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I have landed some scoop this week. All I will say is that Mark Schwahn has been it quite known in the writers room that he regretted doing Clay/Sarah. Don't believe what he says, he is covering for himself. The point of the Katie arc was to ruin Clay's backstory. Also, it was not his original plan. He had to do rewrites last minutes.

That all I will say, got еще on this but I won't say more.

That all for now. Ты don't have to believe me but trust me.
appears there will be many еще “stolen” moments between Neal Caffrey and Sara Ellis: USA Network’s White воротник is promoting the utterly awesome Hilarie полиспаст, бертон to series regular for Season 3, TVLine has learned exclusively.

At the time she lensed her very first White воротник episode, полиспаст, бертон shared her wish for her recurring role to turn into something longterm. As she put it, series leads Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay “are so sincere in their generosity and their kindness, I’d stay forever, man.”

White Collar‘s Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Prove Their Chemistry Is No Con

Having previously...
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posted by AlertInsider
I thought would let everyone know that according to my Источник who shall not be named
сказал(-а) that Mark Schwahn is planning on doing 4 commentaries for the Season 8 DVD.


8X02 - Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola and Shantel VanSanten(Quinn)

8X03 - Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola, Rob Buckley(Clay) and Shantel VanSanten(Quinn)

8X11 - Mark Schwahn and Shantel VanSanten(Quinn)

8x22 - Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola, Shantel VanSanten(Quinn) and Robert Buckley(Clay)
posted by TheCenbites666
There has been rumors swirling around Wilmington about a possible Chad Michael Murray return in the series finale of One дерево холм, хилл this season. Chad & Mark Schwahn secretly been in talks behind the scenes about a finale return but without Hilarie Burton/Peyton Sawyer which a deal could not be worked out with her. The finale would be filmed around march 2011 which is around the time Chad is free to come back. The jury is still out on Chad's return but it is looking good. Mark wants to bring the Показать back to how it was in the pilot. If Chad does return, don't expect him to bring Peyton and Sawyer along. Peyton won't be returning at all.
Nathan's House
Nthan:hey brooke,who are they?Brooke:hi nate,this is sam and they are staying with me for a while.Nathan:oh hi i'm nathan.Dean?:hi,i'm dean.Sam:i'm sam and thanks for letting us come to your party.Nathan:no problem,sorry gotta go,have fun.
Brooke:you can go and talk to people if Ты want,i have to hang out with my friends,catch Ты later.Dean:ok sure.Sam:oh right ok.
Haley:hey,you brought sam and dean?Brooke:well I couldn't just leave them at my house by themselves.Haley:why,their not babies.Brooke laughs.
Haley:so which one do Ты like?Brooke:thats hard they are both really hot...
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Brooke's House
Dean:oh shit!what will we do?John:do what Ты always do kill it before it kills people!Dean:are Ты going to help us?John:I can't,I have to watch your mother before anything happens to her.Dean:ok but i came here to escape from all this!
John:you can never escape from this dean there always going to be there!Dean:very comforting dad.John:I'm sorry but i need to be honest.Dean:what will i tell people?John:I don't know tell them Ты are going to visit your parents.Dean:I just came from there yesterday.John:fine tell them that your father is sick and Ты have to go visit him.
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дерево Hill,North Caralina:5:30pm
Brooke:ok peyton i am just going to go in here to get some Мороженое meet Ты in a sec!Peyton:ok Dean bumps into brooke!Brooke:Hey watch it!oh sorry it's ok!Dean:oh really sorry miss,i'm dean by the way!Brooke:oh Эй, dean i'm brooke.how come i have never seen Ты around before?
Dean:I'm new just came here from Kansas with my brother sam.Brooke:oh cool and now your working here?Dean:yup me and sam are working here.Brooke:if Ты need anyone to Показать Ты around дерево hill,just ask me.
Dean:you can count on it,dean smiles.Brooke:ok i better go pay for these,talk to you...
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posted by PoooBoo
Ты know how Lindsey and I got to be friends? She was editing Lucas's book and I still wasn't really sure about her because I was still rooting for Lucas to be with my friend Peyton…or maybe even Brooke

They're in the garage, marked whore

Yeah well, I guess I can’t really help it if I found the guy I wanna be with my first time out. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Maybe if we’re not out there looking for the one we wanna be with forever then what are we doing?

What are Ты gonna do, snort her?

We dont choose who we love... it just happens.

Peyton is not just another ex-girlfriend and everyone knows that.
New mom Hilarie полиспаст, бертон (formerly of One дерево Hill) is breaking her silence -- just a tad -- about the baby boy she and boyfriend Jeffrey Dean морган (The Watchmen) secretly welcomed earlier this year.

As first revealed in Us Weekly in May, Burton, 28, began dating Morgan, 44, in 2009, and "their relationship moved pretty quickly," an insider told Us. The actress was not photographed in public between May 6, 2009 and April 20, 2010, when she and морган went public with their romance at an L.A. film premiere.

PHOTOS: Celeb couples who've kept their romance under wraps

Now back at work to film episodes...
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Last Tuesday (May 18), a день after the seventh season finale of "One дерево Hill" aired, The CW announced that the series will be back this fall for an eighth year.

Though the show's cast and crew had the luxury of being renewed early over the last couple seasons, that was not the case this time around.

According to Показать creator Mark Schwahn, the decision really did come down to the last possible секунда and, though Monday's (May 17) finale included some pretty serious cliffhangers, the producers truly didn't know if they would have the opportunity to tie them up.

