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 tails's щенок face
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u just wanna say, "its ok..."
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Tails was playing GRANNY on his laptop and was recording on Youtube.

Tails: Sooo, the game is loading...

*suddenly the game reads "DAY 1" and the screen starts to Переместить out of a bed*

Tails: *in a low sound sending to the viewers that any jumpscare will scare him* Okay.

He immediately hid under the постель, кровати when he knocked over a glass in the game *Granny opens the door stops in front of the постель, кровати and after 30 секунды she did an under the постель, кровати jumpscare*


*the game reads "DAY 2"* Tails goes over to the door and opens it and goes to the basement only to find Granny smacking him...
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"Even if it's not a Tailsmo club, I do like this song and it has Tails in it. Deal with it. "ShadowTails90 made this video."
tails the лиса, фокс
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