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The news coming out of The CW's upfront wasn't just about the new shows. Click through for notes on "Smallville," "Supernatural" and more.

"Smallville" is moving to Friday nights in the fall, but that shouldn't be taken as a sign that the network's longest-running current series is on its way out.

"No," CW Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff says. "First of all, it's way too early" to talk about at the moment, as the show's producers haven't yet mapped out the storyline for season nine. "But no, it's not the last season," she adds. "Hopefully not." (For what it's worth, звезда Tom Welling has...
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After being accepted to the team, Lucas plays his first game as a дерево холм, хилл Raven.

Elsewhere, Peyton goes to sumbit her drawings to Thud magazine, but throws them in the bin.

Peyton and Nathan continue to grow further apart after Peyton flips out about Nathan's consist remarks about Lucas.

Keith also forces Karen to confront her feelings for Dan, as it prevents her to go and watch Lucas' first баскетбол game.

Even though Lucas is an amazing баскетбол player, he chokes. He then decides to quit the team.

In This Episode, We Are Also Introduced To Brooke Davis, A Cheerleader.

The Places Ты Have Come To Fear The MostIs Named After A link
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"One дерево Hill: Don't Dream It's Over (#5.6)" (2008)
[first lines]
Brooke Davis: Alright guys, bring it in.

Haley James Scott: [holding a shot] I guess one shot won't kill us, huh!
[disgustingly, after everyone drinks their shots]
Haley James Scott: Maybe it will. Brooke, what was that?
Brooke Davis: I wanted something that would remind everyone of me... so... they mixed their most Популярное liqueur with their sweetest...
Brooke Davis: The bartender did name it a 'Brooke Davis'.

Brooke Davis: [to Owen] Ты know, not many people can handle a 'Brooke Davis'.
Owen: Well, it's definitely...
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posted by csimiaminylvfan
Brooke's flair for fashion Дизайн is first revealed in the beginning of Season 3, when she creates a sassy she-devil costume for the Маскарад Ball at Tric. As an employee at clothing boutique Suburban Filth, she offers some of her creations to the store and eventually has her designs on display. When proper credit is denied, Brooke and Peyton return to the Магазин to 'take back' her clothing. This incident lands Brooke, Peyton (and an innocent Haley) in jail. This Последнее set-back (along with complications in the relationship department) leaves Brooke feeling very discouraged, but Haley convinces...
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Let me state that I am a 100% LP fan. BUT I do not intend to insult BL Фаны или Brucas. Nor do I hate Brucas. I don't wish to start any Дебаты on which couple is better. I respect the БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) Фаны for their opinions as they should respect mine. This Статья is gonna be fairly long so, please have patience and hear me out. Many reasons that some BL Фаны cite to insult Leyton however do concern me and I would like to share my Просмотры on those.

1.Opposites attract

Most romantic stories are often built on this idea. Lucas and Brooke story is one that falls in this category. Leyton is the opposite of...
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I became inspired to look up the lyrics of the 4 “Brucas songs” listed as options for, “Continuing the dream wedding picks: what would they choose as their first dance?” At first, I glanced over them only long enough to confidently make an educated decision on behalf of Brooke and Lucas.

But, I have to say, after Чтение “Far Away” by Nickelback, there is no Вопрос in my mind that it is Brucas's Любовь song, well at least one of them, или “the” one out of the options. I personally feel it’s the only song with an appropriate message behind it. The other choices “Boston”...
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posted by anetted
Peyton's funniest Цитаты from three Болталка episodes. Just tell me on a message if Ты want me to write an an Статья with ALL her funny quotes! :)

"One дерево Hill: All Tomorrow's Parties (#3.14)" (2006)
Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer: Ты never worked so hard for anything in your life, except your fake ID!

Lucas Eugene Scott: Ты know, Peyton, Ты can learn a lot from Ellie. She struck me as tough.
Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer: Yeah.
Lucas Eugene Scott: And that's important. But, I also think Ты can learn a lot from her mistakes. Don't live your life alone. Let us in.

