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Starlight1o1 posted on Jan 19, 2011 at 03:52AM
This is now officially an AU story due to the fact that the Son of Neptune had been released.

Title: Son of Neptune
Rating: C (I think it's YC but I'm putting C just in case)
Percy Jackson, Reyna, Hazel, Gwendolyn, Dakota, Bobby, Lupa, Circle,
Alexandria Rose, Marina, Mike Harrison, Kyle Harrison, Violet Beauregard, Hope (From Pandora's Box), Peace, Chaos,
Synopsis: Percy Jackson returns after defeating the titan Kronos. Hera has stolen all of his memories and left him in a somewhat brutal Roman camp. As Percy's strength is tested can he even begin to hope for acceptance in this place? As Percy begins to unravel the truth behind the Roman Camp's secrets the clock is running out. Lost in a world of ancient schemes Percy discovers a ploy that goes back to the creation of the universe. Lost and alone will Percy be able to accept the secrets he has uncovered and fight for the Romans as well as the Greeks?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Percy Jackson characters. They all belong to Rick Riordon and all credit goes to him.
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Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
My Past Catches Up To Me

“Please don’t make me do this.” She whispered in a broken voice.
“You made the deal with us and you have to honour it!” The first fate, Fate nearly shouted. Fate was the fate that dealt with the inevitable. She was rarely ever seen without her cute little leather jacket and ankle boots that complimented her haunting brown eyes and chic brown hair.
“I…I can’t go back there after everything that has happened. I just make things worse for everybody.”
“How can you say that? We wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t need your help.” Fate questioned with a note of desperation.
Fortune the second fate stared off into space searching the future for something to get this reluctant girl to honour their bargain. Fortune was the one that searched for all the possible outcomes of the future and you couldn’t help but do what ever she said. It didn’t help matters that Fortune was the picture of innocence with her golden hair swept up into perfectly made pigtails and cornflower blue eyes.
“It is written that you will go.” Fortune murmured her eyes still unseeing.
“You only see what could possibly happen not the final outcome.” The girl pointed out.
“But you forget that Fate can see the final outcome and she is the one who asked you to help.” Destiny the third fate countered.
Destiny was elegance in its purest form with her shiny black hair and swirling silver eyes. Those eyes were not only beautiful but wise because Destiny was the fate that made sure people made the right choices in life. She was never seen with out a breathtaking evening gown or stylish heels that again made people think of grace whenever in her presence. The girl shook her head and stared at the ceiling with such sad eyes.
“I can’t.” she simply said.
“Why not?” Fate demanded with her hands on her hips.
The girl trained her heartbreaking eyes on Fate and sighed.
“You know that Calypso once said: “The fates are cruel.” Sometimes I agree with her even though I know you three are fair. Every once in a while I just can’t help but feel that way.”
“You know we don’t ask unless we mean it and I know your reasons for choosing this path. Let me ask you one thing first. Would the end of the world be worth your moping?” Destiny tried to talk some sense into the girl.
It was just too bad that she was so lost in her devastation. The only reaction that occurred was not a positive one which probably meant that Destiny’s words struck a nerve.
“I am certainly not moping. You would never understand how I feel. To stand right in the middle of everything, to get to know all those people but never being able to do anything. Those that died, their death is on my hands just because I am forbidden to interfere.” The girl managed to get out the first part through gritted teeth.
“You can’t say that. I know how you feel. To be hidden away, to watch but not do. To love people and watch them die right before your very eyes. It hurts me very deeply and I know that for you it is much worse.” A voice spoke.
A silhouette stepped out of the shadows.
“Hope.” Fate, Fortune, and Destiny breathed.
Fate recovered her wits the fastest.
“What do you think you’re doing here Hope? You have to stay safe and out of danger.”
“See what I mean.” Hope the fourth fate stated almost smugly but not without sorrow
“Fate is right Hope you shouldn't be here, not now.” The girl warned.
“But I’m the only one who can convince you to help out.” Hope said.
The girl studied Hope’s face for a second and sighed.
“You say you know better than these three. You say that you know how I feel and I realize that but saying so do you think I am ready to go back and face that pain all over again.” The girl clenched her hands into fists and stared Hope down.
“You are stronger than I, than all of us. I don’t just believe I know that you can survive this no matter how taxing this is and how emotionally drained you may feel afterward.” Hope said with full confidence.
“Then there is only one choice to be made.”
The girl hesitated and then looked the four in the eyes.
“I trust Hope’s judgement. Hope you are one of the only people that I know I can rely on but saying that there is one thing I need to know. What happens to me afterward?”
Fortune was the one who answered.
“Oh this will only be one of the hardest journey’s that you have ever been through but everything should turn out fine if you do what your supposed to do. Oh and did I forget to mention that you might possibly betray the good guys.” Fortune chirped.
“Is she being sarcastic?” The girl asked.
Hope rolled her eyes.
“Fortune you shouldn’t do that to her.” Fate chastised.
“I’m sorry but I couldn't pass up a golden opportunity.” Fortune shrugged.
The room suddenly turned serious. Hope turned to face the girl.
“Are you sure?” Hope whispered.
The girl with her chin up high said her next words with absolute confidence, a drastic change to her earlier attitude.
“I know my duty.”
Hope hesitated before saying.
“If that is the case then goodbye my old friend. The weight of the world now rests on your shoulders.”
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Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Chapter 1
I Lose My Mind

You would think that losing your mind would be a pretty hard thing to do but noooo. Of course I have to be the one person that this happens too. I racked my brain for any piece of information but nothing came up. I sighed and stood up. You want to know the truth? Well the scary thing is that I don’t know who I am much less why I’m suddenly standing in a forest. I may be going out on a wild limb here but I don’t think I live in a forest, especially a forest full of spiky pine needles. The crunch of feet on leaves put me on auto alert. My hand went right into my pockets and curled around…a pen? What am I supposed to do with a pen; write on someone to death? The thing was that as soon as I thought that my brain told me that the pen was important even though I didn't have any clue why. The sound of crunching leaves was louder and a figure appeared from behind a tree. It was a girl and an absolute stranger. Her waist length, pin straight, and apparently white blond hair didn’t ring a bell but there was something strange about her eyes like I’ve seen them somewhere before but just can’t figure out where. You know that feeling you get when something’s just on the tip of your tongue but no matter how hard you try you can’t remember. Well that’s how my whole life feels right about now. This girl’s eyes made me especially feel this way. Even without my memory I could tell they weren't an ordinary colour. Actually her eyes weren’t even one color. They were about a billion that managed to stand out yet blend together at the same time. Now that I think about it, they reminded me of a rainbow. See that’s the weird thing about me not knowing who the heck I am. I can make sarcastic comments all I want but I can’t even figure out my own age. How pathetic is that? Then the girl spoke.
“Percy we have to get to the wolf house soon. Come on pack up your stuff so we can go.”
Percy. Somehow I knew that was my name but not really my name, more like a nickname. I hesitated. This girl obviously knew who I was but I had no clue about who she was. The weird thing was that my gut told me to trust her. Don’t get me wrong you shouldn’t trust random strangers on the street but there was something about this girl that made me want to trust her. I didn't know why but something also felt off. I don’t know how to explain it, it was just that…oh never mind.
“Who are you?” I asked hesitantly.
I regretted it immediately. The girl’s eyes turned all watery like she was about to cry. One thing I just found out about myself if that I have absolutely no clue what to do when girls cry. Absolutely nothing, zilch, zip, zero. I think I’ve made my point.
“You don’t remember me.” She said it like a statement instead of a question.
I shook my head. The girl took a deep breath and gave me a sad smile.
“Well it looks like we’re just going to have to get to know each other all over again.”


“So let me get this straight. I’m a Half-blood., half god half human and we need to get to this wolf house because it’s the only safe place for people like us.”
The girl (whose name I found out was Alexandria but for some reason I kept calling her Rose by accident.) nodded.
“This is so freaky.” I said.
“But it feels right doesn’t it?” Ro-I mean Alexandria questioned.
“Yeah, I don’t know why but it feels right.”
Deciding to strike up a conversation with this girl I tried out a few questions I had floating around in my mind.
“So who are you exactly?” I asked.
Rose froze. I mean Alexandria froze. Gods I have to stop calling her Rose.
“That’s a question I’ll answer at another time.” She said stiffly.
“Why not now?” I pushed.
“You are not ready to know yet.” She simply said.
I decided to move on to another subject.
“Was there anyone else with us?” I asked.
She hesitated.
I threw up my hands.
“Look for some reason I know you mean well but how can I trust you if you won’t even answer some simple questions.” I said exasperated.
Rose, I mean Alexandria stopped walking and turned to face me.
“That’s the thing Percy; you aren’t asking me simple questions. The questions you have chosen to ask me are so much harder to answer than you think.”
I sighed.
“Okay, okay I just want to know who I am.”
She gave me a pitying look. I clenched my fists. I didn’t want to be pitied just because I didn’t know anything anymore. Rose (I gave up and decided to just call her that.) continued walking and I had no choice but to follow her.
“Hey, is there anything you can tell me?” I called out from behind.
She may not look it but Rose can walk fast. Rose looked over her shoulder and said mysteriously.
“There are some things.”
I fought the urge to groan. When would I get some straight answers? Rose smiled at my frustration.
“August 18th.”
“August 18th, that’s your birthday.” Rose repeated.
I joined in her game.
“Do I have a favourite colour?”
She pretended to think about that for a while.
“Now that I think about it your favourite colour is actually blue.”
“Hmm blue, would that have anything to do with the sky?”
“Nope nothing. In fact you should stay away from the sky.” Rose smiled.
“Looks like I struck out. How about the Ocean?”
“I’d say that’s a very, very good guess.”
“Do I visit the Ocean often?” I asked.
“Whenever you get the chance.” She replied.
“How much farther to the wolf house?” I asked her seriously.
“Not much farther. Actually we’re really close but there is one thing you should know you before you get there. Show no fear around Lupa or else you will get eaten alive.” Rose warned.
I gulped.
“That sounds um nice.” I said weakly.
I heard a rustle coming from the trees. It could have easy been an animal or something but my gut told me it was danger.
“Get down!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.
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Больше года PJhero02 said…
big smile
amazing!!!! great job so far!!! keep writing!!! i luv it!!

hhee i am the first to comment on this!
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Finally someone replies! I was wondering if people liked my fanfic or not. Because you were the first person to tell me what you thought about my fanfic I will award you with a virtual sandollar that I am sorry to say that one of Herme's sons *cough* Travis and Conner Stroll *cough* stole from Percy. But antway I am really grateful because you told me how I was doing.
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Больше года Calypso_ said…
COOL!! awesome writing! great start! post soon!!!! I love it and I'm dying to know who this person is, I'm not sure if I should already know or not but either way I'm DYING TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Thank you! I would post soon but I have decided my posting day is Sunday so you'll have to wait a little longer. Just so you know I am only 2 chapters ahead of my previous one. Letting me know what you think of my writing is great and if you think of any ways that I can improve or if you have a request then please tell me!

P.S. You will find out who the person's name is in the next chapter but you might not find out who she really is until later on. This character is one I made up based on a Greek Myth so if you know her than you must be the oracle.
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Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
I want to start off by saying that I will post once a week on sundays. I also really appreciate it when people give me constructive critisim because it is really helpful to me. I also made this chapter longer because I know how people like longer chapters.

