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Xufi4 posted on Feb 04, 2008 at 01:35AM
_ Actor Seth Green originally auditioned for the role of Jerry Steiner, but lost out to Troy Slaten. Presumably this is also where he met Abraham Benrubi, with whom he appeared in Without a Paddle, and who is also a frequent guest voice actor on Green's Adult Swim show Robot Chicken

_ The theme for every high-school dance in the show was "Remember The 80s".

_ Larry Kubiac's first name is actually Francis, as revealed by his younger brother Bobby in the pilot episode. Larry's first name appears again twice in "The Parker Chronicles" (S2 Ep9) when Grace Musso, and then Frank Lemmer announce the "Kubospective Ceremony". Bobby never appeared in any other episode of the show.

_ Robin Fecknowitz, the love object of both Parker and Mikey in the pilot, was played by actress Milla Jovovich.

_ Parker shares his middle and last name with Robert Lloyd Lewis, one of the show's producers.

_ "Sloan", the last name of Parker's girlfriend, is almost identical to the first name of Ferris Bueller's girlfriend Sloane in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the movie on which the show is thematically based.

_ During a rally in one of the episodes, someone had a sign that read "Thank you for not watching 'Eerie, Indiana' (1991)" a show that ran in the same time slot on another channel.
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Больше года guilletech said…
pleaaaaase where can I find the song WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (performed by Native)...please dont tell me IN AMAZON or in EBAY

is the Sam Cooke´s song raegge version used on the pilot episode

Больше года mikelm74 said…
check it out on utube


hope it helps...
Больше года krawczuk said…
in the very first episode it has parkers father looking into a fridge, but he is differant than parkers father in later episodes, cant remember if the mother changes, any body know why ?
Больше года Xufi4 said…
According to Wikipedia, Judy Lewis was played by Anne Bloom in season 1 and Mary Ellen Trainor in seasons 2-3.
But it doesn't say anything about the father.