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posted by patrisha727
Yes, I know, my brain is going nuts...... I got another idea going in my head, and this will be my 5th story. Are Ты guys up to the task to read this story? I hope Ты are!!!! This story will be called "Switched".

Here's a little summary.....
Bella лебедь is a usual student in the small town of Forks. A new student comes along, and seemed to be hiding something huge. But Bella is also hiding something. But like forbidden love, they connect. Then on one April's Fool's Day, a mystical prank caused Edward and Bella to change bodies. While Carlisle tries to find the cure, Edward and Bella discovers...
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posted by patrisha727
Ok, one for today! Sorry Ты guys, I've been Чтение A LOT of fanfictions on so I'm sorta worn out. LOL. But luckily enough, I Опубликовано one. hehehehe....

I closed my eyes, involuntarily. Damn, why did I have to get caught!?!?
I turned around to see Edward's hard face slowly.
"Hi..." I said, a little nervous.
Angela just stared at Edward with a shocked expression.
"You need to leave." Edward simply said.
"What's going on in there? That girl should go to the hospital for her arm!" I argued.
"We will take care of that." Edward said.
"What was Jasper doing?" I asked.
Edward sighed.
"You need...
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 Anastasia's new bag
Anastasia's new bag
Got some new ideas.... hehehehe

Bella's POV

"Bella!" Alice yelled while moving me into a store with designer bags with Anastasia,Rosalie, and Leah. Who knew that airports carry bags over a thousand dollars?
"Yeah?" I asked.
"Wouldn't this bag look so good on you?" she сказал(-а) while Показ me a white Louis Vuitton purse. I closely saw the price tag. $102.
"Alice! I can't afford this!" I complained.
"Don't worry about that Bella, it's all on me." she grinned.
"Thanks, but no thanks." I сказал(-а) while trying to hold back a grimace, which failed miserably.

Alice turned to Anastasia.
"Since Bella is to stubborn..."...
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posted by patrisha727
Not the best title.... but I hope Ты enjoy the Статья anyways. I hope that most of the people who are hating the Meebo chat signed the petition made in the Форумы on this spot. If Ты didn't.... DO IT NOW!!!!!!! ^_^

Jasper? That name was so familiar. Isn't that one of Alice's brothers? I looked at Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, and Tyler. They all had startled and confused expression.
I stood up from my chair, since my Еда was finished.
"Do Ты want to check out what's going on?" I asked.
They nodded and we all went out of the cafeteria door. They were still confused.
"Where do we go?" Angela...
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Just got back from the mall, so I will write now. ^_^

Renesmee's POV

The drive to La Push was slow. I was a little nervious for what everyone will think. Did they know that Jacob will propose to me? Did my parents know? Maybe that was why my father was angry at Jacob before we left. I sighed. Jacob heard it.
"Is something wrong?" he asked with a small voice.
"What are Ты going to say to your dad about this?" I asked, with my voice shaking, from being nervous.
Jacob glanced at me, he was completely relaxed. I became a little frustrated.
"Chill, Nessie. I already told my dad and the pack about...
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I Любовь your guys enthusiasm! Thanks Ты guys! I never expected Ты would Любовь this story so much! Oh thanks to just_bella for helping me out with the simple facts of College since I have never been to one before LOL. ^_^

I still glanced at one of Alice's brother's eyes. THey were smothering and liquid gold. I had no idea what expression was on my face. I tried to feel it from Головоломка and it felt blank, with no expressions. Then suddenly Alice's brother's expression turned frustrated, though I could figure out why. After a couple минуты of unconfortable silence, Alice spoke.
"Um... Edward...
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posted by patrisha727
Last one for today! ^_^

I unpacked my things in about 20 minutes. There wasn't so many things to unpack in the first place. I only brought my clothes, some of my books, and toiletries. After I was done, I looked out of the window again, and saw the skyline of Juneau's sunset. It was beautiful up in the north. I missed Главная too. There was a computer Далее to my bed, so I decided to turn it on and see if Renee sent any emails. Alice was looking in her closet for some outfits to wear tommorrow. I ignored her.