Chapter 2
Revenge of the Cleaning Harpies

A swarm of Harpies flew over our heads and instantly surrounded us. I was guessing we were in a whole lot of trouble. I turned to look at Rose to see that she had a sword in her hands and a determined look on her face.
“When will you ever learn?” She said with a hardened look on her face.
I had no idea what she was talking about but hey you can’t exactly question someone trying to save you from killer harpies.
“You are a nuisance girl and for that you will die.” One of the harpies snarled and then it lunged at Rose.
Rose moved so fast that she was practically a blur and I didn’t even have a chance to do anything. Every second that passed more and more harpies vanished from sight. I still had that feeling that I just had to do something, anything to help. My hand instinctually found its way into my pocket and I wrapped it around what felt like a pen. I stared at the pen and that nagging feeling in the back of my mind said this pen was more than just an ordinary disposable ballpoint. It was something more, something important to me. I was just about to pull off the cap for some weird reason just as a voice interrupted me.
“Percy, don’t uncap that pen. Not yet, please just trust me.” Rose called out in a desperate tone.
I wanted to help and I somehow knew that this pen would let me help. I hesitated. I didn’t know who I was. The only fact that I could rely on was that this girl was the only person I could trust right now.
“Darling I wouldn’t distract yourself with trivial matters.” One of the few remaining Harpies screeched in a not so sympathetic tone.
“I would watch out for myself if I were you.” Rose shouted just as her sword sliced through the Harpy like butter.
The only think left of the Harpies was a pile of dust quickly being blown away by the wind.
“So was there a reason why I wasn't supposed to uncap the pen?” I asked casually with my hands stuffed in my pockets.
Rose rolled her eyes just as three girls burst out of the forest with matching purple shirts. I knew there was writing on the shirts but it took me a while to figure out what it said. In bold black letters were the words Camp Jupiter.
“You handled those cleaning harpies pretty well for an amateur.” The girl who seemed to be the leader of the trio said.
I know her. I think. Where have I seen her before? Why did she look so familiar. Then a voice broke my train of thought. “Impossible.” Rose whispered.


“Impossible.” I whispered.
This could not be happening. Right before me stood the mirror image of Annabeth Chase but it couldn’t possibly be her. Could it? I studied the girl. No. I realized she couldn't be Annabeth. There was an important thing she was missing. There were no grey streaks in this girl’s hair.
“You handled those cleaning harpies pretty well for an amateur.” admitted the girl who looked like Annabeth.
I took note of their shirts. These girls were from the Roman camp.
“Who are you?” I heard Percy’s voice call out suddenly.
I winced. With Romans you can’t exactly call out casually like that but then again demigods do have ADHD so I couldn't really blame him.
“Aren’t we supposed to be asking you that? After all you are on our territory which should be impossible to access accidentally.” retorted one of the other girls.
Her voice sounded almost musical. She had really fair blonde hair and her eyes were as blue as the summer sky. Her skin was perfectly tanned. She had to be a daughter of Apollo I decided. It dawned on me that my sword was still out and Percy was still clutching his pen. My sword shrunk and reattached itself to my charm bracelet. I guess Percy got the idea since he stuffed his pen back into his pocket.
We are not here to harm you, just so you know.” I said.
Another girl answered me by saying “Well you better give us a good reason before we’re forced to hand you over to Lupa.”
So that means that they definitely are from the Roman camp not that the t-shirts weren’t a huge giveaway but still.
“Hazel you are such idiot sometimes! We don’t even know who they are yet and you already mention Lupa!” the daughter of Apollo exclaimed.
“Gwendolyn look what’s done is done what we need to figure out is who they are.” the girl that looked like Annabeth said exasperated like this happened often.
“They realize we can hear them right?” Percy whispered to me.
I stifled a laugh. I realized that it has been such a long time since I have actually laughed. Switching gears I addressed the girl that looked like Annabeth.
“If you’re wondering my name is Alexandria Rose and this is Percy Jackson. I would like to request a meeting with Lupa.” I tried to say as respectfully as possible.
Romans tended to like being in charge of the situation.
“What makes you think that we’re going to take you to see Lupa?” Hazel said.
“HAZEL!!!” Gwendolyn and the girl that looked like Annabeth exclaimed.
“What did I do this time Reyna?” Hazel pouted.
Percy and I glanced at each other and tried to hold back giggles. Whoever these girls were they were certainly a riot. I was guessing that Hazel was probably a daughter of Aphrodite and if her attitude didn’t convince you than maybe her physical features would. She had shoulder length hair the colour of auburn with natural hazel highlights. Her huge eyes were hazel colored just like her natural highlights. Her lips were even redder than her hair if that was even possible. It just registered in my mind that the girl who looked like Annabeth was called Reyna. Now I could stop calling her the girl that looks like Annabeth.
“We will make a deal with you.” Reyna said.
Not another deal I thought as I groaned internally. I had enough deals to last me a lifetime, or several once you thing about it. Reyna pointed at Percy.
“That boy over there has to defeat me in a sword fight. If he wins, which he won’t then you will get to met Lupa. Oh and don’t worry. I won’t beat him up too much.” Reyna proposed.
I thought about that for a second. Reyna obviously thought that Percy wasn't a threat but boy was she wrong. My mind was instantly made up.
“You have got yourself a deal” I called out.
“What!” Percy exclaimed after he heard me.
”Shush, I’m thinking.” I muttered to Percy.
Rude but effective. Even though Percy has lost his memories his body still knows how to fight and he should still have his battle instincts.
“I don’t know how to fight so what am I going to do?” Percy whispered to me.
“You’re a demigod. You know how to fight. It should come naturally, especially to you.”
Percy’s brow creased in confusion.
“Why me especially?” he asked.
“You are more powerful than most demigods. That’s all I can tell you for now.” I whispered back.
“Are you going to talk all day or are you going to get ready to fight?” Hazel taunted.
“Ignore her Percy. Do you remember when I told you not to uncap your pen?”
He looked like he was thinking back to when I said it.
“Yeah I remember but what good is a pen going to do me?” Percy asked.
As soon as he said that his face started to change as if he was trying to remember something. He was going to find out very soon how much a pen could help him.
“When she is about to attack you uncap it and you will understand.” I replied.
“Gee thanks that will help me a lot.” Percy said.
I started to speak. “Your welcome Per- you were being sarcastic weren’t you?” I realized at the last second.
“Yeah, pretty much.” He admitted.
We both started laughing at my mistake. I broke off mid-laugh. I couldn’t do this. It was too easy to slip back into my old ways, much too easy. I knew in my head that I couldn’t, that things would have to be different this time. I could feel my face harden a bit but I tried not to let the change in my attitude show.
“Well it looks like Reyna wants to fight you now so you better get your pen out.”
I felt tempted to call him Seaweed Brain but that was Annabeth’s nickname and it didn’t seem right to call him that when she wasn't here. I glanced at Percy and his face seemed a bit worried.
“Hey Percy...”
“Don’t worry so much because you are going to win.”
“And how exactly would you know that unless you can see into the future.”
He obviously thought that was a joke but to me it was a far cry from one.
“I don’t need to see the future to know that you will win.” I said instead.
“Do you really believe in me that much.” He asked.
“Yeah I do.”
He flashed a grin at me.
“Then I better try my hardest to win.”
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Больше года Calypso_ said…
AWESOME!!!!! I now have an idea of who it might be but I'm probably wrong... and here's something you could try, you started doing it there at the end but not in the beginning and my suggestion is that when the dialogue switchs you should start a new line this way it makes it easier on the reader and you can use proper writing format. Anyway I love new persons point of view and the way you are sooooo descriptive you're an amazing writer and I can't wait till next Sunday!

with sincerity
Больше года PJhero02 said…
that was awesome!!! can't wait for the fight..they are my fav parts!!!!
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Sorry I wasn't able to reply. I had a lot of school work to do. Thank you fo the comments. First of all thanks Calypso_ for your advice on switching dialogue (Even though I don't really under stand it but it's not your fault I didn't understand it because I am a visual learner and probaly the only way for me to understand is if you showed me how)Second PJhero02 because of waht you worte about likikng fight scenes I decided to make it a bit longer because even when I was writing it, it seemed like it needed to be longer and you just helped me decided weather to add on to it or not. Thank you (both of you!)

P.S. If anyone has an idea of a name for a Roman camper that is the daughter of mars and is the roman version of clarisse than please tell me because I am in the midst of a writers block because of this.
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Больше года pjfan1 said…
big smile
Wow that story is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Thanks so much for your comment pjfan1. It means a lot to me when people tell me what they think of my writing.
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Больше года Calypso_ said…
Well then here's an example~

"hey PJhero guess what!" Calypso screamed from across the room.
"what Calypso?!" PJHhero replied irritably.
"IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!" Calypso answered enthusastically
"no one could have guessed that" PJhero mumbled sarcasticly while turning to watch the snow trial down from the sky only to accumalate on the ground creating a sparkling white blanket of powder snow engulfing everything in sight.

If you still don't get it just tell me and I'll explain better:) and it's Sunday so when are you going to post (I'm very impatient and I can't wait!)

With impatientness
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Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
thank you sooo much Calypso_ I thought you were talking about something else but now I get it. I am going to post the new chapter soon and If I don't within 10 minutes of this post that it is because my sister will be making me brush and floss my tee- too late she already found me so never mind. I am just going to check over my writing for any mistakes and last minute editing. I also have to change the speaking format. Oh well.
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Finally I have the new chapter up so I hope nobody will be too mad for having to wait so long. this chapter is also a bit long but not as long as the third one. Also I need a name for a mean mars girl for chapter six so if you have any suggestions tell me beause if I can't figure out a name I won't be able to post :(

