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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At Tom's house, Tom was with Master Sword

Tom: Hello everybody. For this episode, we don't have any bloopers for you.
Master Sword: Sad, I know. Tom, Ты need to screw up еще when we film these episodes.
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: Same to Ты buddy.
Master Sword: So every time we film an episode without any bloopers, we improvise.
Tom: Sometimes, we'll Показать an extra skit, but other times, we like to create fake commercials, или just give Ты the facts.
Master Sword: Let's start with the facts.
Tom: Fact number 1, you're an idiot.
Audience: *Laughing*
Master Sword: No I'm not! Wait, what are we talking about again?
Audience: *Laughing, and clapping*
Tom: Actually, the way it really works is this.

A cartoon comic book now appears with the Название being...

Tom: Facts on CHiPs.
Audience: *Clapping*
Tom: *Flips some pages in the comic book* Did Ты know that when Jebediah Turner first appeared in Season 3, he never had a single accident while driving around in his police car? Then in Season 4, this happened.
Jebediah: *His car was airborne, but it crashes on a street, damaging the front end severly. Next, he's looking for something in the backyard of an abandoned house, but three guys steal his police car*
Tom: I guess he ran out of luck, just like all of us sometimes.
Jebediah: *Appears Далее to Tom* Wait. Why are cartoon Лошади doing a review on a Показать about humans, from 38 years ago?
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: Who gives a damn? Далее on the facts is Watchmojo.com. They say that паук Man 3 is terrible, because there's too many villains. Well what the hell is wrong with Ты guys?
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: Ты got the sand man, and that homosexual photographer, I think his name is Ed.
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: Just two villains. That's it, and the секунда guy doesn't even turn evil until the ending after паук Man gets rid of the black costume. These guys at Watchmojo.com are idiots.
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: паук Man gets a real bad жопа, попка costume from whatever that black shit is, and James Franco's performance as Harry Osborne was also bad ass. паук Man 3 is a good movie. Case dismissed.
Audience: *Clapping*
Tom: Finally on The Facts, the My Little Pornstar movie is finally finished. Tirek is much better in this then he is in the season 4 finale of My Little Pony. And that's the end.

The comic book closes, and we return to Tom, and Master Sword in the house.

Master Sword: That's all we have for today. We'll see Ты in the Далее episode.
Tom: Which is also the season 2 finale.
Audience: *Clapping, and cheering*

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production

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