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posted by Clawtina
Name: Josh Howls

Age: 17

Parents: The Werewolfs.

Killer Style: White button shirt, black jeans, red tie and navy blue tie up boots. Oh, and I Любовь my hair gelled или spiked up.

Freaky Flaw: Bad mouthing people has been a hobby for a while. I don't know why.
I hate it when people call me 'Bad Werewolf Boy' it gives me a bad appearance или reputation.

Fave Colour: Well it's not a colour it's еще of a shade I'll have to say Black или White.

Fave Food: фасоль, бин Tacho and Spicy Mexican Salsa.

Pet Peeve: Howling at moving objects and chasing fast cars that go down the road. What I'm a werewolf.
Ghouls falling for me in a blink of an eye.
There goes one now!...

Избранное Activity: Soccer.... Футбол and еще Футбол and hanging out with my ghoul Princess Bloodalina VI.

Pet: Abellé (pronounced Abella), she is my pet Wolf. She has a smooth silver пальто lined with a white mark under her left eye.
She has very sharp claws for hunting. Not the ideal pet for a big family.

Friends: Clawd волк (Best Friend), Andrew Wolfess (Cousin), Princess Bloodalina VI (Ghoulfriend) & Holt Hyde (friend).

Избранное Subject: Well I'll have to say Главная Ick...
I'm a pretty good cook, I can cook Ты up a three-course meal if Ты like. Please keep the tips.

Least Избранное Subject: Journalism, when I try to find a story I always change the truth или that the people I interview always fall into my feet.
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Hey guys and welcome to my new Предварительный просмотр for my new story Camp Spookie and don't worry I am still continuing my other stories also .

Please Read and Comment 

Thanks ~Cali <3

Welcome to Camp Spookie a usually fun place for kiddy ghouls and boys to vacation at over summer vacation with their epic camp counselors. 

This год though something is changing and creeping around Camp Spookie just taking everyone and leaving nothing as clues to find them.

With all the drama between our Избранное Monster High Characters as counselors can they solve this mystery before everything goes out of order and...
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posted by Clawtina
10:34pm 2nd March 2012
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France...

The Masked Murder ran with the Emerald.
"le remettre". M.M's assistant asked.
"aucun". M.M answered back.
Her assistant growled.
"calmer vos oignons".
The assistant laughed.
Men's Institute of Spys, Paris, France...

Clawd walked back into the HQ.
"I can smell something sweet". Baxter said.
"Same". Nodded Billy and Heath.
They all looked at Clawd.
"You didn't"..... Billy said.
"Maybe"..! Clawd answered.
Billy frowned then face palmed.

Clawd blushed. "So in other words Ты made out with the Masked Murder. Ты know that SHE could have killed you....
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Better have nine lives if I catch Ты Чтение my diary.
July. Two. Five.
Ooh they’re telling math jokes now…
Q: What do Ты get if Ты divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by it’s diameter?

A: тыква Pi!

The math geeks I’m stuck on this bus with think that this is funny. So funny in fact, that the harpy sitting in front of me shoots молоко out of her nose when she hears the перфоратор, удар, пунш line. I don’t think it’s funny at all. I’d rather be listening to the Музыка I have stored on my iCoffin but two hours into our five-hour ride Главная my iCoffin gave up the ghost. It should have lasted...
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In this scary cute story, the ghouls of Monster High embark upon a quest that brings them from Transylvania to Londoom to New Goreleans and, finally, to Hauntlywood, where monster-movie magic is made!
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Monster High: Electrified
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Welcome to Monster High
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Meet the Ghouls
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Titan Inc and Universal
Monster High: Boo York, Boo York A Monsterrific Musical!
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