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xxWinchesterxx posted on May 07, 2010 at 04:31AM
Seriously, am I the only one that is sick to death of Twilight twilight twilight?!?! Left and right, up and down it's freakin twilight EVERYWHERE! Team Edward and Team Jacob. Well ya know what, i read the book and it was just awful. It was horribly written, it came across like a fangirl writing herself into a story, i can't imagine the movies to be much better.
I don't understand why the Mortal Instruments don't get that kind of publicity. They are so well written and the characters are so much more vivid and it's way easier to sympathize with them. Cassandra Clare has a great style and she's hilarious to boot.
Plus there's Jace! What more do you need? There should be Team Jace and Team Simon shirts everywhere! I should be able to walk into Hot Topic and find a Baron Von Hugeschaft shirt somewhere.
Maybe i'm just jealous because i want a Mortal Instruments movie, and Twilight got a movie instead.
Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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Больше года MiissxJadee said…
Totally right! Btw, MI will become a movie! Cassie confirmed it on Facebook. But i don't want MI is become famous like twilight because i'll start to hate it 2!
Больше года xxWinchesterxx said…
Yeah for sure, too much hype draws the wrong kinds of crowds and i don't want that to happen. And i heard the script had been optioned, just not sure if it was going to be a movie for certain.
And who is this alex pettyfer? i've seen pictures and... well i don't think he should be Jace. But like i said, i've never heard of him before i heard fangirls rallying for him to be Jace. What's he in?
Больше года sweet_twilight said…
He's in Stormbreaker, Wild Child, Tormented and the upcoming film Beastly. Have you heard any of those?
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Больше года xxWinchesterxx said…
No, not at all. Are they... movies?
Больше года sweet_twilight said…
Yeah, they're movies.
Больше года r-pattz said…
Bad movies.
Больше года xxWinchesterxx said…
Больше года Chlarker said…
How original bash Twilight and oh it's popular I can't like it anymore or there's it's not popular anymore so I won't like it.Grow up and stop being a darn flake.I love both series.Twilight will always be #1 for me.And Eclipse is a really good movie.
Больше года fantasy4me said…
I hate the Twilight movies but I love the books.

It is my one guilty pleasure. I know they are poorly written and what not but after reading the first one i had to read the next and the next.

so far I've only read City of Bones but I am as drawn or more so to it as i was with Twilight