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well here we go, it's not really anything but a small one shot, just because i was bored.
hope Ты like it anyway :)

Bella’s POV

I was staring through the window into the night, and it was raining. The fine water droplets
glistened in the frigid air, a sign of how cold it really was outside. The light from the house
spilled out into the night, bathing the surrounding forest. The foliage pressed together, giving
the impression of an impenetrable Стена of green, almost claustrophobic. It was beautiful, but
it wasn’t home.
I shook my head, trying desperately to rid my mind of these recurring thoughts....
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
Nessie comes back from the future and pretends to be Bella's sister. But she can't tell anyone that she is from the future, and that she is Bella's and Edward's daughter. But it will be hard because Edward can read her mind and find out who she is. Alice can't see her and might think that Nessie is a werewolf. And Nessie also looks like Bella and Edward and that might give the secret away. Jacob might see her and imprint on her. And she acts like a vampire.

"Taylor come on hurry up we are going to be late for school!" mom shouted while I was sneaking back into my window after a full night...
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this is one of mine ive all ready Опубликовано it on a nother place.

More Then One!

Bella pov.
I sat there in the moonlight half bored out of my mined. Edward was out hunting with Jasper, Esme and Carlisle , Alice was shopping online, Renesmee was out with Jacob, ( I still cant believe she is 16 in one year.) and who knows what Rosalie and Emmett are doing. So I sit hear looking at the stars. Ever since the Volturi had come almost a год a go Jacob stays at the house unless I though him out it makes him mad but he would not dare mess with me. Haha. Well were going to have to Переместить soon, but of course...
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Alright, it's already the 20th in some places around the world, so stories can be Опубликовано right now!

So... just post the Статьи on this spot, and judges will be comind soon for the judging.

Ok, for Ты guys information, the prizes:
3rd: 25 medals

2nd: 50 Медали and may make a story out of your idea

1st: Your story will be entered to a "one shot" contest on and see if Ты win an award and 100 Медали (and maybe even a picture of what patrisha727 ACTUALLY looks like in real life *seriously don't ask, many are asking what I actually look like*

Extra Creativity Award: Ты will get a sneak peak of a story I'm currently thinking about (and no, I can't tell Ты how Ты earn it)

So there Ты have it guys! POST YOUR STORIES NOW!
In the mood people.... gonna write. ^_^

Bella's POV

As we got out of the limo, we were greated by thousands of Фаны and cameras. We ran inside the arena and got ready in our dressing rooms. Marianna is the keyboard, Elizabeth does the drums, Gallia does the guitar, and Rebecca is my backround singer. As Ты would guess, I'm the main singer.

We got out onto the stage and spoke to the fans.
Ok, they are actually speaking Italian, but for translations issues, let's just stick with English.

"Hey everyone!" I yelled into the microphone.
Everyone screamed in excitement and happiness. I smiled.
"So for...
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posted by teamalice_0
Surpise! Thanks patrisha727for your wonderful stoires, heres somecomments from fans.

Patrisha (Carol:P) your stories are the best and so are you:) Ты are an important part of Fanpop and that's why we are making this and Ты and just_bella have a spot in your honour! I'm sending all my love, kisses and hugs to you:) Keep going....

Ты Rock. heehee and all your storys have been AWSOME! all smiles :)

Patrisha727 Ты are one of the best authors there are here in fanpop.Thanks for all these amazing stories, I honestly...
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Эй, Ты guys, once I told Ты guys before, I'm sorry for not Письмо as often as I used to. Because of school, and for the fact that I'm sick right now.... I'm not sure when it's the Далее time I'll be writing. But I know for sure I'm NOT going to stop Письмо permanently. But for those who really likes fanfictions, I'll be posting some stories on the Ссылки section of this spot.

