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 what is Michael dreaming? LOL
what is Michael dreaming? lol
I was in a small amusement park and i saw a lday selling some stuffs and i saw a glass that Michael had drunk water of in the Bad Era ,but the lady did'nt let me buy it, then i was begging her for it,she still сказал(-а) no, so i did'nt get it, the walked the other way then i saw Michael Jackson the i walked over to him, but he look different, and i was the only one who could recognize him, then i huged him and i сказал(-а) i'm so happy that your still alive, and huged me back, and told him that i've been wanying to do this for еще than 2 years, then Michael smiled at me and сказал(-а) that's a long time, then he asked me if i've heard a story about him and he had the magazine, and the lday who was selling the stuffs she was the one did write that lie story about Michael so he walked over to the lady and they talked about somrthing i wasn't listening to them, a few секунда later everything and everyone disappeared