Chapter 3
We Meet the Big Bad Wolf

Well I’m just going to go right ahead and assume that getting run through with a sword isn’t high on my list of ways to die. Reyna wasn’t exactly scary but you could tell there was something powerful about her. I could already see her stormy grey eyes analyzing the best way to defeat me and I could just imagine the battle strategies she was planning to defeat me.
“Hey Reyna are you going to use your knife or sword?” I overheard Gwendolyn ask Reyna.
“Jason gave me this knife. He would want me to use it in battle.” her voice broke and I saw her eyes tearing up but she quickly wiped away her stray tears before I could see.
“Hey it’s gonna be okay Rey. Hang on in there and just keep believing. And what do you know maybe winning this fight could help you exercise your fighting skills.” Hazel said reassuringly.
I studied Hazel. She really is more than she seems to be. I shook my head. I shouldn’t think about these things right now. Time for the fight and I guess I’ll be as ready as I’ll ever be.
Reyna handed Gwendolyn her sword.
“Hey Gwen can you please give my sword to him or else it wouldn’t be much of a fight.” Reyna said.
Rose shook her head.
“Don’t give up your sword to another warrior who already possesses means to protect themselves.”
I wanted to turn around and tell Rose I did need it but I couldn’t risk it. Reyna gave her a confused look then started to charge. What Rose told me earlier cam flying back into my brain. I pulled out my pen and uncapped it. The pen elongated into a 3 feet long sword made out of some type of bronze metal.
I didn’t have much time to be surprised because that was when my battle instincts decided to take over. I could see the startled expression on Reyna’s face. She tried to recover but it was too late because I had found the perfect opening. Reyna tried to block me with her knife but she was a second too late and I slashed her side. She was bleeding and one hand was clutched to her side. Reyna stared at me in disbelief. I took a swing at her but she quickly dodged. I soon realized that in the beginning she was just toying with me. Reyna probably thought I was an easy untrained opponent that she could easily defeat. Well I’m just going to have to prove her wrong. Reyna began thrusting her knife and trying to hit vulnerable spots. She was so fast I wasn’t able to deflect all of her attacks. We parried back and forth for a while. She decided to make a move and feinted a stab but I blocked her. Even weak she was strong but she was losing. Her face looked confused like she couldn’t figure out something. I made the mistake of watching her confused face for any signs of attack. Her face held its expression and that was exactly why I wasn’t prepared for her attack. She lunged aiming for me but at the last second she pivoted. I raised my sword up to defend myself but this was another feint. Her true target was my side. I guess I deserved that.
“Well it looks like we’re even now.” Reyna said while smirking with her triumph
She stared my side and her eyes immediately widened with surprise. I took advantage of that. In the next second her knife clanged against the ground while my sword was at her neck.
“I win, Yield.” I whispered in her ear.
She glared at me with eyes of hatred for defeating her but she yielded anyway. I swear if looks could kill I’d be roasting over an open fire by now. I noticed that Gwendolyn and Hazel were staring at me their eyes widened and mouths open so wide I could practically fit a giant blue cookie into their mouths. I barely take them in anymore because all of a sudden I was feeling very strange. Maybe it was just the rush of winning. I knew that wasn’t it but I tried to convince myself anyway.
“Well a deal is a deal and we Romans keep our word, so I guess we have to take you to see Lupa.” Reyna grumbled with a scowl on her face.
I did it! I won! I wanted to jump up in the air and yell but the victory was short lived because I felt dizzy for some reason like I should remember something important but couldn’t. I almost fell down but luckily a pair of hands steadied me.
“I told you that you would win.” Rose boasted.
“Actually you were trying to convince me that you could see into the future.” I replied.
A sad look came reached her face but it lasted for only a second. It was probably just my imagination. I mean just a second ago I was feeling dizzy.
“Hey come on we better be nice to them or else they might just change their minds.” she urged.
“Are you coming or not?” Reyna quipped.
I had no choice but to trudge after her. Reyna, Gwendolyn, and Hazel struck up a conversation but I didn’t join in.
“Where are they taking us?” I asked Rose.
“To the Wolf House.” She bluntly replied.
“The mysterious Wolf House again. I mean what is with that place.”
“You’ll understand in due time.”
“You realize that you sound like one of those people warning to beware of the future and blah, blah, blah.” I pointed out.
Rose rolled her eyes and lightly punched my shoulder. I grinned.
“So how long have we been friends?” I asked.
“You know I’ve never thought I’d have to ask that question.” I added.
“Since you were twelve.”
I stopped in my tracks and was sure there was a surprised look on my face.
“What’s the matter?” Rose turned back and asked.
I recovered my wits and shook my head
“Nothing, that’s just a long time I guess. How old am I now? Another question I bet I would never ask before I lost my memories.”
“A little over sixteen.”
“So we’ve known each other for about four years.”
“More or less, but that just means that I have a ton of dirt on you.” She teased.
I stuffed my hands in my pocket. There was so much about myself that I didn’t know. My past was a total mystery to me and the only person that I knew, knew about it was teasing me. She must have seen my face because her next words were reassuring.
“Hey are you okay?”
“Yeah, this whole thing is just a lot for me to take in right now.” I admitted.
“I understand how you feel but things will become better eventually.”
“How could you.” I snapped.
I saw her horrified glance and quickly apologized.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I’m just very confused right now. I need time to sort my thought out you know?” I explained hopeful that she would forgive me for my outburst.
I never did get to hear her reply because Gwendolyn’s voice interrupted our quiet conversation.
“Were do you think Lupa is right now.” Gwendolyn asked.
“How should we know.” replied Hazel.
“Do not go looking for what does not wish to be found, unless of course it is a monster or another creature of sorts.” I a wise voice rang out. Reyna, Gwendolyn, and even Hazel knelt and bowed down. I swivelled around and in front of me was a giant she wolf several feet taller than me. Her eyes glowed silver and her coat was a warm chocolaty red. She turned her face toward Reyna and nodded. The three got up.
“Lady Lupa I had no choice but to bring them here. I regret to inform you that I lost a bet against them.” Reyna said.
“There is no need to explain child I saw everything. You have grown softer since your loss but that is not an excuse to grow weak. From this point on you must train more intensely. You run the risk of no longer remaining a pup and becoming dinner.” She didn’t exactly speak, but I could understand her.
I didn’t know how to explain it but I just understood her from the movements of her ears and whiskers plus a bunch of other things. Not to mention the fact that she was really tough on Reyna and just because she lost a fight against me.
“Now what new pups have you brought me to test?” Lupa asked.
Lupa turned to inspect me and stared with hard eyes. She began to circle me occasionally sniffing me. I don’t want to lie so let me tell you right now that you do not want to experience this partly because it’s really awkward but mostly because it was very scary. Lupa seemed satisfied because she started speaking again.
“You seem worthy but I’m not sure yet. Unfortunately you can’t be tested since the wolf house has been temporally over run by our wild brothers but no matter. We will see if you can survive in our way of life.”
Then Lupa turned and saw Rose. She grinned which I didn’t think was possible for a wolf. Add that to the list of creepy things I did not want to experience. Apparently Gwendolyn, Hazel, and Reyna agreed with me because they were staring at her with their mouths wide open. Now that I think about it everyone seems to be doing that a lot. It was a good thing Lupa didn’t notice because she probably would have chewed them out for it. Literally.
“Well it seems that you have brought me one of my old friends.” she said with a sparkle in her eyes.
What the Hades? Now I’m really, really confused. Rose spoke up.
“Long time no see Lupa.”
Can somebody please explain to me what’s going on? Anybody?
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That was amazing. Plz don't stop posting plz. Plz. I have a name but it's dumb - Alex. Told you it's dumb. Very dumb. But awesome awesome awesome story. I love it.
Больше года PJhero02 said…
ahhhmaayyyziiinngg!!! luv luv luved the fight scene!!!

hmmmm names... let's see...nto saying that any of these are good but i'll just name a bunch!

*August (this is a latin name btw)
*Aurora (also Latin)

AHHH just found a great one!! MARINA (it's latin meaning "FROM THE GOD MARS")
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Thank you for your replies.

Don't worry pjfan1 if I don't post it will be because I have a really good reason. thank you for your suggestion but sadly i don't think it would fit the charicter's personality even though it would be really funny considering the fact another one of my charicters is named Alexandria.

PJhero thanks for telling me that you liked the fight scene. I tried to make it seem as real as possible. Since mars is the roman god of war I don't think he will like it if one of his daughters is named August or Aurora. They are pretty names but like Alex they don't fit the charicter's personality. I do like the name Marina though. I might change it a bit to make it sound more warlike or something like that. I think it is the closest to what I am looking for but i may not use it.

I would really like to thank both of you for what you wrote and for finding good suggestions for me.
Больше года pjfan1 said…
Больше года PJhero02 said…
ahhhh seriously?! that's creepy!
Больше года Thaliahunter said…
yea just a little creepy^^

ohh and I LOVED THE ENTIRE STORY/BOOK THING(sory can find the words) AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!! but not as good as HecateA's stories(but ur close!!!!!) ^^)
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
That is really creepy also because if that I have officially decided to use the name Marina for the charicter.

Thaliahunter thank you so much! I read quite a bit of HecateA's stories and that means a lot to me when someone says that I am almost as good as her. Her writing is truly 2 good for words. some stories are so emotional even if they are short like Overshadowed.
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big smile
I know it's creepy right? And I think that your story is better than HecateA's (sorry HecateA).
Больше года pjfan1 said…
POST SOON PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
I will post soon since tomorrow is sunday. Thanks pjfan1 but I don't think that I am nearly as good as HecateA.
Больше года pjfan1 said…
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No you aren't nearly as good as HecateA. You're BETTER!!!!!!!!
Больше года pjfan1 said…
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I'm 1st on the page. Yay.
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Thanks pjfan1. That means a lot to me. I can't believe that I have already reached the second page of this fanfic!
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I am really sorry I didn't post this week but I wanted to edit the chapter and work on it more so I am so sorry for not posting it but I will post it next sunday or if my science fair project and poetry project don't kill me by tomorrow I might post it sooner. Again I am really, really sorry
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big smile
I'm super happy! You want to know why. It was because when I was writing the scene in chapter 6 with Reyna and Percy talking the scene just played out in my mind. I just wrote out what I saw and barely had to do any work (except for a bit of editing because I couldn't remember all the words exactly) I was really happy because I was working on this chapter for a long time. I still have to edit the beginning but I don't have to edit the ending because it played out perfectly. Thanks for reading my rant but I just had to write that because I am so super happy. Now on to the importent stuff. I will be posting chapter 5 later tonight and when I say later I don't mean late at night like I usally do. I mean sometime during the evening so people can actually read it tonight.

P.S. You can tell I am really happy because I never use the big smile emote.

P.P.S When I was writing out the scence for Reyna and Percy I was mostly imagining it was a regular talk between Annabeth and Percy because Reyna is supposed to act like Annabeth but i'm not telling you why because it would kind of be a spoiler.
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Finally after 2 weeks I have the chapter. In case you didn't notice I have edited some of the other chapters so they make more sense so you might want to read them. The chapter I am posting right now is basicly a talking chapter where some things are explained. The next chapter will be way funnier because Percy gets a weird sense of Deja vu when the toilets start acting up. ;)

Chapter 4
Lupa Can Actually Act like a Human

I could already see the confused looks in every one’s face. Well I guess I’ll have to explain everything to Percy later. Maybe. I don’t want to spark anymore memories than necessary before he needs them.
“What have you done since we last met?” Lupa asked me
“Oh nothing much, I just helped one of the greatest heroes of all time save Olympus and the world.” I answered unable to resist flaunting.
After all, the price to accomplish those deeds were great. Her eyes wandered over to Percy and I nodded discreetly. I remembered, sadly that everyone I had once known no longer knew me. Lupa being a wolf could immediately picked up on my sorrow.
“Things are never as hopeless as it may seem. Remember that child. Now you three are to take these new soldiers back to the camp since you brought them here.” Lupa said.
“But why do I ha-”
Lupa shot Hazel a look and she immediately shut up.
“Never mind about what I said before you three can take Percy to camp. I have some business to attend to with Alexandria.” Lupa reasoned.
“Wait just one question who is Alexandria.” Percy asked.
“Alexandria is me you Seaweed Brain!”
I slapped my hands over my mouth.
What if he remembers Annabeth before he is meant to? Then what is going to happen? Sometimes I can really mess up when I am supposed to be helpful. Luckily he didn’t seem to have any reaction to my outburst.
“You know you didn’t have to call me a Seaweed Brain. I just forgot that your name was Alexandria Even if you did tell me than I wouldn’t remember because, you know...” Percy’s voice trailed off.
“You forgot my name.” I repeated dumbstruck.
Percy looked like he was thinking hard.
“The thing is for some reason I can’t stop calling you Rose which is why I forgot your name. I know it’s stupid but calling you Rose feels right.”
I sucked in my breath and hesitated; He didn’t even realize what those simple words meant.
“If you want to you can call me Rose. It is my last name after all.”
I was feinting carelessness. I felt my lips moving but my brain was somewhere else entirely. He has remembered. That should have been impossible. His memories of me have been erased permanently.
“I better get going.” He informed me.
Percy grinned and turned around to start his tour since everyone was getting annoyed at him for talking so long while they had to wait. Lupa and I started to talk about what had happened since the last time I was here.
“You seem different this time around. I just can put my foot, or if you prefer paw, on it.” Lupa suddenly brought up. I stopped almost frozen in spot and realization dawned on me. No! They wouldn’t dare! By the gods why does this sort of thing always happen to me?
“What is the matter Alexandria?”
I heard Lupa’s voice ask but my brain didn’t register it. Well it’s not like they directly lied to me than that would be a different story but all they same they never asked for my permission. I probably wouldn’t have agreed anyway but they could have at least asked and then do it secretly. That would have at least have been more forgivable but then again if they did ask I would have been suspicious of them.
“Those fates are at it again. You want to know what they did this time. They not only forced my here but left me to find out on my own that I’m Roman.” I complained frustrated.
I really should have stopped ranting because I was starting to sound bratty and that was the last thing I wanted. Not to mention that I might have also accidentally offended Lupa with my Roman comment but I was frustrated and wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying. To top it all Reyna just had to run back to Lupa at that second.
“Lupa if you don’t mind I have some concerns that I need to speak to you about alone.”
She stated with an emphasis on alone.
Reyna gave me a look that indicated I should leave. Well I guess that’s my cue to catch up to Percy.
“Anything you tell me you can be told to Alexandria, so speak.” Lupa ordered.
I guess I’m not leaving after all. She looked like she wanted to protest but in the end I guess she decided not to. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if someone disobeyed Lupa.
“This is about Percy Jackson. When we were fighting he used some moves and techniques that I really regret to say that I haven’t seen before. When I… when I fought him I slashed his side. It cut through his shirt but there was no blood and I felt something weird like my knife was being bounced back at me. I gave him a few minor cuts but you could barely notice because they were so small. In the end he didn’t look battered at all. I also want to know why you didn’t decide to test him like you did all of the other warriors here.”
Reyna speculated getting more and more worked up with every word leaving her mouth.
“I cannot answer your first question but I can answer your other ones. As for the second question you will find out on your own soon enough. Percy Jackson does not need to be tested by me because I have all the proof I need to know that he is a great hero. If I answer the third can I trust you to not reveal this fact to anyone unless I give you permission?”
“I accept your terms.”
“He was left here by Juno and you may not have noticed but she has also taken away all of his memories.”
A flash of lighting appeared into the sky. I guess Jupiter doesn’t appreciate us talking about his wife that way even if she did get on his last nerves.
“Lupa even if he was left here by Juno I don’t think it is right for him to be immediately accepted without any sort of test.”
“If you feel so strongly about this Reyna than I will personally choose a monster for him to battle in the coliseum or if you prefer a solider so he can prove his worth.” Lupa promised.
This was not good. Percy has been here for not even a single day and already someone doesn’t seem happy with him. This has got to be a new record for him. Actually now that I think about it Reyna was acting a bit like Annabeth after she found out that Percy was Poseidon’s son. Maybe Reyna suspects something different about him like Annabeth did. But she’s not Annabeth a voice in my head whispered. I have to remember that and if Percy gains some of his memories he has to too.
“Reyna you are dismissed. You had better catch up to the others if you don’t want to call attention to yourself.” Lupa suggested with a sparkle in her eyes.
“Yes Lady Lupa and I thank you for your time.” Reyna replied.
“Wait I almost forgot Lupa. Percy Jackson’s sword didn’t look like it was made out of imperial gold but like it was made out of some type of bronze instead. Why is that?” Reyna asked.
“Reyna I will tell you later. You don’t want to be missed by your friends now do you?” Lupa replied.
“Yes Lady Lupa and thank you for your time.” Reyna said and then muttered something about Lupa not telling her anything important. Then she ran off with a puzzled look on her face. She was probably trying to process all this new information. Lupa turned back to face me.
“Now we have to discuss which legion you wish to stay with this time.” Lupa said.
“I really would like to stay in the first legion but I also have to watch out for Percy. I can’t have people asking me questions too and I need a cover to explain why I’m here.” I informed Lupa.
“This does pose a lot of problems. I have an idea. How would you feel about sleeping in a room next door to Percy’s so you can help train the Son of Poseidon in the art of Roman fighting. We could also say that you are a hunter and Diana sent you here because she sensed something bad is going to happen here at camp.” I shot Lupa a suspicious look.
“I don’t recall saying anything about Percy being the Son of Poseidon or about any impending danger but your resolve is a pretty good one.”
“I had my guesses but you have just confirmed them. You didn’t say it directly but the clue was too big to go on unnoticed. You must remember that I can smell his parentage on him.”
“Sneaky but expected. I should start watching what I say. That’s not the only thing you’re guessing about is it”
“Juno sent him here and Jason has left us. I want to know if he is from the other camp.”
“Yes Percy Jackson has come from the other camp, Camp Half-blood.”
If Lupa was in her human form than her face would have paled which was extremely rare for Lupa. You could practically see the gears turning in her head as she came to a realization.
“Juno is playing with great forces that should not be reckoned with. If her gamble does not succeed great horrors from beyond the capability of the human mind to understand will be unleashed.
“They fates said something similar. That’s exactly what I am here for and this time everything is different, the fates need my help to succeed.”
“May the great gods help us if you are truly required for this task what ever it may be. I never thought I would see the day when you would be essential to save the world. For them to send you here powerless was a very foolish move on their behalf. We may not have a chance of succeeding after all if you have to get involved.” Lupa said grimly.
“Do not give up hope Lupa. Maybe sending me here as an ordinary, powerless half-blood will be precisely the reason we will succeed. You never know what the future holds in store for us. Things always happen for a reason and strangely problems have a way of working themselves out.”
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Amazing. love the last chapter! can't wait to find out about the deja vu!!!! I still have no clue about who Rose is but hey she's helping Percy so that makes her awesome in my book! love your writing so write on! can't wait for the next one!