For those who have been curious where I get ideas for stories, (Seriously, for those are brain-busted for the story contest should check these out for ideas) I get them from

*laughs* I problably told A LOT of Ты guys in chat about this too. Trust me, I'll be posting some of the stories I've been reading, (and gets hooked on them) here when I'm not actually writting. These should keep Ты REALLY busy, and I know that they are better than all of the stories I made COMBINED.

Have fun reading! I'll still be posting my stories too.
Have an awesome labor день weekend! ^_^
posted by patrisha727
Эй, Ты guys, it's finally Friday! So now here's the Далее chapter of the new story, Incarnate.

Edward's POV

Edward Alice. I didn't turn around. I just stared at the ground in the meadow with a blank expression.
You can't just stand here. It will cause too much pain.
I took a deep ragged breath. What can I do now? My life, meaning, Любовь is gone. She won't come back. I know that an Энджел like her would be in Heaven, where she belongs. But I still can't imagine a life without her, it hurts too much to think about it.

I will never crititize Romeo ever again. I need to be with her.
Then I heard a mongrel...
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WOW! It's been awhile since I have written Amore. Sorry! I always get side tracked, and school is interfering. So here's the Далее chapter :)

When I woke up, I didn't see myself inside the car anymore, we were back in Alice's and my dorm.
"I knew Ты would wake up." Alice сказал(-а) while a smile.
Once I cleared my mind up again, I recalled what just happened.
"So Jacob is really... a werewolf?" I nearly shreiked.
"Yes. He's a werewolf for awhile actually. He first phased when he was about 13 years old. Pretty young, I say."
I blinked.
"So wierd, I thought I was just Друзья with humans just a week ago,...
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I'm the freak, I got another idea for a story. But this time, I thought through the whole story line (unlike Switched, which is why I didn't write it for so long, sorry). Please Комментарий and please tell me if Ты like it. If Ты do, I'll continue it :)

I sat in the airplane seat, too anxious and worried.
"You need to calm down." Alice said. "The plane won't get any faster, Edward!"
I couldn't help it, the plane ride is getting me nervous. I drummed my fingers on the sides of the seats.
"I can't help but worry, Alice. I would rather jump out this plane and run to Forks instead."
"Well, a plane is...
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I'm getting the feeling that September 20 is too far away. It's not even September yet! Do Ты guys want to change the дата to be SOONER?

If Ты don't want to change the date, that's fine. But I just want to ask Ты guys if Ты DO want to change the date. Maybe..... September 12.

Are Ты guys ok with September 12? It still..... exactly 2 weeks until then for Ты guys to finish up, или start your stories.

Tell me what Ты think about the date. I suggest for it to be earlier because I may not have much time to be on here for so long. But if I have to, we can stick to September 20. Thanks.

School is such a drag. But I finally got time to write :) Just for a reminder, the story contest's entries are due in less than a месяц now! (Sept. 20)

Chapter 10: Legends

After speeding away from the La Push boundary line, I drove aimlessly for a few minutes, not knowing where to go. I didn’t feel like going home, as I would end up staring at the clock impatiently, and would certainly end up making everybody else anxious, particularly Jasper. I thought about waiting at Bella’s house, but quickly decided against it. I was already crazy with worry, and being surrounded by her scent wouldn’t...
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It just happens I have NO homework at all today so don't expect еще Статьи from me until Friday. ^_^

Singer? What did Alice mean by that? I can't sing at all! I once sang for the talent Показать when I was 7 but that was about it! Alice must had seen my expression so she explained.
"I meant as a your blood sings to him." Alice clarified.
I could understand it a bit better, but not much.
"So are Ты saying that Edward wants to drink my blood?" I winced at the last word.
"Honestly, all of us are tempted for your blood."
I automatically moved away from Alice.
She laughed.
"Don't worry, Bella. We've been...
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OK! WOW! This is the 200th Статья Опубликовано on this spot! AMAZING! What a perfect way to officially complete Bella's Life!

