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Episode 4: Thor Odinson

Me: *Reading Journey Into Mystery #83* in the park*

Rarity: *Sees what I'm reading* Who is that man in the book? And why does he look like such a hunk?

Me: Oh, his name is Thor.

Rarity: Thor?

Me: Thor is an Asgardian, sent to Earth by his father, Odin, to learn humility. He had a human identity named Donald Blake.

Rarity: Donald Blake? How drab...

Me: Anyways, Thor had been going on many adventures, such as the Destroyer, an Зачарованная suit of armor made by Odin, but stolen by Loki in Journey Into Mystery #118.

Rarity: Loki?

Me: Loki is Thor's evil brother.

Rarity: Oh.

Me: Thor...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was now 7:30 PM. It rained for half an hour, then because of the cold temperatures, the rain on the sidewalks turned into ice.

Emerald Ivy: *Exits her Магазин after closing it, then slips on ice. She prevents herself from falling, then walks back into her shop* Time to get the salt.

Lots of other ponies were getting salt on the sidewalk to get rid of the ice. It would take a long time to get rid of the ice, but as long as it worked, they didn't care.

Emerald Ivy: *Pours all of her salt in a small area* There we go. Now that will get rid of the ice very quickly.
Saten Twist: *Slowly walking...
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Now, Ты all know that I have reviewed Friendship is Witchcraft… and Ты all know that I think it is awful. But, what has to be the worst episode from it. Some of Ты may think that is hard for me to choose. But, actually, I knew what the worst episode in the series was right off the bat. It was none other than Episode 8, Foaly Matripony. Why is this the worst one of the entire series… well… here Ты go.
It starts with the Mane 6 having a picnic while they let Spike get attacked by a panther… Did I mention I hate the Mane 6 in this series? Because I do. I really fucking do. Anyway, Twilight...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Coffee Crème "Frenchy" From Karina_Brony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NochurnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, Ike and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

And introducing the Southern Pacific ponies.

Nikki West, and Meadow West From Jade_23

Michael, Roger, and Anthony From Seanthehedgehog

Episode 52

Welcome To The Southern Pacific

August 15, 1956

If Ты have read...
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This may seem a little short (And, albeit, a little bit of nit picking) But, I just got to point this out. I think I have gotten proof that Hasbro is not as smart as they think they are. Why? Because they don't even know the name to one of there own songs in Equestria Girls.
Now, the song I am talking about is the well renowned song "Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown" and, I'll admit, I think this song is very catchy. However, most of these songs aren't on Youtube, because Hasbro has become a bigger threat with copyright laws then Дисней and Viacom combined. So, when Hasbro Studios released...
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posted by Moon-Dust12
Many years назад when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna defeated Discord with the Elements of Harmony Celestia was secretly сердце broken. When they were only teenagers Discord was good she.... loved him. But when he turned she knew it had to be done. But when he returned and Twilight Sparkle and had to turn him to stone with the elements again she couldn't медведь it.
She unfroze him and had a gentle pegasus named Fluttershy befriend him. This пони warmed his сердце and he became good again. Now he joins Celestia in moonlit walks in the замок gardens but Luna realized something. Celestia was acting...
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posted by karinabrony
The petals of this club are....falling apart... We used to be a nice, red and healthy rose... Now, it's dying... Members are leaving, and people always argue... Which may have been what I did... Our цветок is dying. We argue for the smallest things... I mean, I may post pictures of Frozen, and Sean doesn't like them... And other people don't like them... Which leads to an argument.... I'm sorry. I wish we can be like we used to be... Laughing, being cheerful...

We don't need to fight for the smallest things. We can just choose to ignore them... Can we all just be Друзья and get along? Please?...
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posted by Windwakerguy430
Episode 4

Plum Jerkum: So, what kind of criminal do Ты think that Six Shooter is going to make us go after?
Shot Glass: Hell if I know
(Phone rings)
Plum Jerkum: Hello
Six Shooter: Good news for Ты and your brother. I have found the one criminal that will take Ты and your brother off the wanted lists and put me in the deputy's office
Plum Jerkum: Okay. So who is it?
Six Shooter: The famous burglar, Money Bags
Plum Jerkum: Are Ты so sure that thats a good idea. I mean, we don't know where this Money Bags guy lives
Six Shooter: Don't worry. I placed a tacking device on his car when he robbed a gas...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
A train is seen heading for Appleloosa. On the train is Applejack, Big Mac, and Applebloom. They're going to visit Braeburn.