Rachel: Look, I was trying to help you...
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posted by Albiee
8.01 || Asleep At Heaven's Gate

Brooke: Before Ты say another word, Ты should both know that I just have just come from the city jail, where I was frisked by a large supposedly female cop who was very thorough in her cavity search. Now speak.

Nathan: Is everything okay?
Doctor: Yeah. I just wanna run some tests.

Mia (to Haley): Speaking of slutty, congratulations on being pregnant.

Clay: I just realized that I haven't seen a single person on this пляж, пляжный all day...have you?
Quinn: No.
Clay: Do Ты know what that means? Skinny dipping.

Julian (to Brooke): Get ready for my greased lightning!

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One дерево холм, хилл is a metaphor for the last man, или in this case last team standing; the дерево холм, хилл Ravens' journey to becoming баскетбол state champions.

Yet the real tale to this U.S. hit TV series is the story which lives within the team mates; Hormones, Competition and struggle are the essence to this teen sitcom. A story of two Half-Brothers brought together through both Любовь and Hate.

Sharing thier Любовь of basketball, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan (James Lafferty) Присоединиться together as the seasons progress along with their ever growing hatred for their Sinful Father, Dan Scott (Paul...
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Main Characters of One дерево холм, хилл (14):

Brooke Davis played by Sophia Bush
Full Name: Brooke Penelope Davis
Age: 22
Parents: Mother, Victoria; father has been mentioned but never seen
Siblings: Is an only child
Other Family: Extended family is unknown; is the Godmother to Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son
Occupational History: Worked at a seafood restaurant as an advertising омар, омаров during "Between Order and Randomness". Brooke later worked at the mall for Suburban Filth for which see designed a series of clothing. Soon after, Brooke launched her own clothing line, "Clothes Over Bro's", in "Brave...
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posted by deanwastedyou
Well, everyone on the OTH site has the couples they'd die for and all but all the fighting is annoying, knowone can state why they Любовь BL, LP, JP, KK или whoever without a death match.

The reason I wrote this is to say maybe a little еще 'understanding' is needed for it all. Just post who u like and why and leave the fighting out, they have LP vs. BL spot so fight someone their.

Anyway just say one reason why u like him/her или whatever and have a real talk with someone u might not see couple to couple with. OTH is so couple based (thnx Mark) still it does ruin it for Фаны but i'm doing this so ppl can learn to play nice when everyone is in Любовь with their couples. Lately everones been talking abut it so it would be good to try and be nice cause we all Любовь the Показать and thats why were here :)
The fifth annual James Lafferty One дерево холм, хилл Charity баскетбол Game was part real athletic event, part Hollywood. A DJ played Музыка while actors dribbled down the court. Free throws were shot shirtless. And the секунда half was almost delayed because Jackson Brundage, the 7-year-old actor who plays Jamie on the filmed-in-Wilmington series, was so caught up dancing on the court, Lafferty had to pick him up and plop him down on the sidelines.Each year, Lafferty, who plays баскетбол mentor Nathan Scott on The CW drama, hosts the game in Wilmington to thank his Фаны for their support and to raise...
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(Also on Leyton spot.)

So... I know Leyton are totally meant to be, but for some totally obsurd and ridiculously crazy reason, some people have doubts that its peyton that lucas calls.

I am here to prove otherwise.

So first things first, Mark has сказал(-а) that Leyton is happening Далее season. We don't know if its just for a short while или if its finally for good, but this DEFINATELY gives Peyton a bigger chance of being the one Lucas calls, no? And earlier in the season, when she kissed him, he full on kissed her back! Ты don't just effing Kiss someone who Ты don't like. and people- he wrote to...
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So, Ты see
Youve got me back again for more
And it seems
Your song is in my head
This is war
Mystery; how I could feel Ты breathe me

I was sure Ты would keep
Every promise; Ты would keep
Every word

I try to put your stories in line
But nothing adds up right

For every 99 times
You looked me in the eye,
You looked me in the eye
And swore Ты werent lying
Well, I was so blind
I never saw the signs
Im getting out tonight
And youre not invited

