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“Ah!!!” Meowed SeaRiver. CloudSea looked and saw that SeaRiver forgot all of her attack moves.
CloudSea had to save SeaRiver, but did not have the time to save herself. CloudSea came and tried to attack the NightClan warrior that was attacking SeaRiver, “run, SeaRiver, RUN!!!” Warned CloudSea. SeaRiver ran, CloudSea scratched the NightClan warrior. Then the NightClan warrior bit CloudSea then ran, an apprentice came and attacked.
The apprentice was a good fighter, CloudSea was bleeding. CloudSea then saw SeaRiver was attacked, CloudSea needed to help but she might died. One минута later,...
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“CloudSea!” Meowed a white tabby cat. “What SeaRiver?” Meowed CloudSea. “Linhclaw wants us!” Meowed SeaRiver. “Ok, ok, I’m coming.” Meowed CloudSea.
When CloudSea and SeaRiver came to Linhclaw, MistyStar was there to. “Hello,” welcomed MistyStar. “Hi MistyStar,” meowed CloudSea and SeaRiver. “So Ты know that our deputy died.” Meowed MistyStar. “Yes...” meowed SeaRiver. “I’m so sorry about your dad,” meowed MistyStar. “It’s not your fault.” Meowed SeaRiver. “Well why are we here!?” Meowed CloudSea. “Because one of our queens, had a litter of kits and she is week the protect herself and the kits. So I want Ты two too protect he and the kits.” Meowed Linhclaw. So CloudSea and SeaRiver came over to the nursery and saw the kits, “awww!!” Meowed SeaRiver.
“Not to loud,” meowed a queen. Then CloudSea herd a Nightclan warrior then... “ATTACK!!!”
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MistyStar was in war, Linhclaw was fighting a tomcat. MistyStar saw her deputy fighting NightClan deputy, then Mistystar saw that her deputy got killed. “Battle over.” Meowed NightClan leader. “You won’t get away with this AGAIN!!” Meowed MistyStar.
When OceanClan got back, MistyStar went thinking who should be Далее deputy. When it was almost moonhigh MistyStar started to say, “let all Кошки that can catch there own prey come to the highrock for a clan meeting.”
All Кошки came from dens and came to the highrock. “We all know that are beloved deputy got killed, and I say this be for the spirit of our deputy. The new deputy will be, Linhclaw.” Meowed MistyStar. “Linhclaw! Linhclaw! Linhclaw!” Everyone called.
The Далее день CloudSea had a big problem.
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Monday: Talk to SeaRiver, hunt for everyone in OceanClan, swim, talk to MistyStar, eat, and sleep.

Tuesday: Hunt with SeaRiver, hunt by myself, give Еда to elders, hang out with mate, eat, swim, and sleep.

Wednesday: go to med. cat, hunt with mate, SeaRiver talk, give Еда to elders and kits, eat, swim, talk to Linhclaw, and sleep.

Thursday: Hunt for one hour, give kits and queens food, hunt for elders, give elders food, talk to MistyStar, hang out with SeaRiver, wait till midnight to go to Silverpelt, and sleep.

Friday: go one a hunting patrol, give kits food, give elders food, give queens food, eat with SeaRiver, talk to mate, and sleep.

Saturday: Hunt, hang out with SeaRiver, eat with SeaRiver, swim with SeaRiver, play fight with SeaRiver, and sleep with SeaRiver.

Sunday: hunt with SeaRiver and mate, eat with SeaRiver and mate, swim with SeaRiver and mate, and sleep with SeaRiver and mate.
“CloudSea?” Meowed a StarClan warrior. “Huh?” Meowed CloudSea. “I’m your sister.” Meowed the StarClan warrior. “Sis? Why I’m i here? Why why!?” Meowed CloudSea. “Well...when I was 7 moons old I died because of the cold and hunger.” Meowed CloudSea's sis. “But how I’m I still alive?” Meowed CloudSea. “Well Ты could die and-”
“CLOUDSEA ARE Ты LISTENING!?!?!” Meowed SeaRiver. “What!?” Meowed CloudSea. “I was telling Ты that NightClan patrol, is in are coming to OceanClan camp.” Meowed SeaRiver. “What!?” Meowed CloudSea. “We need to get the kits out!” Meowed SeaRiver.
“I'm going.” Meowed CloudSea. Warriors and warriors, where coming in and out to get to kit before NightClan’s warriors come. When all was done, NightClan had messed up the clan.
“I’m sorry MistyStar” meowed all the warriors from OceanClan. “It ok now we sleep here.” Meowed MistyStar.
So they all slept in a cold but nice spot.
The Далее день was the best, the snow was cold, the mouses where minty. “La la la la la... LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Meowed CloudSea. “Ow! My ears hurt, can Ты stop!?” Meowed SeaRiver. “Fine, fine, fine.” Meowed CloudSea angrily. “Hello!” Meowed MistyStar. “MistyStar!” Meowed SeaRiver. “You two have to go to the medicine Кошки den, she wants to see you.” Meowed MistyStar. “Ok MistyStar,” meowed CloudSea and SeaRiver. So CloudSea and SeaRiver went to the medicine Кошки den, to see what was going on.
“Hi girls!” Meowed the medicine cat. “Hellow!” Meowed CloudSea. “How...
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CloudSea had a big fight with SeaRiver, so CloudSea went hunting by herself. NightClan was watching then… JUMP!!! They did not kill CloudSea, but they jumped right so that CloudSea fell a sleep. So NightClan took CloudSea to NightClan's camp. And put CloudSea went to NightClan's medicine-cat, the medicine-cat helped CloudSea. Then CloudSea went to the the new invention, NightClan made called the fight night. When CloudSea woke up she could not move! The a NightClan warrior came to CloudSea, then said. “CloudSea right?” “Y-y-yes” Meowed CloudSea. “I’m NightPelt.” Meowed the warrior. “Where’s MistyStar!?” Meowed CloudSea. “At OceanClan camp.” Let me GO!!” Meowed CloudSea. CloudSea needed to go back to camp but how???
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CloudSea was walking, then she came upon a farm, then CloudSea saw a cat. “Hi” meowed the cat. “Who are you!?” Meowed CloudSea. “My name is Fall. Yours?” Meowed the cat. “My name is CloudSea.” Meowed CloudSea. “We’ll come on!” Meowed Fall.
At the barn, CloudSea meets еще loners. Couple минуты later, they herd a sound. “Come out!” Meowed CloudSea. “Hello, CloudSea.” Meowed the cat. “Mom!?” Meowed CloudSea. “See Ты found your cousin's.” Meowed RiverEye (CloudSea's mom.)
“So...Fall is my cousin?” Meowed CloudSea. “Yes and she was a warrior but not now.” Meowed RiverEye. “What was her warrior name?” Meowed CloudSea. “Fallnight.” Answered RiverEye.

Let me name all of CloudSea's cousin
1. Fall
2. Night
4. Heart
5. Adder
6. Feather
7. Kiki
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"We want to hear a story! We want to hear a story!"
The bouncing kits chanted at Mistystar.
"Alright, alright!" Mistystar waved her tail to silence the kits. "What would Ты like to hear about?"
"The NightClan battle!" Mintkit cried.
"How the foxes attacked!" Willowkit mewed.
"When the tides flooded the camp!" Lightkit meowed in excitement.
"No!" Orangekit yowled, silencing the rest. "We've heard about all THAT! I wanna hear something new!"
"Then what?" Lightkit faced her brother.
Mintkit bounced up and down. "I know! Tell us about you, Mistystar! We wanna know your story!"
"Yeah!" The rest of the kits...
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