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There are so many gorgeous woman in OUaT and that is what makes a Список like this so hard. Each and every woman on this has something that makes her stand out from the crowd but here are the woman that stand out even among them. They are the ones that while watching I find myself thinking "I want what she's got"

7. Jack

The moment I say Jack in the promo for "Tiny" I though "wow she is pretty". First off she is fit as perfect in size and shape as a woman can be. Also I Любовь her hair and her smile. She really embodies the girl Далее door type of good looks an ordinary beauty that really stands...
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 The Best Character on the Показать
The Best Character on the Show
Well... Probably all Ты Tamara Влюбленные will hate me and this article. I don't know if some people are gonna get crazy, but here it is. (Once again, keep in mind that this is only my opinion)

1. I'll start off with the obvious one: She's a hypocrite. It’s ridiculous that Tamara used a magic фасоль, бин to escape when all she’s been talking about is “magic is evil”. She hates magic, yet throughout the entire Показать she's been using magic.

2. Not only is she constantly complaining about Emma, but she's in this relationship just for her interest and she's cheating on that poor Neal! Bitch, if you...
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"ONCE UPON A TIME" - Relationship Mystery

Since the seventh episode of "ONCE UPON A TIME" called (1.07) "The сердце Is a Lonely Hunter" aired, many viewers have assumed that the relationship between the Evil Queen aka Mayor Regina Mills and the Huntsman aka Sheriff Graham was one of rape. They believed that after ripping his сердце from his chest, Regina used it to force him into having sex with her. Ever since that episode aired, many have accused Regina of being a rapist.

I had believed this as well, until a few weeks ago. While Чтение a Tumblr account, someone Опубликовано an exchange between one...
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This is my take on the SwanFire debate. This is just how I saw what the Показать was portraying and then got really frustrated with Emma's personality glitch when it came to Neal.

First, Emma was absolutely scarred by what happened. It's why she lied to Henry about his father - she couldn't stand the thought of him finding out what his father had done to her. She made up a story about how his father was a hero who died saving lives.

All her life Emma was completely unloved. As far as she knew at the time she was abandoned as a baby on the side of the road - "[her] parents didn't even care enough...
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