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 Herobrine Аниме
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A image used in my Фан fiction as seen in articles!
Minecraft (Майнкрафт)

I woke up in my Золото замок and decided to take a ride in a boat. I ate my breakfast of raw chicken and then I opened the door and went outside. The air smelled so fresh! I cut down a дерево and made a crafting таблица and then I cut down another дерево and made a boat. Then hopped on my new лодка and decided to go to a nearby island to try and find Iron to make a bucket.

Three hours later I had mined a cave and found enough Iron to make a bucket. I got back on my лодка and started rowing. In the distance I saw a bunch of people crowded around my Золото castle. I thought it...
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Minecraft (Майнкрафт)
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What are ores, Ты say, right? Well, I'll tell Ты what ores are now...

Ores are collected for crafting, decorating and for other purposes, such as for tools and armour. Ore can also be combined to create a block of the material's type.

Coal - Used for furnaces, sometimes found on cliffs but also underground
Iron - Used for weaponry, armoury, decorating etc. Found underground.
Lapis Lazuli - Only used basically for dying wool. Found underground.
Золото - Same uses as Iron, and when crafted into a weapon, tool или armour, easiest to enchant. Found underground.
Redstone - Used for advanced stuff e.g. piston door, and crafting pistons etc. Found underground.
Diamond - Same uses as Iron, best ore used for weapons, tools etc. Found underground.
изумруд - Rarest of ores in the Overworld, only used for decorating, crafting etc. Found underground.
Nether Quartz - Only found in the Nether, used for decorating, crafting etc.

Maybe this is enough information about ores!
Minecraft (Майнкрафт)
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he is capturd
Dad stood back smiling, "What do Ты think?"
Dad had spent the день cycle making a house, "Looks good. Now, can I go in?! The monsters will spawn soon!"
"Ok," Dad frowned, "No need to rush." "Well excuse me if I don't like being killed!" "Good point. Let's get inside then."
The house was built in the face of a mointain with large windows, a double door and four rooms; The entrance room, my room, dad's room and a mine.
I slipped into my room and took my рубашка off, I glanced out the window, monsters were spawning already! I quickly grabbed some saplings and covered up the window with them. Believe...
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1. Ice cream.
Materials: 2 ice blocks, one snowball, two sugar, one bucket of milk, and one wooden bowl.
Use: for funsies!
2. colored glass blocks
Materials: sand, dye, furnace.
Use: for pretty decoration
ALLREADY DONE! (when that happened, idk,)
3. Flour
Materials: flour seeds from mineshaft, village gardens, temples, или dungeons.
Use: For Noodles, and white bread, which will be right....
4. Now! White bread
Materials: three wheat along any row in crafting table.
Use: just another cool food, only fills two hunger.
5. Noodles
Materials: Flour along вверх row, Wheat along middle row. (and maybe even a tomato...
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Minecraft (Майнкрафт)
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