Theme song link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Based off the roleplay also created by Seanthehedgehog

Applejack's Double Life

Starring in alphabetical order

Big Macintosh
Pinkie Pie

Towns used for fanfiction

St. Foalis

Based off the Youtube video created by TwodeePony

And now to begin the story

The train arrives at Appleloosa, and Applejack's family gets off.

Applejack: Yeehaw. I can't wait to go see...
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Jack woke up at the cemetary

Zero: *Wimpers*
Jack: What have I done? I realized, I ruined christmas, and it didn't go the way I wanted it to. We've got to fix this now *runs out of cemetary*
Zero: *Following*

Somewhere between not far away, and far away

Oogie Boogie pony: And now that I've got two ponies I'm holding prisoner, let's roll the dice, shall we? *rolls dice* WHAT?! Snake eyes? Aah *hits table*

The dice soon ended up on a six, and five

Oogie Boogie pony: Ooh, much better. And now, to kill Ты two by lowering Ты into the lava below. Hahahahaha!
Jack: *Appears behind oogie boogie pony* Hello...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Culpepper was hiding a floor above the group that wanted to take the money from him.

Spike: Where is he?
Shining Armor: He has to be around here somewhere.
Culpepper: *drops suitcase*
Sean: Upstairs!! *runs*
Culpepper: *goes up a floor*
others: *follow*

Culpepper kept running up the stairs. After going up 6 floors, Sam tried to grab him, but Остаться в живых his grip, and fell on the others.

Sean: Congrats! Ты let him get ahead!
Culpepper: *goes onto roof* Oh dear
others: There he is!!
Culpepper: *climbs down*
mayor: Due to idiots that like history, we can't smash this building.
ponies: Look up there!
mayor: HEY!!...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Sean's Tucker торпеда, торпедировать, торпедо
Sean's Tucker Torpedo
Tucker was a short lived car company that was ahead of it's time. In 1948 they created a car that was so cool, but only 51 were manufactured. Here's what it look's like. Tucker only lived for a few months, but today it's торпеда, торпедировать, торпедо is Популярное with many fans. Like our 4 main characters.

Sean: It's awesome. Now to get the engine in front.
Nikki: What about радуга Dash's advice?
Rainbow Dash: Try getting it supercharged with the engine in the back.
Sean: That won't work. Trust me, it'll be better when the engine is in front.

Later at the jail in Ponyville

Pornstar: I didn't take my bra off!!
cop: Shut...
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From the dawn of time, it was known that Celestia and Luna were the sole creators of Equestia. With Celestia raising the bright and shining sun, and with Luna raising the dark and lighting moon. But, Celestia and Luna were not the one's who were the creator......

Long назад there was a pony, a пони who was a special pony. She was tall, taler than Celestia. Her beauty of her light розовый coating and her flowing Dark Green, Light Green, and Light Blue mane and tail. She was the one to birth Equestria. With the power she unleashed she created life as we know it. She created the dirt we walk on, the...
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posted by epicskyrimfan56
Ponyville town square-3:42 P.M

The doctor, lyra, and bon bon had all left the house and went to town square to meet bon bon's friend rosaline. They walk up to a stand that sells roses. The doctor thinks to himself "a rose stand, of course rosaline must work here" Lyra speaks, "hey rosaline!" a rose coloured пони appears from behind the stand, her hair has kind of a щука to it but flowed at the end and it was a darker colour than her coat. she spoke "oh Эй, lyra Эй, bon bon! what brings Ты two here?"
Bon bon speaks, "oh were going around town Показ our new friend around" rosaline speaks,...
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Let's start with яблочная водка, яблоко, кальвадоса bucking apples........

