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With the current spoilers floating around and the way things have been going on the Показать for Lucas and Peyton Im drawn to make a warning. If Mark really is Письмо these storylines where things seem to fall perfectly into place for Leyton, one of two things has happened, he's either become a crappy writer and we won't get another series because he's paced the Показать badly. или something bad is going to happen in the show, my money is on the latter, или at least Im hoping its the latter because Id like another season.
Drama shows run on conflict, trauma, Любовь triangles etc and if the main protagonists (Lucas) life falls perfectly into place then the Показать basically ends. So IF the baby storyline is true and IF the wedding happens, OTH is screwed.
This odd pairing seems to be making the rounds these days. According to Perez Hilton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has exceptionally played John Winchester on Supernatural, as well as Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy and Judah Botwin on Weeds, was spotted with former One дерево холм, хилл actress Hilarie полиспаст, бертон at the movie premiere of The Losers at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Tuesday in Los Angeles, California.

The rumored couple has yet to Подтвердить the news, but reports have been rampant around the web that морган and Burton, who played Peyton Sawyer on the CW drama, are in a relationship. Not surprisingly,...
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Although he started out as the bad boy on One дерево Hill, Nathan Scott has become the ultimate family man whose relationship with wife Haley is now the core of the show. James Lafferty, who plays Scott, told TVGuide.com that he was "excited" to have things shaken up a bit in its seventh season, which leaped (yet again) into the future. Read on about Lafferty's take on his alleged cheating storyline, and what he'd like for "Naley" if the Показать were to come to an end.

TVGuide.com: What was your reaction when Ты first read the Nathan-Renee storyline?
James Lafferty: I was excited [because] it's...
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Chad Michael Murray was in a таблица read yesterday for the film Paper Wings, a movie being produced by Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. Other stars in the таблица read, at Hollywood restaurant Saddle Ranch were Anna Kendrick, Milo Ventimiglia, Chad Michael Murray, Eric Dane, and Johnny Galecki of “The Big Bang Theory,” along with Tom Cruise.

Our source, who is familiar with the project, explained that they “chose the Saddle Ranch for the таблица read because the story of the film involves a бык rider and a country singer.”

It should be noted, though, that while those actors were at the reading, they haven’t yet officially signed on to the film.
here's the oth fotm interview with our amazing nanda! know it's late guys...! :)

1.How did Ты first hear about One дерево Hill? Islife (a brazilian site), but it was in Fanpop I got interested in. I saw the couples (the thing I usually prefer in a TV show) had many Фаны and I decided to watch.

2.When did Ты start watching the show, and what made Ты continue to watch it?

Leyton [but when?]

3.Is One дерево холм, хилл your favourite show?
No, but I Любовь it

4.Who do Ты consider as your favourite character and why?

Peyton. I Любовь her for her personality, she doesn't care about what others think, she's...
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Chapter 2: An imperfect beginning

Last chapter:

Julian’s exit seemed to have brought a stunned Sam out of her reverie. Was she dreaming или had Brooke actually asked Julian out on a date?

Turning towards Brooke with a shocked face, she asked, “What the hell was that Brooke?”

“I don’t know,” Brooke сказал(-а) honestly still in shock at what she had done.

“What do Ты mean Ты don’t know?” Sam asked rolling her eyes, “You just asked the guy out on a date. You’ve got to know what you’re doing.”

“Okay one, I wasn’t thinking, and it just came out. And second, it’s not a date,”...
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This is the interview I gave mcewen_girl. Congrats! Ты earned it! Любовь ya<!

1. How long have Ты been a Нейтан и Хэйли fan?

Close to a год acutally in December it will be a year. I started watching OTH last December it took like a месяц to finish season 1-4 and the 5 eppys of S5 that were out.

2. Is Нейтан и Хэйли your Избранное fictional couple? If not, how high are they on your list?

Yes they are my Избранное there are a few others that cut in really close(Edward/Bella,Clark/Lois etc) but Нейтан и Хэйли will ALWAYS be my #1...Always & Forever(yes I know how corney that sounds..lol)

3. What was the most heart-breaking...
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posted by dermer4ever
This is my view on why I feel that Brooke gets overlooked most of the time. This is just my view opinions are welcome just no calling names или bashing my view. Try and go easy on me since this is my first Статья .I am a huge Brooke Фан and I feel like that sometimes that they forget that she exists and it is about everybody else. I know Brooke wasn't in the Pilot and because that she really isn't a true main character and what not but that is not true.

A couple of examples of this come from season four after she broke up with Lucas everybody completely forgot she excited. really the only time...
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Wow, could it be? xD It's the Нейтан и Хэйли interview! :O LMAO! I'm reaally sorry for being so late, but school and exams are pretty much driving me crazy. x)
Congrats Celine! <33
It's very deserved hun. =]


1.Are Nathan and Haley your Избранное couple? Why?
Yes! Yes! Yes! And yes! There’s nothing in the world that I Любовь еще than Naley. It kind of hard to explain why. I just Любовь their story, their scenes, their emotions,... EVERYTHING! They’re too perfect and awesome for words. или maybe like Brooke сказал(-а) on their wedding in season 3: “They give us hope, and we could always...
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I was just thinking some stuff and decided to share. BTW this spot is on my вверх 3 spots here!

5 things I like

#1 - Even the members that complaint and that sometimes are rude, can be really nice and supportive. All the comments, in my opinion, makes a new Fanpopper feel welcome but at the same time aware of things they can improve или change;

#2 - OTH members are, in my opinion, the most active members on Fanpop: there's always new photos, icons, picks, videos, Ссылки every day;

#3 - The Форумы are for the most part all answered and the members Любовь to play the games and discuss everything. I feel...
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So this the interview i did with Myra for the Фан of the месяц for December. So with Out Further ado here their are.