Bella's POV

It was two days after the wonderful wedding with Edward, and now I was officially his wife. Just the thought of it makes me giddy. I know, I have been with Alice too much. It was a normal Saturday, and it was just Alice, Anastasia, and me in the Cullen's. The rest were out hunting, and Leah is spending time in La Push.

"Bella!" Alice shouted.
"Did Ты remember the prank calls we did before?"
"Oh! The Victoria Secret prank call to Mike?"
"Exactly. I had a vision...
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*snif* This is the last chapter of Bella's Life. I know that most of Ты guys will hunt me down in Chicago area to convince me to write more. I feel like I'm loosing a child... (despite the fact I'm actually 12) Now I'm sobbing, jeez, I'm such a dork.

Bella's POV

We headed back to Forks, along with Renee, Charlie, and Anthony. Since then, Alice and Esme had been preparing with wedding. I sware that everytime Edward looks at Alice, he was grinning. That soooo can't be good......

Wedding Day: June 3

"Come on!!!!" Alice yelled across the room.
"The wedding isn't until a few hours Alice!"...
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Ok, I see that A LOT of Ты are asking Вопросы about the story contest. Here are the contestants so far:


More are welcome to still compete. Send me a message if Ты are joining.

OK here are the Вопросы A LOT of Ты are asking me.

What's the minamum and maximum words for Ты story?
minamum is 1,500 words, maximum is 4,000 words

How do Ты sudmit the story?
Post it on this spot, in the Статьи section, where I post my stories.

What is the дата the story has to be sudmited?
September 20, 2009

Can I publish...
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This chapter is inspired by Timbaland's song, Apologize. ^_^

Bella's POV

Charlie looks like he's about to faint. I honestly couldn't blame him. I sighed.
"Dad?" I asked, nervous.
All of us jumped at his sudden outburst.
"Why not dad? I Любовь Edward еще than my own being and I want to be with him for the rest of my life!" exhistence I edited in my mind.
Edward rubbed my arm, trying to calm me down.
I sighed and moved towards Charlie.
"Why not, dad?" I asked, in a soft tone.

"It's hard enough to think that Ты were dead, Bella. I don't know if I'm strong...
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The Письмо marathon continues! Let's see how many Статьи I'll put up today. ^_^

Chapter 8: Target

Alice dropped Bella at Главная in the morning, as I was still “camping” as far as her father knew. I had to wait at least an час или so before Показ up at her house, so Charlie would think I had just arrived home. It was hard for Bella to constantly lie to her father, even if it was for his own good. She hated lying to anyone about anything, and she was terrible at it when she tried. I was surprised Charlie believed as much as he did, but that was еще Alice’s doing than Bella’s.

I was anxious...
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Looks like Jacob is going to be in the story! Don't worry though, Jacob is going to be a minor character in this story, for those who don't want Jacob. Ok, sorry for the long wait, here is Amore!

I looked at the whole Cullen family wide-eyed. How did they find out about me so fast?
"How do Ты know?" I asked, suspicious.
"Alice told us." Jasper clarified.
I looked at Alice.
"You weren't here." I stated, confused.
Alice took a step вперед towards me.
"I was here, actually. I was hiding. I saw Ты looking on the computer last night, and looking through the yearbooks. I couldn't do anything else, you...
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posted by patrisha727
Like I сказал(-а) before, I'm going to post as many aritcles as I can this weekend. ^_^


Bella's POV

Location: Forks High School

Occupation: Guide

As Angela and I were working on our project, the receptionist, Judy, from our school office came into the room.
"Isaballa Swan?" Judy asked.
Angela and I turned around to look at her.
"Yes?" I asked.
"We need your help." she сказал(-а) politely.
I turned back to Angela.
"Can Ты work on this alone?" I asked.
"Don't worry, Bella. We are almost done. I can finish it, go ahead." Angela сказал(-а) kindly.
"Thanks." I whispered and walk towards Judy.

"So why do Ты need...
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