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posted by Seanthehedgehog
On Sunday, Rio went to visit Master Sword. He was carrying white saddlebags.

Rio: *Knocking on the door*
Master Sword: Come in.
Rio: *Walks into the house*
Master Sword: What are Ты doing with those?
Rio: *Walks to a table* What does it look like I'm doing stupid?
Master Sword: Carrying them.
Rio: Exactly. *Sets it down the table* But now I'm not carrying them anymore. Do Ты know why?
Master Sword: Rio, treat me like an idiot later. Ты сказал(-а) Ты had something important.
Rio: That's right, I do. *Opens his left saddlebag, and pulls out a money maker*
Master Sword: *Looks at it* What is that?
Rio: I'll Показать you. *Puts in a piece of paper*

Four Fifty dollar bills came out from the right.

Rio: Depending on what kind of bills we want, the money comes out of either the left, или right. The left side is for 20 dollar bills, или lower. Everything else comes out of the right.
Master Sword: When it comes to printing out the money, does it vary on how big the paper is?
Rio: That's right. If you're able to, get as much paper as Ты can from the school. Let them pay for the Источник of our income.
Master Sword: How did Ты get this?
Rio: I built it myself.

Harrison, and Camryn were visiting Guy. They were sitting in front of the TV watching Bonanza.

Camryn & Guy: *Kissing*
Harrison: I thought Ты two were gonna watch the show.
Camryn: We are.
Harrison: How much longer are Ты going to do that?
Guy: I don't know.
Camryn: This isn't what we originally had planned.
Guy: When Ты asked to come visit me at the same time Camryn did, I thought we'd just have fun, but things seem to be going towards the romantic side instead.
Harrison: No kidding.
Guy: Let's turn the TV off. Wanna go to the park?
Harrison: Sure.
Camryn: Yeah.
Harrison: *Turns off the TV*

They spent the rest of the afternoon having fun hanging out at the park.

2 B Continued
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The Italian opening for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I personally think it's really awesome! I Любовь the original American opening, but this one is definitely кулер, охладитель in my book. What do Ты guys think?
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