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posted by AudreyLover
 Mitch Hewer is the SEX!
Mitch Hewer is the SEX!
Why He’s Hot:
He’s blonde. And not just your ordinary blonde, but the blonde where he looks like an angel. Ты know better though, we all know better. That’s no Энджел lurking behind that charismatic smile and those baby blue eyes.

He’s admitted to being bi-sexual. Now I don’t know about you, but knowing a guy can go both ways, with other hot guys… hells yes!

He’s a great young actor - a definite up and comer - one день to be destined as the Далее Brad Pitt. Anyone starring on the British Показать Молокососы is a sexy motherfucker.

He’s ripped and in the best way, probably from all that dancing he does. The best pictures are those where he’s half naked, since they just lend to your brilliant imagination.

That smile: it’s alluring in way too many ways. сказал(-а) ways include sex, sex, sex, and oh yeah еще sex.

From whytheyrehot @ tumblr
 Mitch dancing
Mitch dancing