your dedicated fan
Больше года pjfan1 said…
big smile
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You write AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Your AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Thanks pjfan1. I don't think that anyone have ever called me awesome before and if they did I would have to deny it because I'm not awesome but I appriciate the comment.

Calypso_ thanks for saying that you like my chapter. The deja vu is pretty much a repeat of what happened before at camp because I wanted to try and jog some of Percy's memories but not enough that he would start remembering important things. I just added a few of my own twists to make it more interestring. As for Rose I think I am planning to reveal her identity in the last chapter at a campfire where Percy forces her to tell him (kind of like when he asked Tantulas for a quest to save grover from the cyclops(Except this time it works)) in front of everyone so she is forced to tell everyone even though she really doesn't want to. I can't give out Rose's identity because it is so immportant(and a big secret that must be kept until the very end for dramtic puroses)to the story.

Lastly thanks but I need help with names again :( sorry sometimes i am great with names but other times I am horrible. I need a name for the Mercury/Hermes consular. I am also wondering if i should make the Mercury consular have a best friend that he is so close to that he seems like a brother or should I actually give him a twin brother. If you can help me with any of this that would be great. I apoligize for being a really indecive person because if I wasn't maybe I could come up with names that I'm not so picky about.
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Больше года Calypso_ said…
big smile
how about Trevor? or Colin? or Mike? and i think they should be actually twins b/c the stoll brothers aren't actually twins they just look really a like so for the sake of being different they should be twins in my opinion!

Hope I helped!
Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
Thank you so much (You did help) I wanted to do twins but I wasn't sure because Conner and Travis were kind of like twins. The reason I have people resembling people from Camp half-blood is because of 2 reasons. One is for Percy's sake and the other is to show that both camps aren't so different from each other.
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Больше года Starlight1o1 said…
I am making lot's of similar things happen to Percy to try and jog some of his memories. Also Percy know both the Greek and Roman names because Mr. Brunner/Chiron taught it to him in grade six so I am not making a mistake with him not getting confused by the different names. He just preferes the Greek names but understands the Roman ones. The begining (Still can't spell beggining properly)starts out okay but it gets more intersting in the end.

Chapter 5
They’ll make anyone the Supreme Lord of the Bathroom These Days

“Welcome to Camp Demigod.” Gwendolyn said warmly.
I guess they don’t see me as a trespasser anymore but then why do I still feel like one? Then I thought of something.
“Why is it called Camp Demigod, why not half-blood? Half-blood is another term for demigod right?” I asked curiously.
“Demigod is the official term while half-blood is just another way of saying demigod. Romans were generally strict and by the rules so instead of calling it Camp Half-blood they found that it would be more appropriate to name it Camp Demigod.” Gwendolyn explained.
“Wait a second. How do you know half-blood is another term for demigod?” Hazel jumped in.
“I’m not sure how I know that. I just can’t remember. Maybe I learned it in school, read it in a book, or something like that.” I said.
Hazel just shrugged it off while Gwendolyn stared at as if she was trying to see if I was lying. I couldn’t lie about if I knew something or not because I can’t remember anything about my past.
“Are we going to sit here all day or are we going to get this over with.” Reyna said impatiently.
I forgot that Reyna was there until she spoke up. Even though I didn’t know her for long it seemed like that was something Hazel would say and not Reyna. Maybe she was just still mad at me for beating her.
“Don’t worry Reyna we were just about to get going.” Gwendolyn reassured her.
The first thing I got to see was all the places some campers were training at. You don’t want to get too close to anyone because most of the things they were doing were pretty dangerous. I felt like I something was missing that I should know about. I was right. Reyna was gone. I looked around but couldn’t see her anywhere.
“What are you looking for Percy.” asked Hazel.
“It’s just that I don’t see Reyna around anywhere.” I said.
Hazel and Gwendolyn looked around for Reyna like I did just a second ago.
“Don’t worry about it. Reyna probably had something important to do and left.” Gwendolyn said.
I guess that makes sense but something didn’t add up and by this point I was totally confused.
“Do you want to see the cabins now?” Hazel asked brightly.
I nodded my head. We were on our way to the cabins and ended up beside the bathrooms when Reyna came back.
“Look who finally decided to come back. What were you doing after you left?” Hazel interrogated.
“You never notice when I leave but never mind I needed to talk to Lupa about something important.” Reyna replied.
“Anyway I have something important to do and I am sure Gwen does too. Since you missed out on most of the tour you have to show the rest of the camp to him.” Hazel said as she jerked her head in my direction like she was trying to tell Reyna something. “Hazel I don’t think-” Hazel cut Gwendolyn off.
“Don’t worry I know what I’m doing. Am I not a daughter of Venus?” she said it so low that I probably wasn’t meant to hear her say that.
“Hey wait a second.” Reyna said with her arm outstretched.
Unfortunately they ran away before she could say anything else. As soon as they left I heard another voice yell out.
“It looks like we have a newbie and we all know what that means.”
There were about five mean looking girls. The leader was cracking her knuckles and smiling wickedly at me. Don’t ask me how but I felt as if something really similar has happened to me before. I had a really, really bad feeling about all of this. It was also really strange because the leader didn’t look like the rest of them. She didn’t look all that scary while the people surrounding her were just plain mean and ugly. Don’t get me wrong she still looked mean but she was pretty and had an air of danger about her.
“You never give up do you Marina?” Reyna said.
Marina ignored her and said “Now tell me who the punk is so I can give him our special initiation ceremony and you better warn the kid that it will not be pleasant at all for him.” The ugly looking kids beside her flashed me wicked grins and my first impression of her was shattered.
“This is Percy Jackson and Percy this is Marina, a Daughter of Mars.” Reyna introduced us but not happily.
Reyna was now glaring at Marina while she and her friends came right up to us.
“Wait a second. Your name is Marina and you’re a daughter of mars. Your mother must have been a very uncreative person to name you that.” I stated because it was funny.
I fully blame my ADHD because that was a really, really bad move and did I mention stupid. Suddenly Marina grabbed me and lifted me off the ground so that I was face to face with her. I didn’t think someone like her would be so strong.
“Did you just make fun of my name punk?” she snarled threateningly which seemed out of character for her.
“Go ask your ugly friends what they think of your name. Their opinions can’t possibly be as bad as your attitude.” I shot back. Now that I think about that it was not a very wise thing to say. ADHD will be the end of me if this keeps up.
“Percy, Marina I think it is a really bad idea for you two to be fighting right now.” Reyna tried to warn us but the effect was lost because she looked really worried.
“Like I care Miss Princess and you Prissy, you are going to receive your punishment.” Marina threatened menacingly.
“Hey! Go grab one of the Venus girls if you want to call someone a princess.”
“Ha! If I call one of them a princess they’ll get a big head and is exactly the opposite of what I want to happen, wise girl.” Marina said while rolling her eyes.
It was official I was in for a world of hurt. Especially since Reyna just ticked her off even more. Her hands wrapped around me in an iron grip while she dragged me to the washroom with her ugly friends trailing behind. No matter how much I struggled, kicked, and punched I couldn’t get free. Marina’s friends started to make fun of me and were snickering so much anyone normal would have lost their voice by now. Reyna was standing in a corner looking like she couldn’t bear to watch. It looked like she was deciding if she should jump in or not despite her terror. That was good. Even if I was getting beat up I didn’t want any help. If I didn’t stand up to Marina on my own I would be a laughing stock for as long as I stayed here. Marina pushed me down on my knee and all I could think about was that I absolutely refused to go in there. Then something incredibly bizarre happened. I felt a tug in the pit of my stomach. I heard the pipes shuddering and the plumbing was rumbling like a monster’s hungry stomach. Marina’s grip on me loosened and water came streaming out in an arc, over my head and onto everything dry. Marina and all of her big and ugly friends were screaming like Aphrodite girls. Which let me tell you is totally hilarious coming from the children of Ares. It seems like the toilets weren’t satisfied yet because water blasted out of them again and hit Marina’s friend’s right in the face but strangely they didn’t go after Marina this time. Her friends had abandoned her by this point.
“You are going to regret that punk. Trust me on this.”
It was weird. I could tell that she was really mad but the way she said those words it was like she didn’t really mean them. Adding to that, I had the feeling that I had been through something similar before. That just made everything even creepier.
“You know hiding behind a mask just means that you will never find friends that accept you for who you are Marina.” a crystalline voice criticized.
There was only one person that voice could have belonged to and my guess was right.
“Who ever said I was hiding behind a stupid mask and I have all the real friends I need.” Marina huffed but it seemed kind of half hearted.
“Real friends wouldn’t have run off from you like that. They would have stayed to help you out.” Rose stated.
I would have probably said some thing like ‘I can tell by the way those kids ran off so fast.’ but Rose’s way was much nicer.
“What do you know punk?” Marina said with her bravery back.
Maybe being nice isn’t always the best way. She was practically steaming with anger and pride. While walking away her head was held up high like she was the one who got the better of me instead of the other way around. I don’t even think that she noticed that she was still dripping wet.
“She’s really not a bad person even if she seems to be.” Rose’s voice came from behind me.
“How would you know” I asked suddenly curious.
“I just know.”
I decided to just drop it. I had a feeling that if she didn’t want me to know something yet or she didn’t want to explain she wouldn’t.
“I’ll leave you to your tour now.”
“You’re leaving already.” I said with a frown.
“I have something I need to do but I’ll see you again later.”
“Bye.” she called while waving back one she was far away.
She always appears when I need help but then leaves as soon as I don’t. Reyna came over to me with a confused expression on her face.
“It wasn’t my fault.” I blurted out but as soon as those words left my mouth I knew that somehow I had caused the toilets to do that. I also had the feeling that this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened to me. I seemed to be getting a lot of strange feelings recently.
“I didn’t say anything.” Reyna finally replied.
“You had a confused look on your face.” I pointed out.
“Whatever.” she muttered and then stalked off.
She meant for me to follow her so I ran to catch up. I could tell something was off when she continued giving me the tour. I could tell her heart wasn’t in it even though she tried to cover it up. When we reached some places she would look at it and then it seemed like she was about to cry. She would move on before I had the chance to say anything. After a while I got sick of it and without thinking I blurted out.
“Tell me what’s wrong.” even though it wasn’t any of my business.
She sighed and said. “What are you talking about Percy nothing’s wrong.”
“No. Don’t tell me nothing is wrong because throughout this whole thing you have been acting miserable so tell me what’s up.” I said with a tone that meant I wasn’t taking no for an answer which obviously means that she choose not to explain.
“Since when is it any of you business.” she shouted.
I guess I must have flinched because she looked like she regretted it. She sighed again. “Look Percy I’m sorry it’s just that you remind me a lot of someone really important to me.” She said while looking down at her toes not wanting to meet my face.
“Okay, that’s not exactly what I wanted to hear but I’ll take it.” I said with a grin trying to cheer her up.
“Can you ever be serious? I just tell you something really important and embarrassing and you make fun of me. Just leave me alone.” She was really mad now.
“I was trying to make you feel better but if you act like that maybe I won’t even bother trying.” I said suddenly mad at her for yelling at me.
I tried cheering her up but she just ends up yelling at me. What’s the point of she’s just going to act like this?
“I’m sorry, how about we start over okay.”
“Fine.” I murmured not really ready to let it go but I didn’t want to fight.
“Let’s finish this tour Seaweed brain.” She said genuinely enthusiastic.
“Wait a second. Who gave you permission to call me Seaweed brain?”
She blinked and stared at me blankly like she didn’t get what I was talking about but then she suddenly focused and told me.
“That girl you were with that’s name keeps changing. I heard her calling you that.”
I grumbled
“I really don’t like that name.”
When I thought about it, it reminded me of something but I couldn’t tell what.
“Well too bad because I’m calling you that from now on.” Reyna teased.
“Ugh! Thanks a lot Rose.” I groaned.
“Just wait until I find some annoying name to call you and then you’ll be sorry.” I threatened.
“I doubt it.”
She ran off laughing and turned back to see if I was going to follow her. I obviously had to since I didn’t know my way around the camp yet. She seemed much happier now. Maybe we could be friends after all. Now if I could just figure out who she reminds me of. Then a voice in my head said By Whom. I sighed while shaking my head once a teacher always a teacher. Wait a second, where did that thought come from?
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This is the first time that I have posted in the middle of the day. It was probaly because I had two weeks to finish this chapter. It was going to be much longer but I changed my mind and continued the rest in a seperate chapter. Most of the chapters so far have been in Percy's point of view but a chapter told by Rose will come up soon. Also the chapters have had a lot of talking in them but I think in 4 chapters I will have Percy fighting.

