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posted by AnimeKuLovers
Miss Martian and Superboy
Miss Martian seems to like Superboy, first changing her рубашка to match his рубашка and then trying to reassure him that they will find him an "Earth name" just like hers. However, her use of telepathy infuriated Superboy, who had been brainwashed by telepathic G-Gnomes all his life. He overreacted, and she began to think he did not like her. When she subsequently made some rookie mistakes during their first battle with Mister Twister, Superboy ordered her to stay out of the team's way. However, she eventually proved herself in combat, and he apologized for his earlier...
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posted by lexisboo1234
"I can't do this anymore Artemis, he should know." Megan said.
" Why now, is Riley trying to get Ты back." сказал(-а) Artemis.
" Yes. He even threaten to tell Connor at school, unless I do it again."
"Well are you?"
"No, it was a mistake. Me and Connor started dating after it happen. After I saw him cheating the день after we-" tears started falling down my face.
" Megan, are Ты ready?"
"Yes, I'll go now."
"Hey Connor, can I talk to Ты for a minute. I gotta tell Ты something." I сказал(-а) as i walked into his room.
" Sure, what do Ты want to talk about."
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