Its a shame
That Ты left me hanging like Ты did
It was brave
But it was much еще foolish
Dont Ты think?
Cause Ты know I wont be satisfied
Until Ты realize

For every...
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posted by lish_oth
So Rachel is set to return and so is Owen..back for round 2 with Brooke...I hope she finds love..I haven't heard to much from what girl Lucas invites, but the hints were that it was Lindsay and she turns him down and then another Источник hints that it was Peyton...they say that Lucas was so moved and finally realized his feelings for Peyton and that Lindsay is not for him...but who knows...the first episode is to air Sept 1st..so we have to wait the summer ladies!!!!!!!!!! grr...at least it's not Далее год lol! Rumour also has it that Brooke gets the surprise of her life...I'm hoping it's Angie and that they realize she was happier with Brooke...hence she cried when Brooke gave her to the lady at the airport. When I have еще information I will add to this...oh yah! Nathan is suppose to have a big shock something to deal with Haley's Музыка and his баскетбол career...no info on Skillz and Deb and also nothing on Dan being hit. So hope this helps girls a bit!
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I thought would let everyone know that according to my Источник who shall not be named сказал(-а) that Mark Schwahn is planning on doing 4 commentaries for the Season 8 DVD.


8X02 - Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola and Shantel VanSanten(Quinn)

8X03 - Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola, Rob Buckley(Clay) and Shantel VanSanten(Quinn)

8X11 - Mark Schwahn and Shantel VanSanten(Quinn)

8x22 - Mark Schwahn, Joe Davola, Shantel VanSanten(Quinn) and Robert Buckley(Clay)
'One дерево Hill' was renewed for Season 9. What will Ты get to see this Далее season? Are Ты looking вперед to it? Check out these spoilers for the new season starting in 2012.
Tyler Hilton will return Далее season for a few episodes. He will be playing Chris Keller again.
James Lafferty will be back, but we will only see him on about half of the episodes. He will be traveling еще with his new job.
They are already reporting this will be the last season for the show. We have heard that before though.
We do not get a full season, but only 13 episodes this year.
'OTH' will air as a midseason show. It will start around January.
Will Lucas and Peyton return? It has not been decided yet, but both have сказал(-а) they are not against the idea. Hilarie полиспаст, бертон is a regular on 'White Collar' now.
We will not see 'OTH' in fall of 2011 except for repeats
Big news, One дерево холм, хилл fans. We just got back from visiting the Wilmington, NC set of "One дерево Hill," where a particularly coy Sophia куст, буш teased, "You're going to meet someone who's very relevant to Brooke's life who you've wanted to see for 8 years."

After 8 years on the show, Sophia's gotten good at keeping her secrets. Fortunately for Ты all, we are not so good. Zap2it has confirmed that Richard Burgi will play Brooke's wealthy absentee dad, who will make his first appearance on screen after being absent from the biggest moments in Brooke's life. He's a recurring guest, so we can expect...
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Эй, guys!
I have been active on the OTH spot for about 6 months now, and I have noticed some things that have been greatly bugging me and getting worse and worse by every passing day.
I don't know if this is classified as a rant или what, but this spot has become some sort of a war zone, where everyone always seems to be fighting.

Here are some of the main issues I have noticed that have been plaguing this spot for quite some time:

-Ratings & Cheating: Ratings have been getting ridiculous! I was looking through the Видео and Фан art/photos section and I was stunned to see how many really good...
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During a conference call talking about her upcoming return to USA’s White Collar, полиспаст, бертон was asked about the possibility of her returning to One дерево Hill, which she starred on for five seasons as Peyton Sawyer (later Peyton Scott). Sadly for fans, she has no intention of returning. She сказал(-а) that while she has “a fondness for that part of my life” and that she stays in contact with the people she met on the show, her personal life doesn’t fit with flying across country to be on the Показать abd she doesn’t have the time for it anymore. So don’t expect to see Peyton at Brooke’s upcoming wedding.