Chapter 6
Time Flies When Reyna Tries to Kill You

There was something that was bothering me. I tried to keep it out of mind until now but I just couldn’t. There was something strange about the way Marina acted earlier. Something in the back of my mind was nagging me to do something but I didn’t know what. I didn’t have much time to think about it because we had just arrived at the Mercury cabin, my new temporary home. Reyna knocked on the door and a pie came flying out. I managed to duck on time but Reyna on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. “You are so dead Mike.” Reyna shrieked. She barged into the cabin and started to strangle a guy. I didn’t know she had it in her. Note to self do not get Reyna mad unless you want to get strangled to death.
“Dude I told you that was a bad idea.” another voice said.
“How was I supposed to know she would go ballistic?” Mike complained while Reyna finally released him.
“If you don’t want to die I suggest you don’t do that ever again.” Reyna threatened.
“Um… am I allowed to come in now?” I asked.
“Oh sorry I almost forgot. This is Percy Jackson a new camper and before you ask he is undetermined.” Reyna introduced me.
For some reason I felt sort of resented by comment and I didn’t know why. Actually it seemed that there were a lot of things I didn’t know and it was starting to really bug me. Mike wiped his hands together like the way you see evil villains do in the movies and grinned at me devilishly.
“We are going to have some seriously hilarious times together.”
Uh oh that was probably not a good thing. I could tell that he by his eyes that he was most likely thinking up about a million things to prank me with. I really wasn’t looking forward to that.
“Honestly Mike is there anything you think about that isn’t prank related.” Reyna scolded.
He pretended to think for a long time and then answered “Nope not that I can think of.” “Ugh! You are totally unbearable.” Reyna exclaimed.
“Well she’s got you there brother.” the boy from before said.
“Whatever.” Mike muttered.
I blinked.
“Wait a second you guys are brothers.”
“We’re twins actually and by the way my name is Kyle.” The boy introduced himself.
“Honestly Reyna did you teach him anything” Mike teased.
“Like I would tell him about you guys, besides it’s not like you’re one to talk. Oh no I forgot.” Reyna exclaimed.
“What don’t tell me you forgot to tell him that we’re at a camp for Half-Bloods did you?” teased Kyle.
“Um, maybe but hey in my defence Hazel and Gwendolyn should have already told him.” Reyna answered sheepishly.
“Seriously Reyna, I was just teasing.” Kyle said.
“Blaming poor Hazel and Gwen is not very nice you know. You really have fallen out of the wagon ever since he left.” Mike joked while shaking his head in mock concern.
What was he talking about? Who left? This was the second time in one day where people mentioned someone leaving and I was starting to get suspicious.
“Dude are you trying to get yourself killed?” Kyle punctuated each word carefully like he was speaking to someone that didn’t understand English.
He seemed to be the more reasonable one out of the two. Mike of course was in another death grip with a knife pointed at his throat, courtesy of Reyna.
“Am I the one with the killer temper? I didn’t think so.” Mike snorted.
Even I knew that that was a really bad move.
When the person you just ticked off has a knife pointed at your throat it isn’t necessarily a good thing.
“Reyna just let him go. He didn’t mean anything by it.”
Kyle tried reasoning with Reyna but she was unrelenting. She looked really sad again. It seems like my progress from earlier was wasted.
“Fine if you won’t let Mike go at least tell the new kid who we are and why we’re here.” the guy said.
Reyna sighed but didn’t loosen her grip on Mike. She just shifted her weight so she could face me but still keep her grip on Mike.
“Percy you know all those stories about roman gods, goddesses and heroes.”
Reyna looked at me to make sure I was getting all of this.
“What about them?” I asked.
“Well all of those myths are real. The gods are still here alive. When they say immortal they mean immortal. I know this might me hard to believe but just hear me out.”
“No one in their right mind would listen to you Reyna.” Mike interrupted.
“Shut up Mike.” Reyna commanded with a perfect death glare.
Mike was unaffected. He rolled his eyes but motioned for her to continue.
“Well anyway in those myths what was one of the things the gods did often? They came down from Olympus and had children with mortals. Do you understand why I am telling you all of this? More importantly do you know what you are?”
“We’re half-bloods half god and half human.” I answered her.
Reyna glared at me.
“Sorry Demigod.” I said while rolling my eyes.
Why did Romans even need to be so strict? Reyna stared at me.
“What now? Do you want me to add that Demigods are trained by Chiron?”
“That’s Greek mythology Percy. Lupa is the one that trains heroes.” Reyna corrected while rolling her eyes.
“Besides that’s not what I meant. How did you know that all of us are Demigods?” she asked with a confused look on her face.
She was examining me the same way Gwendolyn had when I said that half-blood was another name for Demigod.
“The name of the camp kind of gives it away. It also doesn’t help when a wolf is talking to you and you can understand it.”
“First of all Lupa will not appreciate being called it. Second shouldn’t you be saying that we’re insane? I mean usually the person automatically denies it no matter how much evidence is given to them.” Reyna informed me.
“That’s unfair we totally wanted to see his reaction when he realized that everything was real and not a dream like some people think.” Mike pouted.
“Speak for yourself.” His brother huffed.
Mike continued as if he hadn’t heard that.
“Remember the last guy. He was practically raving before we could get him to believe us.”
“Hey I’m still here you know.” A voice from the back of the cabin shouted sulkily. Everyone exploded into laughter.
“You have to admit it was funny.” Mike stated.
“I have to agree with you on this one brother.” Kyle chuckled.
“Still here.” shouted the voice from before.
Reyna was biting her lip to keep herself from giggling while the twins were laughing their heads off. Reyna was raising her hand to wipe away nonexistent tears when I saw it. I didn’t know why I didn’t notice it before because it was nearly impossible to miss. It was a tattoo with darkly etched lines like a barcode, And over that an owl with the letters SPQR.
“What’s that?” I asked Reyna curiously.
She frowned and looked down at herself. Then she understood.
“Do you mean the tattoo?”
I nodded.
“We all get this tattoo at the end of the summer. You see all the lines. Each line represents a year we have survived while the picture on top shows the symbol of your immortal parent. The letters SPQR is our motto.”
Mike pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and said “Don’t look at her tattoo ours is so much cooler. What other god has snakes as a part of his symbol. Oh that reminds me I should get some snakes for that prank I wanted to pull.”
Reyna rolled her eyes.
“Idiot.” she muttered.
“Hey what prank and when were you going to let me in on it.” Kyle exclaimed.
“Relax bro it was just an idea.”
“I thought you didn’t like pranks Kyle.” Reyna said.
Kyle hopped off the top bunk and motioned for Reyna and me to come closer.
“I just don’t want him to do anything too bad.” Kyle whispered.
That makes sense since Kyle didn’t look like he was really one for pranks unlike Mike. “I’m still here you know.” Mike said pretending to pout.
“That’s what I said earlier but did any of you listen? No of course not.” said an exasperated voice coming from the back of the cabin.
Everyone burst into laughter again. I almost forgot he was there. Reyna was suddenly starring at me.
“What.” I said suddenly really self conscious. “I was just wondering why you have a grey streak in your hair.” Reyna said obviously curious.
I stared at her blankly. What grey streak? I didn’t even know I had a grey streak in my hair. My hand went up to my hair but I obviously couldn’t see it.
“Seriously how could I have missed that? Reyna now do you see what happens when you worry about things so much, you’ll end up with a grey streak in your hair like the new guy.” Mike teased.
Now I was really embarrassed but at the same time even though I couldn’t see the streak I knew it was an important part of me. However that didn’t stop my face from turning red.
Reyna suddenly smacked Mike on the head.
“Ow! That hurt you know.” Mike whined.
Reyna stuck her tongue out at him and said. “That’s what you get for acting like an idiot. You’re lucky I didn’t do worse.”
Kyle was shaking his head and criticised his brother.
“Seriously even I totally saw that coming.”
“Whatever.” Mike muttered sullenly.
A conch shell blew in the distance.
“How did it get so late so fast?” Reyna exclaimed.
“Time flies when Reyna tries to kill you.” Mike commented.
He immediately moved out of the way before Reyna could get him in a head lock.
“Dude what did I just say about not getting Reyna mad unless you have a death sentence. It hasn’t even been a minute yet since she hit you on the head and you annoy her again. What am I going to do with you?” Kyle exclaimed with disapproval.
“It’s not like she can do anything since Lupa will eat us alive if we’re late.”
Mike pointed out.
“You just keep thinking that so I can get you back when you least expect it.” Reyna warned.
Reyna left to catch up with her cabin. Mike and Kyle were lining up all the people in the cabin in order of seniority which of course put me dead last. We were all at the mess hall and our table was super crowded. I soon realized that everyone had stopped talking. Someone had entered the room and sat at an empty table. Everyone was staring at her and they had a good reason to. It had to be Rose but it just couldn’t be. Almost everything about her had changed. Her hair was braided in some strange old fashioned style. She was wearing silver clothes. Even all of that wasn’t enough to unnerve me. No, what scared me the most was something else entirely. When she turned her head toward me all I saw were cold eyes full of disgust and hatred. Her otherworldly eyes seemed empty and lifeless, a ghost of what it had once been.

