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Story/Main plot:So we start out with our villains. Finding out the defeat of Sunset the demon. Well, the радуга magic. And somehow no one else notices it.....why?I guess demands it. Anyway back to the story. We seem to be in the CHS, Where we are seeing the students get ready for the "battle of the bands". First part of it at least. Since Celestia is a troll she reminds everyone of the dance. Everyone so how gets the urge to look at Sunset in a angry face. Huh, Nicely played Celestia. Актёрское искусство innocent while giving one of our students a hard time. So after that scene we cut into the main...
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While Burt was with Emily, Bob got another patient in his office. It was a пони dressed as a clown.

Bob: So, what exactly can I help Ты with?
Clown: I'm always tired of everypony making fun of me.
Bob: What do Ты mean by that?
Clown: Everypony keeps laughing at me!
Bob: That's the problem?
Clown: Yes!
Bob: Did Ты ever think about why they're laughing at you?
Clown: No, that's why I came to see you.
Bob: Did Ты ever realize that the reason they laugh at Ты is because of what Ты do?
Clown: What are Ты talking about?
Bob: They way Ты dress, what Ты do for a living, and some of the things that...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was a wonderful день in Canterlot, until some ponies started panicking.

Con: What's going on?
P: Discord is back, and he's murdering еще ponies!
Con: I'll stop him!
Discord: Keep it up! Everypony in this town must die!
Korean ponies: Affirmative! *kill each other*
Discord: Don't kill each other! Only kill the ones that live here.
Con: *shoots Discord*
Discord: Ты really think that pistol of yours will work?
Con: I shot Ты in the arm! Why aren't Ты bleeding?
Discord: Because, I'm invincible!
Con: *takes away invincibility* Not anymore.
Discord: That's it, you're screwed! Everypony, drop...
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What is your OC's name?

Shinin Row

How old is he?

He's pretty much what other ponies like Octavia или Derpy.

What is his hobby?

Playin video games (if they exist in the Equestria), and listening and makin Музыка

Does he have any relatives?

Of course he does, his fam's is as big as the яблоко Fam

What is his personality?

He has a Hip Hop like style. His family and Друзья say that he's hilarious. And real sensitive

Does he know how to make Друзья easily?

Sort of, he sometimes try this and that to make some but he comes through

Has he met any пони from the mane 6?

He obviously met Pinkie Pie of...
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Back at Sweet яблоко Acres

RDP радуга Dash: *wakes up* Эй, Applejack, where are we?
RDP Applejack: We're at Sweet яблоко Acres still. Why are we strapped to chairs?
RDP радуга Dash: I don't know.
Applebloom: радуга Dash? Applejack? What's going on?
RDP радуга Dash: Uhhh. Big Mac is on crack! He tied us to these chairs for no reason!!
Applebloom: I didn't know he was obsessed with broken sidewalks. Anyways I gotta get Ты free *unties радуга Dash*
RDP Applejack: Ok, now Dash untie me.
RDP радуга Dash: Ok. *looks at rope* Uhhh. I'm not sure how to uh..
Applebloom: Seriously?
RDP радуга Dash: *pushes...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It's the 11th Con Mane story, and it begins in Berlin Germany. Con's best friend Fenix Lighter, an agent for the German Secret Service, M.I.3 is on his way to a marriage. Con, and another пони is with him, until they run into trouble....

I was actually typing that while listening to the звезда wars theme song! LOL

Fenix: Are we almost there? How do I look?
Con: Relax Fenix.
German pony75: *flies near them*
German pony23: Эй, look, there's a message.
Con: *reads it* Follow me.
German pony23: *follows*
German pony75: *lands*
Fenix: *gets out* What the fuck happened?
German pony75: Sanchez escaped, he's...
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