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I found myself in some creepy forest ,I must have been sleepwalking again. I had no clue were I was a huge snake slithered by me I froze and activated my sharingan. The snake stopped in it's trails and stared at me with an intelligent look of evil I started pulling my kunai out of my pocket and threw it at the snake. It crumbled into dust and I retracted my knife. Stalking isn't cool.
He moved behind the shadows like a snake Orochimaru ,that creeps still after me? Наруто better be ready here he comes. Is he sure he can do this poor Uchiha.
posted by dizzyluiz
Look lets face it Orochimaru-sama ain't dat good a ninja but his quite unique .Orochimaru has cheated death еще times than anyone here can count e.g against Наруто in demon лиса, фокс mode very few ninjas can walk away from that battle with a complete set of limbs.As we all know Orochimaru desires immortality which many do also but he goes after whatever he wants (give him a round of applause )which he later accomplished by taking bodies of others and changing them to look like him . Orochimaru has a wide range of jutsu spanning from ninjutsu,taijutsu,senjutsu,reanimation jutsu and many еще allowing Him to use a wide range of attacks and defenses and can hardly find worthy opponents. Orochimaru on his own has posed massive threats to many villages, Even frightened konahagakure by infiltrating the chunin exam,kumogakure by sending gyuki on a rampage. As Ты see Orochimaru has earnes his name Lord for his numerous death encounters and his twisted mind