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posted by Chibi-Chipette
Misty is a 10 год old girl, with a hot temper and fiery red hair. She can have a TERRIBLE attitude, but cares for her Pokemon and other people! Did Ты know in the Japanese version of Pokemon, her last name was "Yawa?" Her first appearance was in the first episode of Pokemon! She traveled with Ash and Brock (and Tracey) for 5 seasons, then left the Показать because her older sisters made her run their gym.

Misty turned 10 years old, and it was time for her to start her Pokemon journey. She had three stuck-up older sisters named Daisy, Violet, and Lily. She told them she wouldn't come back home...
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posted by poulamikundu

Dear Diary,
Believe me , I felt it silly at first to write diaries. But situations forced me to do so now....................and I hope I'll enjoy. I really wanna make a new beginning.........you might think..but why? Today I am the greatest water pokemon master..........I accomplished my dream.................so why new beginning? Cause i want еще than success..........i want love! I will tell Ты everything.........but promise you'll listen.
еще tomorrow. Bye-bye
posted by Espeongirl360
There has been a lack of Фаны because Misty may never come back. Really people, why would Ты leave your fandom for such a fowl reason.

Does it really matter if Misty ever comes back? Does it matter if she even has a cameo in the Показать again? Nobody has forgotten Misty, not the pokemon company, not no one. For all we know, the pokemon company might want her back as much as we do.

Let us not all forget; Misty was a part of our childhood. She was the fun violent redhead and many of bawled our eyes out when she left the series. Some of us may even act like her. I know I do.

The point is, that Misty is planted in our hearts. She made us laugh, she made us smile. Isn't that all that matters? Afterall, we can always watch the old episodes XD
posted by Espeongirl360
Well, let's see. She has been here since 1995! She was the first female to ever travel with Ash. It is hard for me to even think about people that don't know who Misty is.

Her nickname is the 'Tomboyish Mermaid'. Some people dissagree with Misty bieng a 'tomboy' and such, but think. It was not us Фаны that gave her that nickname. It was the pokemon company itself, so why would they name her that, if she was not a tomboy.

People disagree saying many excuses. 'She gazes over cute pokemon', 'she just has as much emotion as girly girls' and 'she sometimes dresses up'. -_- Please people! First off,...
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