inner Michael" for those of Ты that may или may not know about the site & the Статья was Опубликовано originally in December of 2009.
Hope Ты all enjoy it

I absolutely Любовь it!
I think it's truly one of the best Статьи about MJ .

♥Michael Jackson Fans♥

Michael Jackson's one great and serious Любовь affair was with his fans. A common exchange between Michael and a Фан was:

I Любовь Ты Michael.
I Любовь Ты more.

He wasn't kidding. He meant it. Literally. Lots of entertainers profess to Любовь their fans, but will not...
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 I Любовь Ты forever.
I love you forever.
1-It's funky air.It's not there.It's all for LOVE.
2-It's the final curtain call.
3-That's cool move,it should go to the infinity.
3-Kenny:"How well the video change?" Mike:"I gotta feel that.I feel it."
4-I gotta cue that,it shouldn't go on it's own,watch me for it,OK?
5-You guys,i'm gonna tell Ты this when i'm trying to hear it there's someone trying to FISS it.I know Ты mean well but please adjust in inner ear.
6-Try to do it with Love.L-O-V-E!!!
7-Now don't make me sing out,i shouldn't be Пение at all i'm warming up.
8-Why are Ты doing this to me?I'm warming up to the moment.
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this is a video a tribute for mj
king of pop
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