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 Michael and Whitney
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Michael's message:

''I left Ты with a hard pain on my heart,my time has camed so God decite it to take me to Heaven. It was a big sadness with you,but Ты had to Переместить on your way. God showed me my new,true home. I sufferd alot but I still had someone who truly Loved me and that's you,my fans,my children and family. I am an Энджел now and I'm watching Ты and protecting Ты all. I have alot of Друзья here. Don't worry for me,I won't forget Ты and I know Ты won't forget me either. Follow your dreams and heal our mother Earth and try to make it a better place. I left Ты lots of wonderful music. Don't cry for me,but remember me by my music,dance and for my godness,everything beautiful that I done for our planet. God is protecting me and holding me in his arms. I Любовь Ты All with all my сердце and soul! This isn't Goodbye,I know we will meet in Heaven one day! With L.O.V.E.''
Michael Jackson
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