1. Why did Ты first get Ты interested in the Show?I began watching like 6 years назад precisely when the Показать first started. I was flicking through the channels and came across the show. At first I wasn`t interested but I loved the Музыка they used. Then I kept watching and was really hooked on Leyton. I kept watching just waiting for them to hook up. I`ve been obsessed with the Показать ever since.

2. Why do Ты Любовь oth?Mainly I Любовь watching Leyton. ALL of their scenes are amazing...
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This is a bit late though, but hey, worth the wait ;) Congratulation G! Ты deserve it!
Love Ты hun <33

1. What does actually Leyton FOTM mean for you?
Erm..I don't want to seem ungrateful или anything but I don't think that it's a very big deal! We all know anyway who are the biggest LP Фаны so it's just something for fun! I Любовь the interviews though..♥

2. WHY is it Leyton that your сердце belongs to?
DUH! Easy! Because they fucking rock! Seriously now..I think that it's because both of them have been through so much and they deserve to be happy and we have seen plenty times that they can't...
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posted by MissSawyer
During the time from the 4th to the 5th season, a lot had changed for Lucas and Peyton. They not only broke up, but Lucas proposed to Peyton. The two went their seperate ways and Lucas finished his first novel. This led him to go on his first дата with Lindsey after his first signing in Los Angeles, where Peyton saw him at the book store and witness Lindsey Поцелуи Luke on the cheek making her think the two were dating.
Peyton started to дата Julian and Lucas with Lindsey. But Julian started to realize that Peyton still had Lucas in her сердце and choose to go to the film festival alone without...
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БрукАс (Брук и Лукас)
I would just like to say that I Любовь the fight! I have never seen so many people willing to express their opinions on one single issue. I am a Leyton Фан and I must say that some БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) Фаны have put an interesting perspective on my thoughts and feelings towards them.
The Фаны are great! Everyone is loyal and caring. People really listen and in my opinion sometimes get a little too defensive, but в общем и целом, общая the war has really brought people together and makes people really listen. The Фаны are caring and considerate towards each other and that is what makes the fight really interesting and unique!
inespinto сказал(-а) it in her Список of things she liked about this spot. One дерево холм, хилл Фаны are the most enthusiastic people on this site.

I have to agree with that. Out of the picks I post on the whole site; only those relating to OTH are answered and прокомментировал(-а) and really quickly.

Everyone here is loyal too. The БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) vs. Leyton fight is one of the most decisive and opinionated fights I've ever seen. I've never met anyone who can remain neutral или equally like each couple. Ты have you're reasons why Ты like the couples and Ты stick by them; БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) Фаны are still supporting БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) even though...
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When an established Телевидение series loses two Популярное (and central) original cast members, there's bound to be some nervousness about moving вперед with new blood. That said, any nervousness about the new season of the CW's "One дерево Hill," which returned a few weeks назад without departed stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, was quickly quelled after the first two episodes delivered solid ratings and, subsequently, a full season order from the CW. Jim Halterman talked with "OTH" series creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn about how time jumping brought longevity, how's it...
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"One дерево Hill" Фаны were relieved to hear that The CW picked up the show's back nine episodes, allowing for a full Season 8 -- good news, especially considering the fact that it may be the veteran drama's last hurrah.

Star Sophia куст, буш recently revealed via Twitter, "This is the last season anyone is contracted for. I don't want to break any hearts, I just want to be honest with Ты guys. I guess we'll see!"

Zap2it spoke with original "One дерево Hill" cast member Hilarie Burton, who left the Показать along with Chad Michael Murray in 2009, after the Season 6 finale. We couldn't resist asking her...
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Episode 6.09 Sympathy For The Devil

Air Date: November 3

Episode Description

Added 10/15

Nathan finds himself face-to-face with an old rival, Brooke deals with someone who once hurt her, and Lucas’ novel leads him into threatening waters. Source

General Spoilers

Added 10/14

Joe Manganiello сказал(-а) there is a racy scene with him (and assumed Brooke) in this episode. OTHBLog Chat

Added 9/30

Hilarie filmed with Austin today [9/29]. Peyton meets Julian for the first time as soon as she leaves Lucas’ book signing in LA. It’s a flashback- same outfit and hair from 5.02. credit: curlyhead@FF

Joe Manganiello...
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Here is some of the best Brooke Davis quotes(!):

"Don't cry for a guy
Let a guy cry for you
Couse girls give and forgive
But guys just get and forget"

"Couse in the end
It all hurts
Just the same"

"I suggest Ты back off unless
you'd like your Далее period
to come out of your nose"

"The bad guys lie to get Ты in bed
The good guys lie to get in your heart"

"How many moments in your life
Can Ты point to and say
That's when it all chaged?"
"You just had one Don't worry baby
The popularity thing's not so bad"

"This person is loved and protected by Brooke Davis
If Ты mess with them Ты mess with the wrong person"
Actress, singer and songwriter, Bethany Joy Galeotti now can add restaurateur to her résumé. The CW Телевидение Network star, who resides in Battle Ground when she’s not in North Carolina filming the role of Haley James Scott on “One дерево Hill,” has teamed with her husband, Enation band member Michael Galeotti, and in-laws to open Galeotti’s.
The restaurant occupies the Космос in downtown Battle Ground that formerly housed Irby’s Fine Dining and will celebrate its grand opening July 24 and 25.
They’d been looking for a way to get еще involved with the community, and the restaurant...
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