AJ: wow, I bet I just got a new high record on bucking apples!
AB: sis, when am I gonna have my cutie mark?
AJ: яблоко bloom! I've told ya a billion times, I don't know!
AB: UGH!............Hey! Here comes радуга dash!
AJ: Now go run along ya little pony
AB: ok! (leaves)
RD: 'sup applejack
AJ: howdy rainbow!
RD: So, wanna come over to fluttershy's house today?
AJ: sorry sugarcube, but I got lots of work to do
RD: oh AJ! Can't Ты just chill for a second?
AJ: I will, but I still need to do some work
RD: who cares about work! C'mon PLLLEEAASSEE!!!!!
AJ: well...
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After being at the airport, we found the shield generator, and went to sleep. Далее morning, we woke up, still in disguise, but only to find a big surprise.

Griffon 64: Good morning.
Sean: Hello.
Griffon 64: Ты excited for the arrival of The Death Egg?
Sean: I don't think excited would be the right word. When does it get here?
Griffon 64: It will leave Baltimare in half an hour, and be here in ninety minutes.
Sean: Thanks.
Griffon 64: *Walks away*
Sean: Applejack, get me the radio.
Applejack: *Gives Sean the radio*
Sean: *Turns on radio* Texas to Chainsaw, come in.
Rarity: What's the matter?
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posted by Mylittlecute12
радуга Dash leads Twilight to the town square.
"So what is it"? asks, Twilight.
"I found the alicorn amulet"! says, радуга Dash.
"WHAT?!" I thought I locked that thing away!" says Twilight. "Me too" says, радуга Dash.
"Rainbow Dash have Ты seen my brother?" asks, Twilight. "No sorry Twi." replies, радуга Dash.
Twilight tries to find the others. "WAIT!!!" yells, Trixie. "I am coming with you". "You can't Trixie it's far too dangerous and Sombra can be any of these ponies." explains, Twilight. "Oh please let me! The Great and Apologetic Trixie can do it"! explains, Trixie. "Fine" says, Twilight.

To be continued....................
posted by karinabrony
Princess Celestia was in the horizon, and I bowed. "Thank Ты so much, Ты have defeated King Sombra." She said. "Queen Chrysalis is in Canterlot, she has been using Shining Armor, and he has fallen under her spell." Celestia said. "We must go help." I said. The mane 6 nodded and we took the train to Canterlot.

I looked at the changelings. "How will we make them go away?" I asked. "We need to put them somewhere..." Rarity asked. "How about a house?" I suggested. "Right. We need one that has been abandoned." Twilight said. We трещина, сплит up to search. A while later, яблочная водка, яблоко, кальвадоса met up with us and said,...
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posted by karinabrony
 Read! Ты have to, it says so in the book!
Read! You have to, it says so in the book!
Dear Journal,

Today I have learned many new things. I have also read the biography on звезда Swirl the Bearded! It was a fantastic book, Rarity got it for me. I have been trying to look for it everywhere. Today, радуга Dash taught me flying lessons. I fell a few times, but I have progressed really great. Hey, talking about Rainbow, she hasn't returned my Daring Do book! I'll just tell her tomorrow. Anyways, I have gotten the new Daring Do book! It has радуга Dash on the cover, I really wonder why. It's a great book so far, even my friend and I got mentioned in it! I was shocked! I got a Чтение lamp from Pinkie Pie. It is really nice! Now I can study and read at night! Read! Ты have to, it says so in the book!

~ Twilight Sparkle
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con, and Vesper arrived at Vanhoover.

Con: Ты know what we should do first?
Vesper: What?
Con: I heard there was a great Музыка store in this town. What we should do is get the newest CD from Queens Of The Stone Age. I really like their music.
Vesper: I think their Музыка is good too.
Con: We'll buy one of their CD's then, but first I want to buy a nice, big house.

So, they bought a big house, and were on their way to the Музыка store.

Con: *Walking Далее to Vesper*
Dutch ponies: *See Con*
Der Cheif: Not yet.
Dutch Ponies: This was Mr. Black's plan?
Der Cheif: Yeah. Get the mare.
Dutch Ponies: *Running...
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