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Lani27 posted on Aug 28, 2013 at 06:47AM
So... you know, rate the quote... just like 'rate the icon above you' or 'rate the photo above you', etc

- Rate the quote above your comment out of ten
- You can add in the sentences before or after the main quote if you think it will help the reader understand the quote better. (Just put the main quote in bold (by using this: [b]example[/b] will turn out like example))
- Also add on which book (and character if necessary) it is (not needed if you can't be bothered)
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Больше года Lani27 said…
I shall go first...

For a moment she just stared, wondering if there were another girl staying here, or if Sebastian had taken to cross-dressing. - City of Lost Souls (Clary POV)
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