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Here's another one for Ты today!Sorry, this one is shorter. The Далее one will be up in a few hours.

Bella's POV

"Let me just say something first. Anyone, it doesn't have to be the Chosen one, can unlock one of the necklaces power." Abhay turned to me. "What power did Ты unlock?"
I rubbed the tiny bottle on the ожерелье and I turned invisible. Jane, Felix, and Alec mouths were wide open with shock.
"Invisiblity" I said.
" Very interesting. None of us knew what powers the ожерелье holds. We are extremely curious what power the ожерелье holds when it's with the chosen one.

"Stop stalling! What...
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Another one for today. ^_^

Bella's POV

When we entered inside the castle, the room was pitch black. Then the symbol on my hand was extremely bright, and I used it like a flashlight. The room was extremely small. There was no windows или doors exept the one we entered. Then I saw the exact same symbol on the Стена that's on my hand. Curiously, I pressed my hand onto the symbol and the door opened.

I felt like I was in the National Treasure movie или Indiana Jones. This felt creepy. The Далее room was larger, and there were огонь torches around the room. There was a man beside the back wall, as if...
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Ok, my stories are getting еще and еще unrealistic. For those who are waiting for romance, it'll not be anytime soon. This sequel is еще adventurous than Meyer's stories. Also, I'll be writting most of the parts in Bella's POV. ^_^

Bella's POV

After 2 hours of concentration, directions, and waste of my energy, we finally made it to Venlo. Most of the humans thanked me and the pilots made me a hero. I DIDN'T want to be in the news so I ran away from the crowd with the rest of my family.

Rosalie was complaining that we need a place to stay, so we got the presidental suite in a luxury hotel....
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Last one for Ты today. ^_^

Bella's POV

The symbol started glowing. But, it didn't do anything really. I was confused at first because the glowing disappeared. Was this a sign? Am I in danger again? That's a stupid question, because I know the answer..... Yes.

I made my hand into a fist. But in my head, I feel like we need to get to the Netherlands, and fast.

I assummed that the whole family has to come with us. Renesmee had to leave with us, because I'm not even sure if we'll come back. From so much begging and pleading, I reluctantly agreed to let Jacob come with us.

Alice was good in planning...
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 The new mark on Bella's hand.
The new mark on Bella's hand.
Another one. :D

Bella's POV

Staring at the necklace, I'm deep in thought. Can I be cursed wearing this? I haven't done anything against the god of immortality nor I'm a mortal. I guess I'm safe. Suddenly, involuntary, I transfered my energy towards the necklace, but it's not heat energy, so it can't make me turn invisible; I seemed be tranfering some of my life force into it. It didn't make me feel weaker thought, in fact, it made me feel stronger.

Then, Edward yelled," BELLA! STOP WHAT Ты ARE DOING!"
" I'm not controlling this." I whispered.
The ожерелье in my hand opened the tiny bottle...
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Not sure how many I will put up today. I'll still write еще today.

Bella's POV

I walked to Rosalie who was sitting on the диван, мягкий уголок Далее to Emmett.
" Rosalie? Can I talk to Ты for a minute?"
" Sure. Is something wrong?" she asked.
" I don't think so....." I сказал(-а) unscertain.
Rosalie glared at me curiously
What's Bella up to?

"Rosalie, do Ты remember one time Ты showed me a large book of jewelries that shows the histories behind each one of them?" I asked.
"Oh yeah. The book is upstairs. Esme wanted to borrow it. She's done with it.' she told me.

I went upstairs and found the book on...
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Like I сказал(-а) before, this story will be VERY unrealistic!

Bella's POV

I feel like I'm mixed into the air. But the wierd thing is, I still can see everyone in the room.

" BEllA!" Edward said.
" Hello? I'm right here!!!!!" I said.
" Bella? Where are you?" I heard him say.
" Right in front of you?" I сказал(-а) uncertain and confused.
" I don't see you..." he said.
Huh? He can't see me. That's wierd.... Then I told him, "Stay here."
I walked into the bathroom to see myself in the window. I'm not there.... This is really wierd..

I know that I didn't find out all of the powers I got from Royce's potions......
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 The ожерелье Edward gave to Bella.
The necklace Edward gave to Bella.
Another one for today!

Bella's POV

When I opened the box, I saw a beautiful necklace. At first, I thought it was a locket by the shape of the object in the center. But then I heard something shaking inside it.

" I found this when I was about 6 years old, back in Chicago. I was digging underground while I was playing and found this. It's a legend saying that the ожерелье holds the ashes of life and death, and the person who wears it has the power over life. But honestly, I don't think it's true. But, I kept it for all of these years for someone very special, you." Edward told me.
If I could...
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Here Ты go! The start of my sequel, The Фэнтези Doesn't End, But Time Is Our New Enemy.

Bella's POV

One год passed, since I was offered to Присоединиться the Volturi and when Aro and the other leaders left. Things were getting.... boring.....


The whole family was at the Volturi house and Edward and I were sitting in our "Thrones" that Alice designed for us. There weren't any news, problems, или ANYTHING!!! I was so bored that I had to close my eyes. Renesmee wasn't even here. She's always with Jacob and the pack. I'm fine with it, but I just miss her sometimes.

Then suddenly...... "HAPPY...
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New Story!!!! I will start writting tommorow. But as a special treat, I will give Ты guys the preface. This should make Ты think about what the story will be about. BTW: I'm not telling Ты who's POV this is in. But, some things in the preface will give it away. ^_^


I never thought this would be the end. As the bretrayal I made to my family. They are now about to meet the shadows and and darkness of death. I regret everything I did. But now I don't have the freedom to apologize, it's too late. My powers from the potions are no longer a help. The god of immortality is right in front...
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It's the last one in this series!!!! Whew!!!! Also, I will start the sequel, The Фэнтези Doesn't End, But Time is Our New Ememy. Last one for today! The sequel starts tommorow.... maybe.....

