Origami Избранное Designs?

harold posted on Jan 04, 2007 at 12:07AM
I'm interested to hear what others' favorite designs are. It's been some years since I last folded regularly, and a casual search of designs has yielded a huge number to consider. What's your favorite, either to view or to fold yourself?

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Больше года joeyjordison said…
my fav design is the water bomb as yu can piss people off with it aka by frowing it at em wif water in it lol
Больше года flutterly said…
My favorite is the origami rose. The kind I learned is similar to the Kawasaki Rose, but a lot easier to fold. (I tried using online diagrams for the Kawasaki Rose and couldn't manage to figure it out.)

I also like modular origami because the pieces are really simple to fold, but when you put them together, the end result looks really complex.