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This My Little пони фото might contain аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!

SeanTheHedgehog & Izfankirby present

Grand Theft Ponies

San Franciscolt, December 1988

The fanfic begins with Gordon, and Case крекер, взломщик at Gordon's house. They are watching a football game. The Eagles are beating the Giants 21-10

Gordon: I always told Ты that the Giants sucked.
Case Cracker: Calm down, halftime just ended. They've had some bad luck is all.
Gordon: No kidding. They'll never win a game.

Suddenly, the phone rings.

Gordon: Ah good. Commercials, and a call. *picks up phone* Hello?
Jim: Эй, Gordon, it's Jim. Get Case...
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The вверх TEN episodes of MLP FIM according to The секунда Opinion. How many surprises will there be?
my little пони
вверх 10
friendship is magic
вверх ten
the секунда opinion
season 6
starlight glimmer
twilight sparkle
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pinkie pie
яблочная водка, яблоко, кальвадоса
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January 15, 1985

Michael was having an excellent afternoon with Jerry & Vito. The three of them had a lot of hard work, but they enjoyed being with each other.

Michael: *With Vito, and Jerry, working on a Cadillac* We've had to work on 15 cars so far.
Vito: We could beat our record of 16.
Jerry: Time to grab a drink. Ты guys want anything?
Michael: *Gives Jerry a dollar* I'm going for a Gatorade.
Vito: Get me a water as well.
Jerry: Okay. *Walks to the water cooler, and vending machine*
Michael: Oh, can Ты get me a spark plug from the back room?
Vito: *Nods, and walks away*

As Michael continued...
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Harlan walked into the apartment, feeling very pleased with himself.

Harlan: Another spectacular день of railroading complete.
Jerry: *Walks in with Vito*
Vito: Finally, our employment problem is over.
Harlan: Where are Ты guys working now?
Jerry: Mike's Autoshop?
Harlan: Never heard of it.
Vito: It's only a couple of blocks from here.
Jerry: The owner is a hedgehog.
Harlan: Oh.
Vito: We start tomorrow.

The Далее day.

Michael: *Watching Vito & Jerry walk into the shop* Mornin' fellas. You're early.
Jerry: What are we doing first?
Michael: Can Ты work on the Subaru? I already placed it on the lift for...
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March 8, 1983

Narrator: Vito somehow convinced the manager to allow the three of us to stay in The Ink House for the entire two months we went hiding in Zinfandel. It was time for us to head back to San Franciscolt. We would be hiding right under the noses of the mob. Our apartment was on Cora Street. Harlan got a job in Alameda working for the Southern Pacific as an engineer. He quickly gained experience while me and Vito worked at 7-11.
Vito: *Mopping the floor* How the hell do so many ponies drink lots of coffee within half an hour?
Jerry: It's a nightmare.
Boss: Hey, less talking and еще working....
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my little пони
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my little пони
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Since I have so many Избранное G1 Ponies, I thought it would be great to make a Список of all of them. So, here is the Список of my Избранное Ponies from G1. Enjoy!

Earth Ponies:
1. Applejack
2. Minty
3. Lickety Split
4. Posey
5. Sundance
6. Cotton Candy
7. Shady
8. Snuzzle
9. Bow Tie
10. Magic Star

Unicorn Ponies:
1. Glory
2. Gusty
3. Moondancer
4. Buttons
5. Sparkler
6. Twilight
7. Powder
8. Ribbon
9. Skyflier
10. Sunbeam

Pegasus Ponies:
1. Firefly
2. Wind Whistler
3. сердце Throb
4. Surprise
5. North Star
6. Paradise
7. Lofty
8. Medley
9. Bouncy
10. Twilight

Twinkle Eyed Ponies:
1. Fizzy
2. Sweet Stuff
3. Whizzer
4. Gingerbread
5. Galaxy...
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