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Here's the story of one of the еще interesting Ibanez guitars from the '70's, as told by Jeff Hasselberger himself.
"The Kiss boys were always good for a challenge или two. Rather than get wrapped up in the minutiae of fret crown shapes and potentiometer tapers, Paul Stanley knew what the important issues were - like should the pickguard be chrome plated или polished stainless.
"Paul's legendary Mirror Ball Iceman is a perfect example of how to push the envelope of гитара technology. It started with a phone call from Paul about his idea to have a гитара that resembled a shattered mirror. His exact...
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posted by larastarchild
“I always say I’ve learned that girls are God’s revenge,” he jokes to PEOPLE. “It’s payback for my past.”

Born on Aug. 9, Emily joins big siblings Sarah Brianna, 2½, and Colin Michael, 4½ – Stanley’s two children with wife Erin, an attorney – and 17-year-old Evan Shane, the rocker’s son from a Назад relationship.

“Honestly, it’s just the greatest gift,” he says of adding another little girl to the family.

“There’s a relationship and a bond between dads and daughters that only a dad can understand. It’s very unique. To have my last two children be girls is...
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Live To Win:

(Paul Stanley/Desmond Child/Andreas Carlsson)

Frustrated, degraded, down before you're done
Rejection, depression, can't get what Ты want
You ask me how I make my way
You ask me everywhere and why
You hang on every word I say
But the truth sounds like a lie
Live to win, 'till Ты die, 'till the light dies in your eyes
Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till Ты fall
Obsessive, compulsive, suffocate your mind
Confusion, delusions, kill your dreams in time
You ask me how I took the pain
Crawled up from my lowest low
Step by step and день by day
'Till there's one last breath to go
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