P.S. I would have posted this last night but I couldn't think of a good title until now.

P.P.S. I have been trying to make the titles interesting like Rick Riordan did but sometimes I am not that successful.
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Thanks I try to make the chapter title exciting even if it's not that important. I think that this is the longest chapter i have written in a while but most of it is dialoge. The beginning is a bit rushed through but I think the end's better. I am sorry that there's not a lot of action in the last few chapter's but in about 2 chapters after this Percy is going to have to fight someone in the colosseum because when he first met Reyna she didn't like him and forced Lupa to agree to it. Also in 1 chapter after this it will be in Rose's point of view just so you know.

Chapter 7
Dakota Bursts Mike’s Eardrums

I didn’t understand it at all. It was like she was a totally different person. Before I could think about it anymore a bunch of dryads came into the room with plates full of heaping food and set it at every table. I was about to start eating when everyone got up and lined themselves in front of a fire. They started to scrap food off of their plate so it landed in the flames.
“What’s everyone doing?”
I whispered to Kyle as I followed him. I didn’t trust Mike enough to let him answer that question for me. With my luck and his idea of pranking I'd probably end up as dinner.
“Oh I almost forgot that you’re new here. Everyone is sending their offerings to the gods. You can send a prayer to your parent. You offer them the best part of your meal. They like the smell.”
“They like the smell.” I repeated.
“Don’t knock it till ya try it.”
“You sound like Mike when you say that.”
Kyle scrunched up his nose.
“Fine does this sound better?”
He cleared his throat and said.
“Don’t say anything until you smell it.”
“Well at least you don’t sound like Mike.”
“What’s that supposed to mean.” Kyle accused while arching a single eyebrow.
“Nothing.” I replied mockingly.
When I got up to the fire I could see what Kyle meant. Went I caught a whiff of it, it was so intoxicating that I wanted to stand there forever. I didn’t know who to pray to so I just scraped in some food and wished that whoever my immortal parent was would help me remember who I was. I was sitting back in my seat and almost everyone around me was content. Then I remembered Rose. She would probably know who my immortal parent is but I didn’t have the courage to go up to her. Why would she look at me like that? I didn’t remember anything about her but I thought that we were friends. I mean why would she bother to help me unless we were right?
“Heroes may I have your attention.” Lupa’s voice boomed.
“It seems like we have been joined by a camper and a guest. Percy Jackson, the new camper has yet to be determined and is staying in the Mercury cabin. We have also been honoured with a guest sent by Lady Diana. No boys will be bothering her.”
The last part was a clear threat.
“Man that is so unfair. Why does she have to be hunter? I bet she’s even hotter than Venus but she’s probably a total downer. She looks even colder than Eve.” Mike whispered to Kyle.
Kyle glared at him and said.
“You are seriously suicidal. What do you think would happen if one of the Venus girls heard that or the hunter? What if Venus heard you say that the hunter was even prettier than the goddess of beauty. If you die don’t say I didn’t warn you. Besides I don’t think that anyone can be colder than Eve. I still can’t believe you even asked her out.”
Kyle was speaking in rush at the end. He wasn’t the teasing type like Mike was but it seemed unusual for him to talk so much.
“Yeah, Yeah I learned my lesson though she didn’t have to be so mean about it.” Mike huffed.
“Well she is a hunter so what did you expect to happen.” Kyle said.
“Wait what’s a hunter?” I asked.
They suddenly realized that Lupa was glaring at them and they immediately stopped talking. It would have been comical if I wasn’t still freaked out about Rose.
“I’ll explain later.” Kyle whispered.
“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted Alexandria is here on an important mission for Diana and she will not be disturbed in any way unless one of you wants to become dinner.”
That was pretty harsh. Lupa was strict when we first met her but when she started talking to Rose she seemed much nicer.
“Now heroes on with your dinner and may the gods be with you.” Lupa boomed with a strange authority in her voice.
Luckily for me nothing strange happened during dinner but I can’t say the same for the
Plays. You see the Romans supposedly had a love for the arts so after dinner we were supposed to go to this auditorium like thing where campers would sing, act out plays, and etc… We were on our way to the auditorium when Gwendolyn joined us.
“Sorry we’re late but Dakota wanted to run back to the cabin to grab her song sheets for her performance.”
“What do you expect me to sing in front of everyone without knowing what I’m going to sing? That just calls for instant embarrassment. No thanks I rather not have people laughing at me because I missed a word of something and it will all be Gwen’s fault because she didn’t let me check my music.” Dakota ranted.
“Calm down Dakota. We all know that you will do fine. I let you get your song sheets so there is no reason to rant off like that.” Gwendolyn advised calmly.
Dakota stuck her tongue out at Gwendolyn and then turned her gaze on me.
“Hey you’re the new kid aren’t you? I’m Dakota, this girl’s twin sister. I only mention it because no one ever figures it out until I tell them. Gwen over here couldn’t care less.” That earned her a swift glare from Gwendolyn.
“You guys don’t really look like twins.” I observed.
“You know that Diana and Apollo are twins right.” Dakota said.
I nodded my head but didn’t know what that had to do with anything.
“Well our father was Apollo but even though we don’t look like twins we also don’t look like our mom. Lupa says that I look like Diana with my Auburn coloured hair and silver eyes while Gwen looks like Apollo with her blond hair and blue eyes. That’s not even the weird part. Lupa also says that I act more like Apollo and that Gwen acts like Diana.” Dakota explained.
“No offence but what is it with this camp and twins?” I asked.
“We like to think that Juno was having a bit of fun with us.” Mike said.
Then Kyle hit him in the back of Mike’s head.
“Don’t pay any attention to him.” Kyle said.
“Yeah just go ahead and ignore me.” Mike said sarcastically.
“Yes please do.” Reyna laughed while hitting Mike.
“Hey! What was that for?” Mike exclaimed.
“Do I need a reason to hit you? Anyway I told you I would get you back when you least expect it.” Reyna smirked because Mike looked like he had already forgotten Reyna’s treat from earlier.
“She’s totally got you there Mike.” Hazel pointed out.
Then I felt like someone was staring at me. It was Dakota but she wasn’t staring at me warily like Gwendolyn usually did. It was more like she was examining me. I was starting to wonder if staring ran in the family.
“What is it?” I asked her.
“Nothing I just thinking that you looked cute.” Dakota said without any hint of embarrassment.
“Uh…um…thanks…I guess.” I mumbled.
I stood there like an idiot and I was pretty sure that my face was red. Gwendolyn rolled her eyes “Don’t tease him Dakota. I’m sure he had a hard enough day without you making fun of him.”
“Relax Gwen I’m just stating a fact. Look at Mike and Kyle. They’re cute but we all know that Mike’s an idiot.”
“Hey! I am not an idiot.”
“Sorry bro but you kind of are. Besides you’re not supposed to diss a girl that calls you cute.”
“She meant it as an insult so it doesn’t count.”
“Fine just go ahead and be stubborn. See if I care.”
“Um I just wondering but are there any other twins I should know about.” I asked.
Reyna answered me.
“Well you already met Marina but you didn’t meet her twin. Trust me you don’t want to meet her. She is a million times worse than Marina. At least Marina used to be nice before she got claimed.”
“I don’t really care Reyna so please stop talking about twins.” Hazel said.
“So you don’t like us.” Dakota said teasingly.
“How can I not like you guys?”
“Hey if you’re so grumpy all the time Gwen then why don’t you just join the hunters of Artemis?” Mike said.
“I might consider it if you don’t stop bothering me. Maybe I should go and talk to the hunter about it.”
“Come on Gwen we both know that you don’t really want to do something like that just because Mike is bugging you. I mean look at the new kid over there is he cute enough for you. It’s a miracle the Venus girls haven’t swarmed him yet. Well Hazel has probably bombarded him with questions already…” her voice trailed off.
“Hey I take offence to that. Not all of us are that shallow you know.” Hazel huffed daintily.
”Hazel you obviously don’t count. Besides if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t know all the gossip that goes on around here.” Dakota praised.
“True.” Hazel said smugly with a sly smile.
“Guys come on. Bobby’s going to be mad if we don’t hurry up.” Reyna rushed.
“Yeah, Yeah we’re coming Miss Princess.” Mike complained.
Then something strange happened. Reyna’s eyes held the look of someone burning in Tartarus.
“Don’t you ever call me that.” she hissed through clenched teeth.
Then she ran off with tears in her eyes. Gwendolyn glared at Mike and ran after Reyna while calling out her name.
“Mike you’re an idiot.” Kyle said bluntly.
“I sorry I just forgot. I didn’t mean to hurt her.”
I didn’t think I would ever see Mike look sad and apologize.
“Yeah you forgot and now she’s probably off somewhere crying about Jason. I’m going to find her and you better apologize soon.” Hazel suggested and then stalked off.
Dakota looked at Hazel’s retreating back forlornly.
“I would follow them but someone’s got to sing tonight or else Lupa will go into a huge speech about responsibility and commitment.” Dakota responded softly while lamely pointing to her song sheet.
“So who’s Jason?” I asked trying to break the silence.
It was obviously the wrong thing to bring up because everyone looked even sadder.
“I’ll tell you later. Now’s not really the right time.” Kyle murmured while patting my shoulder.
It seemed to me that he always said he would explain things later but so far he hasn’t.
“Well we better go or else Bobby’s going to get annoyed.” Dakota added.
Mike was still silent which was strange because in all the times I had seen him he was either talking or getting hit by someone. When we reached the campfire we were welcomed by a big guy. He had calloused hands and dark brown hair with a matching set of brown eyes. I naturally assumed that he was Bobby.
“Hey what took you guys so long and where is everyone else?” he asked.
Kyle pointed to Mike and said.
“This idiot here called Reyna Miss Princess.”
“Mike you know better than to bug Reyna like that. It’s been really hard on her lately especially with all the suspicions going around.” Bobby accused.
I wanted to desperately ask what they were talking about but it didn’t seem right to be bothering them with questions right now. All I knew was that what ever Mike did seemed to cause Reyna a lot of pain.
“I didn’t mean to hurt her like that.” Mike whispered.
Bobby shook his head.
“Never mind that now just make sure you apologize as soon as you can.” Bobby warned.
“Sorry but Hazel already beat you to the sorry speeches.” Mike said curtly.
Everyone chose to ignore him. Bobby noticed me then.
“You must be Percy Jackson nice to meet you.”
He held his hand out meaning for me to shake it.
“I guess.”
“What do you mean by I guess?”
“It complicated and I don’t really understand all of it. The only people that could really explain it just ran off so…”
I let the words hang in the air. Bobby chuckled which seemed weird coming from him.
“I think we can be very good friends.”
“I hope so I don’t need any more enemies.”
“Marina.” He volunteered with a smirk.
“How did you know?”
“News travels fast around here.”
“I should have known.” I muttered with a groan.
He chuckled again and shook his head.
“Don’t be. We don’t get a lot of action around here. I bet many people were glad you did that.”
“Sorry to interrupt but if you don’t stop talking you won’t get to hear my heavenly voice.” Dakota sang to tease everyone.
“I think we’ve heard enough of your voice for the past hour.” Mike muttered.
“What did you just say?” Dakota accused.
“Nothing.” Mike answered quickly.
Dakota rolled her eyes and then turned serious.
“No laughing at me or I’ll mess up an it will be all your fault! Believe me I will find a way to get back at you.” she threatened.
“Kota relax we all know that you’re a great singer and there is no reason for you to keep freaking out every time you have to sing in front of an audience.” Kyle said.
“I know. I know. It’s just my stupid stage fright. I’ll be fine as soon as I start singing but I can’t stop the pre-show jitters.”
Mike snorted.
“Jitters? Is that even a word? It sounds so ridiculous.”
“Shut up unless you want me to convince the Apollo cabin to force you to sing.”
Mike crossed his legs lazily and put his hands behind his head.
“Sure my singing can’t possibly be as bad as your constant worrying.”
Wow it sure didn’t take Mike long to cheer up again. Dakota bit her lip.
“Am I really that annoying to you guys.”
“Of course not Dakota, Mike’s just being his usual idiotic self.” Kyle objected while putting his hands on her shoulders.
“Yeah just don’t pay any attention to Mike and I’m sure you’ll do just fine.” Bobby added while Mike started sulking.
Dakota smiled.
She turned to me.
“Oh and new boy.”
“You could use my name you know.” I grumbled.
“Sorry Percy. Please tell me if I do a bad job because these guys over here are way too nice to lie to me except for Mike of course but you can never really tell because he’s always lying.”
“Yes I’m so hard to read.” Mike said sarcastically.
Kyle rolled his eyes. I chose to ignore Mike.
“No problem.” I answered.
“Thanks. That means a lot to me especially since not many people come to camp as old as you are.”
“Are you calling me old?” I asked teasingly.
She turned pale and started shaking her head.
“NO! That’s not what I meant at all.”
I laughed.
“I was just joking.”
She calmed down and smiled.
“I have a feeling that you are going to fit right in. I’m a daughter of Apollo so you have to believe me because he is also the god of prophecies after all…”

