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posted by Clawtina
Name: Josh Howls

Age: 17

Parents: The Werewolfs.

Killer Style: White button shirt, black jeans, red tie and navy blue tie up boots. Oh, and I Любовь my hair gelled или spiked up.

Freaky Flaw: Bad mouthing people has been a hobby for a while. I don't know why.
I hate it when people call me 'Bad Werewolf Boy' it gives me a bad appearance или reputation.

Fave Colour: Well it's not a colour it's еще of a shade I'll have to say Black или White.

Fave Food: фасоль, бин Tacho and Spicy Mexican Salsa.

Pet Peeve: Howling at moving objects and chasing fast cars that go down the road. What I'm a werewolf.
Ghouls falling for me in a blink of an eye.
There goes one now!...

Избранное Activity: Soccer.... Футбол and еще Футбол and hanging out with my ghoul Princess Bloodalina VI.

Pet: Abellé (pronounced Abella), she is my pet Wolf. She has a smooth silver пальто lined with a white mark under her left eye.
She has very sharp claws for hunting. Not the ideal pet for a big family.

Friends: Clawd волк (Best Friend), Andrew Wolfess (Cousin), Princess Bloodalina VI (Ghoulfriend) & Holt Hyde (friend).

Избранное Subject: Well I'll have to say Главная Ick...
I'm a pretty good cook, I can cook Ты up a three-course meal if Ты like. Please keep the tips.

Least Избранное Subject: Journalism, when I try to find a story I always change the truth или that the people I interview always fall into my feet.
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Titan and Universal
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posted by prim17luvr101
If you're going to dive into my diary make sure Ты know how to swim.


I finally got the big wave board that a friend of mine down under custom made for me. I can’t wait to try it out at Cyclops, Dungeon пляж, пляжный или maybe Ghost Trees. Of course now that school’s in I can’t just take off whenever I want. Hopefully there’ll be some monsters swells over one of our holidays – fins crossed till then.


Conditions for the surf meet were perfect today and I was able to score my first 10 of the season off this killer wave that I totally could feel breathing down the back of my neck....
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