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Super famous photographer Giuliano Bekor (he's shot for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire to name a few) did an awesome video of MILO! Ты can find it on his blog! link

From the photographer: "The exclusive, behind-the-scenes video of my shoot for Prestige Hong Kong is now finished and I couldn't resist sharing. Milo is a very dapper, photogenic guy; I hope Ты enjoy watching it."

The video was taken during a фото shoot for Hong Kong's Prestige magazine. It's great to know that Milo's popularity is expanding eastward!!
posted by Miss_Dreamer
 Peter Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
Working in Hollywood, Milo Ventimiglia is not far from his hometown of Anaheim, California. Ventimiglia made his telivision debut on a 1995 episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He had recurring and regular roles on opposite sex, Boston public, and American Dreams, but was perhaps best known for playing Heroes' Peter Petrelli and his two Seasons as Rory Gilmore's girlfrind, Jess on Gilmore Girls. Ventimiglia has also appeared on the big screen in prodjects including Boys Life 2, She's all that, the warewolf movie Cursed, The horror fim Stay Alive, Rocky Balboa(as Rocky Balboa's son), and...
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Did Ты know that.....

-Milo and Adrian auditioned for roles in the proposed_ Gilmore Girls _spin off where Milo was to be the son of Pasdar's Charactor. As ther is only 12 years difference between them, the casting director сказал(-а) they would be better of playing brothers. Eight years later, they were playing brother's Peter(Milo) and Nathan(Adrian) on _Heroes_!

-He has been a Vegetarian since birth!!

-When he was seven his two sister's dressed him up as Madonna!!

-He didn't have to audition for the role in Bedford Diaries. The WB had Milo, and Milo only in mind for the role!

-The part of Chris Pierce on 'American Dreams' was written especially for him after he had met with the show's creators.

-His Избранное book is The Long Walk, by Richard Bachman.

-He has a great interest in directing

-He has a 67 Chevelle Super Sport named "Evelyn"

-His Избранное bands are The Strokes, Deftones, A tribe called Quest and The Hives

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Flying solo may be one of Peter's superpowers. But Milo Ventimiglia's dream of being a fighter pilot was ruined when he discovered it made him nauseous.The Герои звезда was desperate to fly the high speed vehicles, but soon found out that having a weak stomach could prevent him from ever being a pilot.

"I had a couple of options of what i could do with my life" Mil told the Monsters and Critics website. "One, i wanted to be an actor. Two, i wanted to be a doctor. And three, i wanted to be a fighter pilot"

During the writers strike, when Hollywood was shut down, I went up in a fighter plane. And...
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 Герои Cast
Heroes Cast
What makes people Hero's and Villans??


What makes him a hero??

Having been raised on stories of Takezo Kensei, the sword saint Hiro comes into the hero buisness with a child's concept of heroism. It's not so naive, though when Ты realsise these child-like values always seem to read him to the right decision. Hiro believes saving the world is еще inportant than obeying his fathers orders to come home; that using his powers to win at gambling is just as bad as killing a man who is asking for forguveness; and that his futre self has come too comfortable with killing.He even does his best...
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 Peter jumping off a building
Peter jumping off a building
A look at Peter Petrelli's Powers:

Peter first becomes aware of his ability in his dreams, which tell him he can fly. (Posibly caused by the amount of time he spends with his brother 'The flying man') Peter uses an ability fist when he jumps off the roof to prove to nathan that he can fly. He really starts to understand his gift when he realises he also absorbed Issac Mendez's powers of precognition.

Peter's DNA re-sequenses itself to mimic the ability of other Герои around him. Mohinder describes Peter as a kind of powers sponge. Peter doesn't just mimic the...
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