Chapter 8
The Big Bad Wolf Ambushes Us

Jason. How could he leave me? The pain of knowing he was gone and somewhere I couldn’t reach him made me feel absolutely helpless. We’ve been through so much together and I knew I had to find him, especially since no one else seemed to care enough to. The only reasonable explanation was that someone took him but who would be strong enough to kidnap Jason? I mean he was the strongest, bravest, and most honourable person I’ve ever met and I loved him for all of those qualities and more. A knock on the door sounded, rudely interrupting my thoughts.
“Come on Rey I know you’re in there and if you don’t let me in I’ll have Gwen bust this door down so help me or I’ll…”
I groaned and with a quick wipe of my tears I got off of my bed. Show no weakness not even to the people you trust most. That was one of our first lessons here. We either learned that or we died. Sometimes it was so hard to be strong but it was a necessity and I had to learn to live with all these rules in place but lately it was becoming really hard. Imagine that, a daughter of Minerva not liking rules but then again who actually does like rules other than the people making them. I swung open the door to the Minerva cabin reluctantly. I didn’t want to talk to Gwendolyn and Hazel right now. What I wanted was Jason back here and safe in my arms so that I could convince myself he was okay. Why Venus? Why do you hate me so much? To my surprise I had found that Hazel had fallen right in front of my feet.
“Hey Rey.”
“So how’s the floor?” I asked casually.
“Pretty soft actually, you know considering that I just FELL ON THE FLOOR.”
“Okay, Okay I get it I’m sorry.”
I sighed and reached out a hand to help her up. Hazel turned to face Gwendolyn.
“Geez Gwen couldn't you find the kindness in your heart to stop me from falling.”
“May I remind you that I’m not your personal bodyguard.”
“Whatever. You still should have caught me anyway.”
“It’s your fault for leaning against the door.”
“Well you still should-“
I cut Hazel off.
“Seriously please stop fighting. I really wanted to be alone right now. I only let you guys in because you’re my friends so if you’re just going to fight then leave me alone.”
I walked over to my bunk and buried my face in my hands. Hazel plopped down next to me while Gwendolyn stood by my bed post.
“You really do miss him don’t you?” Hazel whispered.
I sighed deeply.
“More than anything. All I want is the chance to find him but without Lupa’s permission we’re stuck here.”
“We bid our time.” Gwendolyn spoke.
I stared up at her in surprise.
“I want to find him too you know but we have to be reasonable about it. Lupa has been avoiding the others gods calls to be sent back to Olympus for a whole month now. She can’t stay here much longer. So we wait until we have a chance. Lupa can’t keep finding excuses to not go back to Olympus forever and when she finally runs out of excuses everything will fall into place. She’ll obviously leave you in charge Reyna. So we have to do is get Emalie to give us a quest.” Gwendolyn answered.
“Geez Gwendolyn you must have a small social life if you had time to plan all of that out.” Hazel
“Or maybe I use my brain unlike a certain daughter of Venus.”
“Oh shut up.” Hazel said with a scrunched up nose.
“I know you’re right Gwendolyn but I just miss him so much.” I whispered.
Gwendolyn sat down on my right and in a rare show of affection she hugged me.
“We all miss him but we have to be patient.” She whispered soothingly.
Hazel sighed.
“I’d hate to agree with Gwendolyn but she’s right. We can’t just go rushing out there to find him. The camp needs us right now. Let’s do something else to keep our minds off of this. Oh I know we can try to find out more about Percy since you know he lost his memory and all.” Hazel rushed in a burst of excitement.
“You know what? I remember hearing Percy’s name somewhere before. Maybe if we sneak into the big house we can use the computer Lupa keeps in her office for emergency’s.” Gwendolyn mused.
I dropped my hands to my sides and stared at the two of them.
“You guys are actually agreeing on something.” I said in amazement.
“And that surprises you!” They both yelled. At the exact same time then they glared at each other.
Freaky I thought.
“Okay, okay. I won’t say anything else but Lupa’s overseeing the performances so she won’t even know that we’ve been in her office.” I said.
“Well then we better get going.” Gwendolyn noted.

10 minutes later…

“Hazel!” Gwendolyn and I hissed.
“I’m sorry! I just can’t see very well and it’s not my fault that you didn’t give me enough time to change out of my heels.” Hazel whispered back not too quietly.
I shook my head. We probably should have left her back at the Venus cabin but it’s too late to change our minds now. Sigh. The more I think about it the more I think that we should have left Hazel behind.
“Hazel!” Gwendolyn and I shouted at the exact same time.
“Guy, I swear that, that wasn’t me.” Hazel squealed frighten.
A voice came from the dark.
“She’s right. I wondered if you would be smart enough to guess what happened if I made a noise. You girls failed.
I felt my face drain of colour just as the figure of a wolf walked out of the shadows.
“Lupa.” We all bowed.
“You know better than to snoop around my office. If you have a suitable reason, address it immediately or die. Defiance is not tolerated here.” Lupa warned.
Surprisingly Hazel was the only one that managed to stutter out an answer.
“Lupa we wanted to know more about Percy Jackson. Gwendolyn said that his name sounded familiar so we wanted to search it on the computer.” Hazel explained.
Typical. Hazel was the only one that could get away with saying something like that and not because Lupa liked her. Hazel just spoke in a way that made it pointless to argue with her. Lupa turned to face me.
“Reyna is this true?”
I nodded.
“Reyna you are praetor do you think it is worth the lives of our guards just to find out about some boy?” Lupa purposely phrased the sentence to give me a hard time thinking up an answer.
“As Praetor I have witnessed the fighting skills of our warriors. I have no doubt in their strength and there have been no monsters around for a while. Some are even itching for a fight and a monster would be a suitable way to relieve that instinct so I must say that yes I want to use the computer and not for my own selfish reasons.”
Lupa nodded.
“An appropriate answer. Very well you have earned the right to use the computer but do not dawdle.” She warned and walked away leaving us alone.
The three of us shared a relieved look. Hazel broke the silence while Gwendolyn started to boot up the computer.
“Well that wasn’t so hard was it?”
“Easy for you to say it was your idea in the first place.” I pointed out.
“Whatever.” Hazel rolled her eyes.
“I knew I saw him somewhere before!” Gwendolyn exclaimed.
“What is it?” I asked.
Both Hazel and I rushed over to see the computer screen.
“Four years ago. There was that incident with this gang war thing. About the same time that Jupiter (Zeus) and Neptune (Poseidon) had that huge fight about the lightening bolt until Minevera (Athena) found out that Saturn (Kronos) was trying to start a war getting permission from Pluto to cross his realm. At the same time Percy was traveling west. He was probably rogue demigod.”
“Well that makes a lot more sense. At least we know something about Percy now.” Hazel said.
“The thing that’s weird though is that he was heading west and west is Pluto’s kingdom. Also look there’s that article of his step father disappearing.” I noted.
“Would you look at this?” Gwendolyn muttered under her breath.
“What is it?” Hazel asked this time.
“It turns out he was with two people at the time, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood.”
“Grover. That’s the name of a plant. Do you think he’s a faun?” I mused.
“Probably. I mean most people wouldn’t name their kids after plants unless it was a name like Rose or Daisy. Wait a second I want to search up this Annabeth Chase. She’s probably another rouge demigod if she was with Percy.”
Hazel and I nodded in agreement. That was the most logical deduction. Gwendolyn made a strangled noise.
“Are you okay?” I asked in alarm.
It was extremely rare for Gwendolyn to be caught of guard which was really a killer when we were trying to surprise her for her birthday. Gwendolyn nodded stiffly.
“Yeah but you and Hazel might want to see this.” Gwen breathed.
Hazel huffed and rose.
“For my mother’s sake what is so surprising that’s making you act this way Gwen. I mean it’s not like…” Hazel’s words died away and I could see her face drain of color.
She turned to face me.
“Rey you might want to check this out.”
Finally curiosity got the better of me and I walked over to the computer but as soon as I did I instantly regretted it.
“I thought we were looking for information about Annabeth Chase not pictures of me.” I managed to choke out.
“That’s the thing. This isn’t a picture of you. It’s a picture of Annabeth Chase and she…” Gwendolyn trailed off.
Hazel picked up where Gwendolyn left off.
“And she looks exactly like you right down to the physique. Trust me on this, us daughters of Venus know these things.” she noted.
Hazel squinted at the screen.
“Well never mind she looks exactly like you except for the grey streaks in her hair which totally matches her grey eyes. She must have dyed it.” Hazel observed casually.
I froze up as soon as I heard the words grey streaks because for me those words were anything but casual. My mind raced back to the Mercury cabin and what happened earlier.

“I was just wondering why you have a grey streak in your hair.” I asked obviously curious.
Percy stared at me blankly like I just asked him to tell me what was the square root of a million. I mentally sighed. He really was an idiot or maybe it was just his memory loss acting up.
His hand uncertainly touched his hair but he obviously didn’t know where the streak was.
“Seriously how could I have missed that? Reyna now do you see what happens when you worry about things so much, you’ll end up with a grey streak in your hair like the new guy.” Mike teased.
I seriously wanted to hit Mike for that remark. How dare he bring Jason into this conversation. That was low even for him. In a burst of anger I smacked Mike on the head. Immediately a small part of me regretted hitting him. I really had to get my temper in check one day and Jason’s disappearance didn’t help matters at all. I turned to look at Percy to make sure he was okay. His faced was a deep red and I decided not to push him for anymore questions right now. He probably has had a hard day and Romans don’t usually treat you so kindly. But trust me sooner or later I will get the answers I want

I snapped back to reality to finally realize that Hazel was waving her hand in front of my face saying.
“Hello anyone home.”
I swatted her hand way.
“Could you quit that?” I snapped.
Looking at her hurt face I quickly softened my tone.
“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I really didn’t mean to scare you Hazel.”
Hazel recovered quickly.
“Hey it’s okay. I know I would be shocked if I saw a picture of someone else that looks exactly like me. Well except for the grey streaks she would look exactly like you.” Hazel started babbling.
“That’s the thing. Before dinner I was in the Mercury cabin introducing Percy and I noticed that he had grey streaks in his hair, the exact color of this Annabeth girl’s.” the realization dawned on me.
“Well we already know that somehow they’re connected but we can’t get any information out of him since he kind of has Amnesia.” Hazel stated.
“Yeah but don’t you think it’s strange that we haven’t acknowledged something so plainly obvious sooner. I mean he has really black hair and it would be safe to assume that the grey is a contrasting color yet we didn’t notice or question it until much later.” Gwendolyn mused.
Something strange was definitely going on here, if only we could find out what.

