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Starlight1o1 posted on Jan 19, 2011 at 03:52AM
This is now officially an AU story due to the fact that the Son of Neptune had been released.

Title: Son of Neptune
Rating: C (I think it's YC but I'm putting C just in case)
Percy Jackson, Reyna, Hazel, Gwendolyn, Dakota, Bobby, Lupa, Circle,
Alexandria Rose, Marina, Mike Harrison, Kyle Harrison, Violet Beauregard, Hope (From Pandora's Box), Peace, Chaos,
Synopsis: Percy Jackson returns after defeating the titan Kronos. Hera has stolen all of his memories and left him in a somewhat brutal Roman camp. As Percy's strength is tested can he even begin to hope for acceptance in this place? As Percy begins to unravel the truth behind the Roman Camp's secrets the clock is running out. Lost in a world of ancient schemes Percy discovers a ploy that goes back to the creation of the universe. Lost and alone will Percy be able to accept the secrets he has uncovered and fight for the Romans as well as the Greeks?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Percy Jackson characters. They all belong to Rick Riordon and all credit goes to him.
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