Schwahn, who says he and his cast...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I couldn't make this up
I have been outdone by my own kind
I always traded up, yeah
Now I'm a victim for the first time

And I can't pretend I'm not over the edge

Well, well baby what do Ты know
You turned the tables on me, didn't you?
My, my, my it only serves me right, now I Get It
This is how hurt feels
And it's everything they say it is

I was untouchable
Until karma crashed my party
Found out I'm crushable, oh
And I'm the only one who's sorry

It's unprecedented, I can't turn the page

Well, well baby what do Ты know
You turned the tables on me, didn't you?
My, my, my it only serves me right, now I Get It...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I've сказал(-а) it once and I'll say it again.
I've got something hanging over my head.
I was laying on your shoulder
Perfectly content.
Until Ты told me all over again.

I aint got no sob story to read.
But just like everyone else I'm living this life.
And Ты don't need to win me over.
And there aint no other side.
To shuffle me from.
I belong where I decide.
But Ты say...

We don't mess around.
You've got no freedom to come down.
We don't take Ангелы from the sky.
Oh no, we don't mess around.
You're meant to be among the clouds cause your an angel.
But that's a lie. Uh oh oh oh.

Well I suppose Ты think I'm so...
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I have loved One дерево холм, хилл sense i can remember i watched brooke get hurt the first time and i cried with peyton when she saw her mom dead, and i yelled at my t.v. when dan killed keith and felt terrible for Nathan in season 2 as Haley broke his heart. This Показать has basically touched my life. Every wise and sweet word lucas сказал(-а) in his voice overs have taught me something and touched me. Its like i actually know these characters. I have laughed as Brooke had sassly made her way through life and cried as she repeatedly got hurt. I have marveled over Nathans hottness and watched him mature and...
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It has been almost exactly a год since I Опубликовано the first installment of OTH predictions-a-la-me. And then I took a hiatus from this series, which blew right past the season 6 finale, bypassed the premier of season 7, and landed us on the heels of 7x11, "You Know I Любовь You, Don't You?" This episode is where I'll pick up...after a lengthy absence from Fanpop posting, it's good to be back Письмо Статьи for the One дерево холм, хилл spot in all it's glory:)

Anyway, enough nostalgia. How about a glimpse into the possible future of a certain small town loaded with big drama? And speaking of drama......
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posted by Laurencia7
As a writer we know Mark loves to torture Brooke. But it occurred to me how many variables can occur from this one fragmented issue of infertility.

Possibly outcomes can be:

*Brooke becomes Pregnant as a once in a lifetime deal, but does not know who from (intro of new man in town etc)

*Brooke and Julian stay apart for a while both throwing themselves into their work only to meet up again after a months/years and have a fling. Resulting in a pregnancy.

*Where in turn this pregnancy can be flawed with delivery, или the child being ill.

*Or Victoria throws herself into getting Brooke with another...
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Chad & Hilarie? Out. Rob Buckley and Shantel фургон, ван Santen? In.

"One дерево Hill" has gone through quite a big change this year, losing two of its key players, but replacing them with new talent right away.

There's still a few old school дерево холм, хилл inhabitants hanging out though...

Last week's episode ended with a bit of a surprise: Dan is somehow involved in Nathan's sex Scandal accusations. Thoughts on that?
James Lafferty: I think it's been proven in the past that Dan is very meddlesome. And whether it's for malicious reasons или for heroic reasons, he always has his hands in something. He has...
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One дерево холм, хилл actor James Lafferty has admitted that he was "nervous" when co-star Chad Michael Murray decided to quit the Показать earlier this year.

Speaking to TV Guide, the 24-year-old, who plays Nathan Scott in the CW series, also сказал(-а) that he is pleased with the new direction of the drama.

"Initially, I think everybody was a little bit nervous," he said. "You never know how the audience is going to respond to something like that.

"All we can do is look вперед and what we gained was two very committed cast members in Robert [Buckley] and Shantel [VanSanten]. They want to create these characters...
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In just one season, Austin Nichols’ Julian had quite the evolution on One дерево Hill. When he first showed up, Фаны worried he’d play homewrecker to Leyton’s finally-back-on relationship. Instead we ended up with perhaps the most dedicated boyfriend Sophia Bush’s Brooke has ever seen and a new leading man for the show’s seventh season.

TeenDramaWhore: What was your reaction when Ты found out Ты were being promoted to a series regular?

Austin Nichols: Fear. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to do it. The thing about a Телевидение series is that Ты have to have faith that the material...
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Фаны of The CW's "One дерево Hill" can rest easy. The Показать has received a full order for the season. Things are also looking promising for "Vampire Diaires" and cautiously optimistic for "Melrose Place."

The network raised "One дерево Hill's" order from 13 episodes to a full 22 on Wednesday. At the same time, they picked up nine additional scripts for freshman drama "Vampire Diaries" and asked for six еще "Melrose Place Scripts."

Neither the "One дерево Hill" nor the "Vampire Diaries" news is particularly surprising considering their solid early numbers. "Melrose Place" has not been an out-of-the-gate success, but the network has a lot invested in the "90210" companion piece and are hoping the addition of original cast member Heather Locklear to the mix come November will help turn things around.
Former One дерево холм, хилл actress Hilarie Burton, who played lead character Peyton Sawyer for six years, is doing many different projects that have far-reaching implications beyond the home-base of her Wilmington, N.C. production company Southern Готика Productions.

In three weeks, Southern Готика Productions, under Hilarie, will be launching the first episode of it's web series Friendship Union Community Theatre. The first episode will be available on the company's website www.sogopro.com and was funded by the T-shirt sale campaign the company held in April.

They plan to unveil the webseries and...
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