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Source: MJJ Pictures
Diana Ross will sign off on a new proposed custody agreement in which Michael Jackson's three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket will have two guardians, their grandmother Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson, son of Tito.

"Diana has no qualms whatsoever about the new custody agreement, she only wants what is best for the children. Diana knows that the children are old enough to decide who they want to live with and she defers to what they want. While Diana hasn't been a big part of their lives because she lives on the East Coast, she is very fond of them," a Источник close to the situation tells...
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Damn it!!! why does she always do that to me!!! Michael thought as he sitting in his Избранное chair thinking why Alicia tells Tatiana that he likes her.Michael man calm down it was just a joke it's not like it's the end of the world,i mean come Ты always say that shes cute.Alicia for the last time that was one time when i сказал(-а) that!!! ok so keep your mouth shut about.Ok ok but im just saying.For a moment it was quiet in Michael's house until Alicia сказал(-а) something.Michael what was that noise?.What noise ?. I heard something coming from outside .Oh Alicia maybe your just hearing things.Michael...
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Diane was onset fixing another camera when michael came storming onset. "Hey mj hows the new baby?" a fellow co звезда asked. Michael сказал(-а) nothing as he stormed into the set louge and slammed the door. Diane instantly knew what was wrong. Looking around making sure no one was looking, when the ghost was clear diane made her way to the louge and walked in. Michael was sitting on the диван, мягкий уголок with his face in his hands. "The baby wasn't yours was it?" Diane asked, already knowing the answer. Michael just nodded. "Im so sorry michael...i know how much Ты wanted to be a father." Diane сказал(-а) as she sat...
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Like a comet
Blazing 'cross the evening sky
Gone too soon

Like a радуга
Fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon

Shiny and sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one день
Gone one night

Like the loss of sunlight
On a cloudy afternoon
Gone too soon

Like a замок
Built upon a sandy пляж, пляжный
Gone too soon

Like a perfect цветок
That is just beyond your reach
Gone too soon

Born to amuse
To inspire to delight
Here one день
Gone one night

Like a sunset
Dying with the rising of the moon
Gone too soon
Gone too soon
The answer was simply nothing. Nothing was wrong with him. I'm sure every Фан has seen the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentery by Martin Bashir. Bashir called him undeveloped and childish and man who needed to live in reality. But reality, these days, is rather sickening. In the mornings, I turn on the news and see awful horror upon the screen and wish I hadnt.

My generation looks upon people who understand nature as weird или crazy. Michael was one of those few who did understand. Michael was treated awfully and was accused of things he didnt do. I have spoken to people who were mulested...
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I will give Ты еще curiosities...Please Комментарий :)

1. When Michael was a child his Избранное Книги include Rip фургон, ван Winkle and The Old Man and the Sea

2. He had a pet овца, овцы named Mr. Tibbs

3. His total length of the Музыка revenues are estimated at $ 500 million

4. Little Richard wanted to be portrayed by Jackson in a biopic

5. Jackson had a питон, python called Crusher

6. A library, once accused the singer for $ 1 million in fines for overdue books

7. HIStory has been the biggest selling double album in the United States

8. Before the concerts he used to drank sweet Ricola dissolved in hot water

9. He was...
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Lisa Marie Presley claims she's disappointed at the "empty space" surrounding Michael Jackson's tomb -- so she's now challenging MJ Фаны to flood the place with sunflowers ASAP.

LMP just Опубликовано a message on her MySpace page describing her Последнее visit to Michael's grave site at Forest Lawn. Presley -- who was married to MJ back in the '90s -- says she believes Michael "deserves more" than the "few bouquets, candles and gifts" that currently surround Michael's grave.

Presley -- who notes Michael's infatuation with sunflowers -- is calling for Фаны to send a "Sun Shower" to the tomb because, "I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and Цветы by his fans."

Presley suggests that if every Фан sends "one silk sunflower" to the site, "the whole area around him and in front of him ... could be filled up in no time."
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