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posted by ShadazeFIRE
Musa's POV
I walked across the beach. I was thinking. I hade been haveing that strange dream for awile. I wasen't looking where I was going. I bumped into something and fell. "Oh sorry, I wasen't looking where I was going." I looked up and saw a boy. I gasped, it was the same boy from my dream. "No,no, it was all my........fault." The guy looked stunned. "Um, are Ты okay?" I asked getting up. The boy immedeatly snapped out of it. "Uh, yeah, Ты just look alot like someone from a dream. Joel." He said. I was surprised. He had been haveing a dream also? I just had to know. "Musa. What is your...
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posted by DarkMusaFan
-This is a video from Youtube called 'DARK MUSA blue tatoo' turned into a story. I did not create the video или the song или Winx Club. Yes, I have the creator of the video's permission-

Mrs. Faragonda eyed each of us. "Girls, this is an extremely important task. The fate of the magic dimention is determined by the success of this mission." Bloom, being the leader she is, stepped вперед to take the challenge. "We understand the risk, Mrs. Faragonda. We believe we can find it. But can we know what IT is?" The elder fairy turned to her. "It is known as the Dark Sapphire. It has extreme power that...
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posted by ShadazeFIRE
Musa's POV
I giggled. I was haveing so much fun. "MUSAAAAAA!!!" I spun around only to see Joel on the ground....dead. Tears fled down my face. When I saw Riven with his sword, I knew what he had done. "You MONSTER!" "Musa, calm down-" "That is if I will calm down!!!" I could feel a swelling in my chest that burst out as I yelled. "WINX BELIEVIX!!!!!" In a flash of light I was in my beleivix form. I felt еще power than usual. I could feel my rage blow out of my body as I cried.
Riven's POV
I've never seen Musa this angry before. Her wings had sharp edges and instead of her usual colors, her clothes...
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posted by ShadazeFIRE
Musa's POV
"Go Musa!" A boy yelled. Diving in front of me as he took the Слэш of a розовый sword. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" I yelled as I woke up from a horrid dream. "Musa!? Musa what's wrong?!" Bloom asked as she ran into my room. "I-I just had a nightmare." I responded. Bloom put her hand on my head. "You're pretty warm, what was your dream about?" "Well, I was running through this tunnel that was slowly getting smaller. Then a boy with black hair with red streaks on his arms голубь in front of me and was stabbed by a розовый sword." I informed feeling weaker with every word. Flora and Roxy came in and both gave me a hug. I smiled a bit and asked "Is there any meaning to my dream?" "Probobly not, but we should take this seriosly. Try to get some rest Musa." Roxy awnsered. I lay down and thought. I soon fell asleep.
At alfea in the early morning.

Flora: *Yawns*
Musa: *Yawns*
Flora: Good morning musa
Musa: Good morning flora
Flora: Did Ты sleep well?
Musa: Kinda...I had a weird dream.
Bloom: *Yawns* Эй, girls, good morning.
Both: Good morning Bloom
Flora: So what was your dream about musa?
Musa: Well... I dreamed that Riven was with another girl that I am pretty sure I had seem before, but I don't know who she was
Flora: Don't worry musa, I know that Riven likes Ты and isn't with other girl, he's tough in the outside as a solid rock but when it's about you, he is just so sweet with you.
Bloom: Yeah.....
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