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posted by MadisonFontenot
Sammie POV:

I was sitting down on the диван, мягкий уголок when my brother came and sat on the диван, мягкий уголок Далее to me.

"What are Ты doing? Go back to your room and sleep!"
"What's your problem Captain Grumpy?"
"I made the car wreck on purpose.." I stood up
"You did what?"
"I wrecked the car on purpose so mom and dad wouldn't break up!"
"Why would Ты think that would change their mind?" I was pacing back and forth.

"I don't know....and I realized I might have made it worse.."
"Yeah Ты did.." I could see he felt really bad about it so I sat down on the couch.
"I'm sorry!"
"Sorry for what?" he asked
"For yelling at you"
"You should not be apologizing, I am! I am so sorry for doing that."

"You shouldn't tell me that..."
"No! Ты can't tell them! Promise Ты won't tell them! Promise.."
"Okay I promise that...I...won't tell them....that's for Ты to do. Now I am tired and I am going to постель, кровати and I suggest Ты do the same." I walked down the hall and went in my room.
"Night!"I сказал(-а) to him.
"Night he сказал(-а) back.

Harry POV:

I walked into the living-room and saw Zayn sitting on the диван, мягкий уголок with his head bent down and his hands holding his head.

"What's up?"
"Courtney broke up with me...that's what's up."
'Dude I am so sorry what happened?" I sat down on the chair Далее to the couch.
"Honestly I don't know and she сказал(-а) it over text message! How cruel I can't believe I was with her for almost two years!"

"You know Ты will get over her.."
"I know I will. I am not going to......try st least try to forget her."
"Great idea!"
"But it's gonna be so hard!" He put his head on my legs and started crying.

I was like
"It's okay..okay!" I was patting his back.

Liam POV:

"Hey Sofia!" ran up to her and hugged her.
"Hey.." I heard a deep voice behind her....Just my luck it was Troy!
"So Liam.... me, Troy, and a bunch of our Друзья are going to the Фильмы then to eat. Wanna come? Ты can bring someone?"
"No, no I don't want to disturb your night!"

"No! Why? It would be so much funner if Ты came! Please? Don't Ты think, Troy?"
"Yeah, I think it will be so much funner with Ты there!" he сказал(-а) with a unhappy voice and popping his knuckles.

"Dude...why did Ты say it like a killer?" I looked at him and smiled he seemed really angry at me.
"Well I..." before I could say anything I ran off.

I was half way to my house when I tripped on someones bag. My phone fell out when I tripped and so I grabbed it and put it back into my pocket.
"Watch out!" I shouted and ran off again.

When I went into the living room sat down and started laughing.

"What?" Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis all сказал(-а) at ones.
"Well I big scary man tried to make him laugh, then he looked like he wanted to unscrew my head with his elbows, ran all the way home, and tripped on a hot girls bag!" I сказал(-а) smiling.

"Just so I am clear was it, Troy, Sofia's boyfriend?" Niall сказал(-а) putting down his phone.
"K" they all сказал(-а) at ones and went back to their phones.

I got a text message.....wait this isn't my phone!
"Hey who ever this is Ты dropped your phone when Ты fell and picked up mine instead of yours!"
"Oh I am so sorry! Maybe we can meet up? At Nando's?"
"Yeah okay wait ever but I need my phone back now so I will meet Ты there in ten okay?"

~~~~~~~~End of Conversation~~~~~~~~~

I was at Nando's waiting for her when the same bagged I tripped over came in the door.

"My phone?" she reached out her hand.
"Uh I am not giving Ты anything till Ты give me mine!" reached out my hand.
"Okay I know who Ты are don't play that stupid game with me! Give me my damn phone now! I am going to be late!"
"For what?"
"My husband and I are having a double дата with my friend now give me my phone" I put her phone in her hands and she through my phone on the table.

"Would Ты like to order yet?" the waiter came to me.
"No thank you.." I walked out of there and sat on a таблица at the coffee Магазин down the street.
"Hi sweety, are Ты lost?" A little baby girl about four или five came up to me.

"Carly Marie!" I women came running my way.
"Thank you" she сказал(-а) picking up the little girl.
"Hi I am Liam."
"Nicole" She looked to young to be a mom. She had a tan and skin that shined in direct light. Long, strait, blonde hair that flowed down her back like a waterfall.

"She yours?" I asked.
"uh.. no my little sister...Listen do Ты want to go for coffee или something?"
"Liam right/ From One Direction?"
"Yes I think I have seen Ты before on my TV?"
"Well I am an actor?" she сказал(-а) as we got some coffee.
"That is so cool. I thought if I never made it in the Пение career I wanted to do acting. What are Ты doing so far from home?" I asked her
"Me and my family came for a trip and then my found out she was pregnant and we couldn't get on a plane with her knocked up so we are stuck here until she gets big enough to fly!"

"Oh well Ты might be here for sometime now won't you?"
"Yeah I go to school here but I don't have any real Друзья so maybe we can hang out?"
"Okay!" I liked that girl, but I don't want to rush into anything so I will take this one slow.

Sammie POV:

~the morning~

Sammie POV:

"Dad.... Charlie has something to tell you."
"What are Ты doing?" He whispered but I didn't answer I just grabbed some french тост and молоко then walked in my room.

Charlie POV:

That сука oh I will get her back!

"Yes son?"
"I think mom should come in here to..."
"She is at work.."
"Well I will tell Ты then! Oh and Sammie has a boyfriend!" I scream at the вверх of my lungs then laughed. I walked into my room laid down and fell asleep.

Sammie POV:

"Sammie! Get in here!"
"Coming dad!" I ran into the living room and sat on the couch.
"What's up?"
"I expect him to be here by eight."
"What? Who?"
"I want to meet him so invite him over for ужин tomorrow!"
"Okay? I am still confused! Who are we talking about here?"
"Your boyfriend! I thought we told each other everything?"

"I don't have a boyfriend!"
"That's not what your brother said!"
"Who listens to him?"
"I want to meet him!"
He walked into his room.

I don't have a boyfriend! What the fuck?
Does he mean.........Louis?
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