The computer started up about 10 times faster than my actual computer. I smiled when I...
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posted by patrisha727
For certain comments, *winks* I thought who should be Bella's roommate. I hope Ты like the idea! ^_^

The dorm was larger than expected. My eyes were wide with shock. I'm not even sure this is a dorm! It could be as large as my living room back in Phoenix. There was one large white диван, мягкий уголок in the center of the room in front of me facing the wall. On the Стена was a flat screen TV. I check the number on the dorm. Room 34. Yeah, I'm in the right room. Is this the type of dorm that everyone has? On the left side on the room was one twin-sized постель, кровати and on the right, was another twin sized bed. Under...
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Change of plans I think I will put 2 еще Статьи up today. I don't know.... stay tuned! ^_^

Bella's POV

We went back to the hotel in less than a minutes. Apparently we didn't bring much, but Rosalie brought her make-up, hair-curlers, and her mirror, so that took a little bit. Carlisle already bought the tickets to go to Phoenix.
"Shall we head back to Phoenix?" Edward сказал(-а) while reaching for my hand. I took it without секунда thoughts. Then Edward eyed the engagement ring on my finger.
"I thought Ты were not into jewelry." Edward said.
I sighed.
"Soon enough others will have to know that I'm...
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Ok, I'm planning to write one еще Статья today. Hope Ты enjoy this! ^_^

In Alice's vision, I see Victoria in the forest right near Forks. Alice's face was completely blank, and I controlled my expression so Angela and Ben won't be wondering what's going on. We still have a secret to protect, the only exception was Bella.
"Alice? Alice!" Angela yelled while moving her hands back and forth in front of Alice's face. I stopped looking at the horror-strucked vision and pretended that it was not a big deal. I didn't need Bella to get worried. I won't let anything happen to her.

I made a casual...
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posted by patrisha727
I will write Evening звезда tommorrow! Promise! Oh and BTW: Thank Ты ashesandwine for finding the awesome new banner for this spot!!! ^_^

The guy stared at me with his golden eyes. I couldn't recognize, desire? I shuddered mentally. I glared at him back, he was Холодное сердце as a statue, and so was I. Then he broke away from the gaze and turned around. I frowned. What was that about? Did I have something in between my teeth? Is my outfit messy или something? I turned around to Angela.
"Is there something that makes me stand out?" I asked her.
"Uh, Ты pretty much stick into the crowd pretty well. The...
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 Renesmee's engagement ring
Renesmee's engagement ring
Hmmm... nothing to say really. Well, enjoy! ^_^

Renesmee's POV

I might as well faint. I didn't expect something like this to happen. But Jake was waiting for my answer him. Could I say no without hurtung his feelings? или can I say yes, knowing the consequences since I'm only 16? Weighting the choices. my garantee my father will be furious, but I Любовь Jake so much, and I want to spend the rest of eternity with him. Without making any better judgements. I smiled sincerely at him and siad the one qord that will make both of our worlds change, not sure for the better или for the worse.

"Yes." I...
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posted by patrisha727
Ok, I might put еще Статьи up today. Stay tuned! ^_^

"Oh. My. God." Angela and I said, perfectly syncronized.
After a few mintes of silence, Angela and I bursted out laughing.
"This is NOT funny!" Lauren yelled.
That Комментарий made us laugh even harder.
"I NEED a picture of this." Angela said, getting her messenger bag,
"Don't. You. Dare." Lauren growled.
Angela took her small camera and made a quick picture of Lauren's horror-strucked and embarrassed face.
"GIVE ME THAT CAMERA!" Lauren yelled.

