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Which “Party Down” Character Are You? | BuzzFeed

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Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Which "Party Down" Character Are Ты
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
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How Well Do You Remember Song Lyrics From 15 Years…
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You might be down on your luck sometimes, but when the going gets tough, you pull through and focus on your dreams. Your dry sense of humor gets you through the worst of times.
Your fiery personality gets you in trouble sometimes, but your good friends consider that just one of your many awesome qualities. You make not giving a fuck look pretty damn good.
Your take-charge abilities didn’t come naturally at first, but now you’re totally ruling the roost. Make sure to keep your demons in check and you’ll get super far.
Your fun-loving spirit makes you the constant life of the party, and you’re always down for a good time. Not to mention, you’re a total smokeshow.
Your sharp intelligence and incisive wit have won you a close and loyal circle of pals. Get ready to take over the world someday!
No one rocks harder than you. You’re the wise-ass of your friend group, but it belies your huge heart of gold.
This Frat's Lip-Sync Video Of Taylor Swift's...
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