NCIS: Los Angeles Was Linda Hunt (Hetty) snubbed of an Emmy nom?

ellebarba posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 11:48PM
Just like the Oscars, the most watched TV shows are always snubbed at the Emmys.

Is this fair? Do you think NCISLA's amazing Linda Hunt (Hetty) was snubbed of an Emmy nom? If so, head over to The Morning After on Hulu's Facebook page (links below) and nominate Linda Hunt—or any other supporting actors/actresses—for an Undy Award. These new "Underground Emmys" lets us nominate and then vote for our favorite, underrated TV shows and actors/actress. Check it out to nominate your top pick for Best Supporting Actor/Actress in a Drama Series:

Nominate your top picks for actress here: link

And here for actor: link

Go Hetty!

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