Before any of us could reply, a flight attendance came towards us.
"Excuse me? Miss? Ты need to be more...
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I'll see how many Статьи I'll put up today. Enjoy! ^_^

Bella's POV

Everyone smiled at Anastasia.
"You quited the Volturi?" Alice asked.
"Yes." she said.
"But Ты went to them when we asked Ты to make a choice." Alice asked confused.
Anastasia took a deep breath.
"I know. I know that I have made the wrong choice in the past, and I'm sorry about that. But when I saw the Volturi were about to kill Ты guys, I realized that my choice was wrong. I turned my back on the Volturi and tried to help Ты guys. I realized that I should be with my family." Анастасия admitted.
I smiled.
"You are already a...
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Thanks the suggestion of Emmett4ever and I_Love_Cullen, we'll make this story the genre of romance/comedy. Do Ты like that? I hope so! ^_^

I stared at Angela and back to Lauren.
"What's the history between Ты two?" I asked them.
"Well, Angela is known as the geek of the school." Lauren explained.
"Well, Lauren is known as the brat and the person who uses way too much makeup." Angela glowered.
They glowered at each other for a few еще минуты and I groaned.
"If Ты guys want to fight, fight once we land. There are too many witnesses around!" I whispered urgently.

But then Lauren sprayed something...
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*Chanting to myself "keep on writing" over and over again.* Ok, here's the Далее chapter of Evening Star! ^_^

As usual, at night, I sticked by Bella's side, watching her sleep in peace. It made me smile when she сказал(-а) my name over and over again. Sometimes she make full sentences saying, "I Любовь you, Edward."
I kissed her forehead, and said, "I never get tired of Ты saying saying that, I will always Любовь Ты too."
As if she could hear me, she smiled slightly and drifted into deeper sleep.
I rubbed her arm, letting her know that I will never leave her out of my sight again.


It was already...
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I might put up another Статья today, but I can't promise. ^_^

Renesmee's POV

I was surprised by how fast this car can drive. It was blowing my hair behind me. I smiled. I couldn't wait until I get my lincence. It would be a great exprience.
"Happy birthday, Nessie." Jacob said, while driving and he kissed me. I wished the Kiss could be longer, but Jacob was drving. I sighed, but smiled to hide what I felt.

But in the middle of the forest, Jacob stopped driving. I looked at him in surprise. In front of us was a hiking trail.
"We are going hiking?" I asked.
"We are, but it's not much, there's...
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posted by patrisha727
Still not sure how many Статьи I'll put up today. But let's hope that my Письмо marathon will keep on going! ^_^

I looked around, for my seat, K13. Angela already found her seat.
"I'll meet Ты once we are out of the plane." Angela told me.
I smiled. "Sure thing."
I took my seat, and settled. I got the window seat. I took out the book, Wuthering Heights and began reading. So far, no one took the сиденье, место, сиденья Далее to me. I'm praying that I'll have this row to myself. I wasn't the talkative type, and I like to have privacy. But then I groaned quietly when a girl took a сиденье, место, сиденья nect to me. She was about...
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posted by patrisha727
Combining MAJOR writer's block and 6 hours of swimming, I'm sorry that I didn't write yesterday. I'm not so sure how many aritcles I will put up today. Let see ^_^

Bella's POV

I thought I was dead, for sure, I heard voices, voices of my family and Tom. Is this heaven, или is this hell? Surprisingly, it didn't feel as much different as if I was living. I got my sight back, and now we were all outside. I was confused at the scenery at first, but then I saw Анастасия and the rest of the Volturi arguing. Edward, Tom, and the rest of the Cullens were still knocked out. I put my shield up, and everyone's...
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Last Статья for today! ^_^

Bella's POV

I was surprised that Анастасия stayed with the Volturi. I was also upset. What did the Volturi have that we didn't? My are narrowed, feeling betrayed. So that was why Edward was Актёрское искусство so wierd before. I couldn't blame him.

"So, this is the end for this human?" Aro asked to no one intentionally. He sighed.
Then I saw Jane glaring at Tom.
Tom made a loud scream. I flinched and made the shield so it wouldn't affect him. Though, I knew it would last long.
"Anastasia." Jane commanded.
Anastasia stared at me for a long minute, with an agonized expression. But...
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