Bella's POV

" Bella, I would be honored to rule with you. By how much problems and decisions a Volturi Leader needs to make, I think Ты would need some help." he said.
I smiled and took his hand. I thought he would say no.
Then I need to ask the rest of the family if they want to join. They won't need to do much actually.
" So, I'm going to ask if Ты want to Присоединиться the Volturi. Your choice is at free will."...
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Here's another one. I'll post the Далее one in a few hours. ^_^

Bella's POV

" STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I yelled to Edward.
" Bella... we can work this out. We need to get Ты back to Isle Esme so we could pack." I heard him say.
" No, I want to be alone. I don't deserve any of this, I don't deserve you.. Just leave me. Like Ты did before." I told him.
" Bella, lets go. Like I said, we will work something out." he told me.
I turned around,to look at his face. His eyes were full of sadness and grief. I sighed.
"Fine." I whispered.
" Mom, as my last request, Ты are not allowed to tell anyone about this,...
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It's 7:10 AM at my time so I just woke up! Got some ideas!!!!

Bella's POV

Renee started laughing.
" Bella.... you.... watch.... to... many.... horror movies! How can Ты honestly be a vampire!?!?"
" Mom, my skin is pale, cold as ice. And my skin glitters in the sunlight. I almost killed another vampire before I came here because of my temper." I told her.
" This got to a joke right? I mean, doesn't Вампиры come out at night and sleep in coffins?"
" Hollywood's version is so beyond fake. We can't even sleep." I told her.
" Not at all?" she said.
" No." I said.
" Doesn't Вампиры have blood red...
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Like I сказал(-а) before, keep up the comments. BTW: last one for today. I have to go to bed. I'll write еще once I wake up. ^_^

Bella's POV

I reached Jacksonville, Florida and I decided to tell my mother the truth about us, and the mystical world. At first I thought that the Volturi will kill me, but now I'm the leader, so I can do whatever I want. I just have to make sure Renee keep the secret...

I remembered that I needed to get some contact lenses so I went towards the nearest drug store. All of the men in the store looking at me, like I was a prize... Crap! I forgot some money! Maybe the man...
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If Ты keep up with the comments, I will feel еще encouraged to write! So the еще comments, the еще I will write! ^_^

Bella's POV

Right in front of the ocean.... this was a beautiful sight. It's sunset, and the sun looked breathtaking. I had to look away. Then I spreaded the sea with my power over water, making a path. This reminded me of Moses, spreading the Red Sea. This was exactly the same, except the path was alot longer. I held my hands on both sides of the walls made of water keeping it away from me. Then I ran full speed across my path to my location, Jacksonville, Florida...

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Bella's POV

After the moments I realized this, I was back in the present. Jane was one step away from entering the flames. I let go all of the energy and power I was holding on Jane. Jane has her senses back. She was in contol of herself again. I also let go on the energy I was holding on the flames, letting the огонь disappear.

" Ты WERE ABOUT TO KILL ME!?!?!?! ARE Ты NUTS!?!?!!? EVEN ARO HAD еще MERCY THAN THAT!!!!" Jane screamed.
I turned my back on everyone. I was so ashamed on what I almost did that I was about to sob.
" Bella" I heard Edward whisper...
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Another one!

Bella's POV

Did Jane just defy me? Is she actually serious? But my temper was thrown off by looking at Edward's pain.
" "Go ahead let me see how strong Ты actually are." she answered.
Edward was still screaming.

I threw Jane a dark and cold look. Then I put one of my hands in front of me towards Jane. I made her feel the pain she did to Edward. I had Jane's power. Then Edward screaming stopped, but then Jane screamed.
" Ты asked for it." I whispered towards Jane.
Then I made my hand into a fist. And her pain...
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Hi! Sorry I didn't write. I was busy and I went out for dinner. I might only make two Статьи today. BTW, I decided to make a trilogy to this series. The sequel to The Фэнтези Doesn't End, but danger awaits... will be called The Фэнтези doesn't end, but time is our new ememy. Does the Название give Ты any ideas on what's going to happen? Tell me what Ты think it'll be about. ^_^

Edward's POV

" Go along and pack your things, we'll be leaving to Forks soon." Bella told the Volturi gaurds.
" Yes master." they answered.
I was somewhat shock that they answered to Bella in a nice way. But then...
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Last one for today!

Bella's POV

Aro's eyes narrowed. " What do Ты mean by "Traditional Customs"?" he asked suspiciously.
" I sort of have a list." I said.
" Tell me." he said. I knew everyone was listening, so I had to please my family so they won't get the wrong idea on why I chose "Yes."
" One, if Ты are protecting people, no one in the Volturi should drink blood of humans.
Two, I'm moving locations, the Volturi will not be in Volterra. If I'm leader, the center will be in Seatle, Washington.
Three, if I'm joining, then no harsh punishments for those who are newborns and can't control themselves....
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Still making as many as I can.

Bella's POV

After I сказал(-а) I would be the leader, everyone including the pack, the rest of the Cullens, and the Volturi gaurds were surprised that I сказал(-а) yes. Edward seemed upset by the way he's talking in his mind.
How could Ты Bella? After all of the things we've been through AGAINST the Volturi, how could Ты say yes?

I just grinned as Aro took my hand. "It would be an honor, and to keep the Volturi безопасно, сейф and the rest of the world."
Then he turned to the rest of the gaurds.
" Don't bother looking for me. I'll be around again, someday."
Then Jane came out of...
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