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Her pale eyes scanned countless crowds, trying to find someone she had lost, her younger sister, the only person that cared about her. The crowd separated them. When her mother had told them that they should stick together, they fell apart like cutting seams.
Her mother's name was Techno Beats, thier father's name, thier mother never mentioned. Her little sister's name was Lily Bloom, they usto stick together like glue, but after the incident, they slowly tore each other apart on the inside.
Lily Bloom was the stubborn, 'won't give up till I win' type. Lily bloom was a pale розовый filly, seafoam...
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It was a dark and stormy night and the battle between Celestia and Nightmare Moon raged on. And while they were battling, down below was two mares named Shadow Shade and Angelis Starling. They were the prince and princess of a forgotten kingdom which was called the land of Ice and Shadow. It was a land full of wonder and enchantment but was also cursed and because of this Shadow and Angelis could not be together. Shadow was the prince of the Shadow kingdom and Angelis was the princess of the Ice kingdom. Even so, they decide to run away to a place where they can't be found. And that was Ponyville. There noone would find them или at least that's what they thought? One день there was a accident and Shadow along with Starry Shade the newly born baby alicorn disappeared. Leaving Angelis and Starry's sister SunStar. And so since then they have lived in peace или so they thought...
When one день something unexpected happened and it changed there lives forever....
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Shadow Runner was born in Scorched Valley. When he was ten, his family was killed in a Celestian Guard raid, and Shadow Runner was forced out into the burning wastes. After days of scorching heat, скорпион stings, and near death experiences, he was found by a Celestian patrol. They took him in, but never found out where he came from. When he was fifteen, he joined the Celestian military, graduated with a high score in Stealth courses, and was transfered to the 1st Celestian Recon. When his squad was ambushed by rebels, and killed, only he remained, only because he had hid the entire fight....
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Автор Note: All of these will a diffent Filly all will be Fillies and some will have something good some will have a wrose ending and also some will be adopted by the charaters if Ты dislike that idea tell me please
First The first time in weeks it was raining in Ponyville and it was a horrible thunder storm and there was someponies или some somepony out in the feilds trying to catch up to her family
Poor Sweet Pineapple was barely 8 and she wasn't very fast either
Sweet Pineapple: Wait!
She was running as fast as her little legs would take her and the pouring...
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It was a quiet morning in the small town of ponyville with every one waking up as the little birds chirped their greetings to the new risen sun, the roosters' ворона sounded off waking up those who lived near the farms while in middle of the town and the blaring of mechanical alarm clocks could be heard. Many of the ponies and other creatures paid no heed to the birds или male chickens, their only focus was on how to treat the new day. Some no matter what would have a sunny disposition, while others would have the preverbal rain облако over them, but a loud crash shattered the early morning peace....
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Best Epic Pinkie Pie EVER
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