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The лемур raced through Central Park having to push his goggles up every few seconds. "Man, this thing is heavy.." he groaned as he struggled to keep hold of the newest invention. He heard footsteps and heavy breathing behind him somewhere. 
    He stopped as he came to a brick fence. He threw his invention over the Стена and struggled to climb ontop of it. The footsteps got closer just as he tripped over his tail and fell on the other side of the wall.
   Lexii was enjoying the beautiful день and walking around the zoo. She was by the north Стена when something hard hit her in the head....
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Neil Patrick Harris discusses Jason Segel's naked body... and Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog in this interview with Dave Karger of Entertainment Weekly.
entertainment weekly
dr. horrible's sing-along blog
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jason segal
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