P.S. I started reading the mortal instuments series yesterday and it was so good that I almost finished the second book but I still have a few more pages to go.
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Prepare to be even more confused about Rose's identity. I'm pretty sure I didn't get Nico's charictor right so if you have any suggestions tell me. Also please don't hate me because of this chapter I'm a huge fan of Percabeth so you don't have to worry. The first part of the chapter is rushed but don't blame me. I was really sick for about 5 days. I didn't realize the dream scene would be so long so now I have split my original idea for this chapter into two chapters. I hope you like it.
the dancing part was just plain weird but I had to put it in so everything would make sense. I couldn't think of another way to make everything fit together.
Just so you know there is a reason for a lot of things I write even if you don't see it right away.

Chapter 9
Remind Me to Never Go to Sleep Again

I was totally exhausted. As I lay down on my sleeping bag on the floor of the Mercury cabin I recalled the events of the evening. Rose didn’t show up so I guess she was avoiding me or something. Dakota was seriously good at singing. I didn’t understand why she was so worried about singing since she was so good. On the other hand I wouldn’t want to sing in front of a crowd unless I could help it. The evening was actually pretty fun if you ignored the fact that Reyna, Hazel, and Gwendolyn didn’t come back. When I got back to the cabin with Mike and Kyle told me to put away the plain orange t-shirt I was wearing and gave me a purple one that had Camp Demigod written on it. I didn’t change out of it though. It didn’t feel right to put on the purple shirt. I decided that when I woke up in the morning I would change shirts so I wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. In a few minutes I fell asleep.

“What do you mean it’s gone? It can’t possibly be stolen again! Can it?” the last part was an uncertain whisper.
“Yes it is indeed missing.” a slithery voice answered.
“Then you must recover it immediately. No later than the solstice.”
“You forget that the best person for this sort of task would be a Demigod.”
“What do you expect me to do? It is not like I can go and ask the three like before. It would be incredibly shaming.”
“You must think of a plan quickly mistress if you do not wish for your husband to find out what has happened.”
The woman paced back and forth.
“Wait. Do you know how the thief escaped with it?”
“The thief did not.”
“What do you mean the thief did not? I have no time to waste on comments that don’t make sense.”
“A powerful spell was used to transport it out of here. The person had to come here directly to do it and there is no one that escapes from here without us knowing it. The only sorceress powerful enough to do it would be Circle.”
“We must send someone to her island immediately then.”
“It is not on her island. One of my sisters checked and could not find it anywhere.”
“Where could such a powerful item be kept then?” the woman muttered to herself.
Before I could hear the answer the room disappeared and I was somewhere else. Everything was foggy like I was trying to look through a dirty mirror. There was a guy with olive toned skin and black hair. He was kneeling beside a girl who was badly injured. Her long black hair was full of snarls and her silver eyes fluttered open. A spark of recognition flowed through me. It was Rose but I didn’t know how that was possible. The only thing similar between the two was the sad look she had in her eyes but I knew it was her.
“By the gods you scared me.” the guy said.
She turned her gaze on him. She tried to sit up but fell back down immediately with a small shout of pain. His hands automatically reached out to help her but she just pushed them away.
“There’s no point in that. I’m going to die soon and there’s something I have to tell you before that happens.”
“You can’t die like my sister.” he whispered.
“Oh yes I can and please don’t blame Percy this time.” Rose cracked a small smile but grimaced in pain. I wanted to go over to her but I couldn’t.
“Please call Percy over. He’ll want to hear this too.”
He called my name.
“I lied to you about something Nico. I didn’t mean to but I didn’t know it was a lie until now.”
“I don’t understand.”
Then I came in. It’s strange seeing yourself even if it is in a dream. My dream self bent down on Rose’s other side.
“Oh Hades. Nico do you have any ambrosia with you.”
“What do I look like a pack mule?”
“I was just asking.”
“Stop it both of you.”
She groaned in agony.
A woman that looked like Dakota shouted “She has only seconds left to live. Do you want her leave without speaking to her?”
“I can always talk to her even after she dies.”
“Yeah but not all of us have that luxury.” My dream self replied.
“None of you do.”
“What do you mean by that?” The boy said.
“I mean that I am going to finally listen to Percy and his stupid belief that I am Rose.”
“If it’s so stupid why are you agreeing to believe it?” My dream self pointed out.
Rose glared at me then sighed.
“I believe it now because if I had paid attention I would know the truth. It also would explain why Nico is so attached to me.”
She turned to look at Nico.
“It makes sense. You have met Alexandria before right.”
“Yeah she was really nice to me when Bianca and I first met Percy and the hunters.”
“See. It also explains how I knew stuff about both of you without knowing how I knew it.”
“That would explain a lot of things.” My dream self observed.
“It doesn’t make sense. When I met Alexandria she was the same age as Percy and right now you’re the same age as me. Also you’re a human and Alexandria wasn’t.”
“Perhaps I can explain.” said the girl that looked like Dakota.
I realized that this must have been Artemis. Dakota was joking about how she looked like Artemis while Gwendolyn looked like Apollo.
“You see before Alexandria left she got Athena, Aphrodite, and Hades to do a favour for her. Athena can have children through thought and Aphrodite transferred that power to me too be used only once. It was different because I didn’t have to fall in love. All I had to do was let Aphrodite pick out someone suitable for the task and meet that person. From that meeting I would be able to give birth through thought to one child you letting a part of Alexandria’s soul reincarnate into your body. That was Hades job to make sure her soul got reincarnated while Hypnos made sure that all your memories were locked away. Usually it’s my ignorant brother’s job to make sure that the information you need is revealed to you when you need it. Sometimes it is submerged into a slightly higher level than your subconscious. He has too much fun doing that if you ask me. You shouldn’t let him have that responsibility.”
“Wait you’re my mom?” Rose asked.
“So that’s why I was so good with the bow and me joining the hunters.”
Artemis nodded.
“The fates had everything planned out already.” Artemis said.
“It’s strange having a mom that looks about only twelve years old.”
“I could imagine.”
“This can’t be all real. There must be some mistake or something.” Nico exclaimed.
My dream self put a hand on Nico’s shoulder but he just shrugged it off.
“Nico you have to except the facts. Everything makes sense and fits together. You have to see that.” My dream self said.
Nico turned to face Artemis.
“You and your stupid hunters have to take away everything I care about don’t you, first my sister and now this.”
Artemis’s gaze turned steely.
“You should watch your tongue boy. Do you forget who I am? Turning you into an antelope may change your mind about speaking to a goddess that way.”
“Don’t you dare. He’s just angry and you can’t punish him for something he doesn’t mean.” Rose said.
A violent tremor went through her body and her face paled to a ghostly white. Her eyes turned watery and a tear fell down her cheek like a shooting star across the night sky. She took a deep breath that rocked her body. I always thought of her as a strong person but seeing her like this I could she how breakable she really was. Her voice was a small whisper like a sliver of a breeze. She was facing the sky straight on.
“I have always been prepared to accept death should it come upon me. At times I would have even wished it so but at this moment hath stands before thee I realize now that instead of worrying about thy senseless affairs I should have learned to love what hath has been given.”
I didn’t notice until now that the way Rose spoke was so old-fashioned like how Gwendolyn spoke and other people when they were talking to Reyna. Rose smiled with tears still shining in her eyes as if that could beat what was killing her. With each laboured breath I could feel her strength depleting but she still smiled like that was the last thing she could offer the world. The next words she spoke she barely managed to get the words out.
“It’s funny that when I’m about to die I finally start to remember and believe.”
My dream self smiled sadly.
“Don’t talk like that; you’re starting to sound like me.”
“And we all know how bad that can be.” Nico added in chuckling but he didn’t seem like he had enough energy in him to mean it.
It like he was trying not to make Rose feel any weaker than she already is, like if he gave her too much of a shock she would be gone. Of course that was too close to the truth for him take any chances.
“Both of you take my hands.”
My dream self looked confused but did it anyway. Rose started to sit up. I could see how much it took out of her to do that much. Her body was shivering uncontrollably.
My dream self and Nico immediately supported her.
“Thanks.” she whispered.
She turned to face Nico.
“Learn to move on and accept what the fates throw at you or you’ll waste your live away regretting things. Holding grudges aren’t good for the children of Hades.” Rose said with a smile.
She leaned over and she whispered something into Nico’s ear. Then she kissed his cheek and it looked like a glimmer of light passed into him.
“Why do I feel different?”
She smirked.
“What’s the point of having powers when you can’t use them?”
“Answering a question with a question is not cool.”
“Too bad, you’re supposed to deal with the cards the fates hand out to you.”
“You are so unfair.” he grumbled.
Rose giggled then slid her hand out of Nico’s and turned to my dream self.
“Now you’re the difficult one. I already wasted my best gift on you.”
“Wasted? Are you sure you’re not talking about someone else?”
She suddenly gasped and her eyes glazed over as if she was seeing something else.
“ROSE! Rose! You can’t die on me now!”
“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?” she snapped.
My dream self let out a sigh of relief.
“Thank the gods you’re not dead yet.”
“I will be soon.”
“I know.” My dream self whispered.
“How about we make a deal instead?”
“What kind of deal?”
Rose laughed.
“Don’t worry you get the better end of the deal. If you promise me this then I’ll promise you something.”
“Okay what?”
“How about, if I help the demigods mentioned in the next great prophecy then you have to try harder in school. We all know what hero you are but you are known for not noticing things right in front of you.”
"I’m just going to ignore the last part. I’ll agree with the first part but instead I want to dance and don’t laugh. There’s a specific song I want you to dance to too.”
“You just live to torture me don’t you?” Rose cut in.
“I wasn’t finished.”
“Oh yeah what could be worse than forcing me to dance. Wait never mind do not answer that.”
“I also want you to sing.”
“Anything but that.” she pleaded.
“I want to you to die with your fear of singing and dancing in front of people gone for good.”
“Do you even realize how stereotypical and cheesy you sound?” she responded cheerfully.
Then she looked away from my dream self with an unshed tear forming in her eye and started humming softly. My dream self helped Rose stand up. She could barely even do that. How was she going to dance? She stopped humming and sighed.
“You’re going to have to dance with me because I can barely stand on my own if that’s what you really want.”
“You can really make a guy regret doing a favour for you can’t you.” my dream self grumbled.
“Only when I don’t want to do something and what do you request I sing?” she said with one raised eyebrow.
“I don’t get how you can do that eyebrow thing. Only people in movies and book can do those things.”
“You’ll never find out my secret.” Rose said evilly.
“Dance until you die.” my dream self mumbled.
“What?” Rose exclaimed.
“That’s the song I want you to sing to.”
“Ironic choice and by the way this is a totally stupid idea. I won’t last very long.”
“Don’t be bitter I’m doing this for you. Why do you think I’m risking embarrassing myself with my horrible dancing?”
“Hey you have no excuse because after your terrible dancing at Westover Hall I taught you how to dance properly.”
“That doesn’t stop me from being clumsy.”
Rose almost doubled over.
“Are you okay?”
“If you want your side of the deal fulfilled than we better stop arguing or else I won’t be around long enough to complete it.”
My dream self nodded stiffly.
Rose started to hum softly again and than started to sing those stupid warm up things that teachers forced us to do in music class. It wasn’t like I had enough patience to learn them so you can’t blame me for not paying attention. When I heard her voice start form the words it was absolutely worth it. I could see why my dream self wanted her to sing before she died.

“Can you hear it all around, the sound of the wind howling through the night?
Do you feel the pounding beat of the Earth pulsing beneath your feet?
Can you feel the ocean washing away all of your fears?
Do you have a flame burning in your heart urging you to do what you yearn for?
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

By this time she started to dance slowly and you could she how weak she really was. Even that close to death she was still graceful. Her arms making swift movements while her feet we as light as a feather. My dream self however was not graceful at all. I really do need dancing lessons. Maybe I should go ask Dakota. If her dad is the god or music shouldn’t his children have the ability to dance well?

Swing your arms to the rhythm
And stomp your feet light as air
See the lights swirling above
And dance until you die

Your soul trapped in a fairy circle
Your body takes a mind of its own
You limbs unable to stop moving
And you fall deeper into the music

There’s no victory left for you now
Surrender to the sound
No one out there still willing to fight
The trees blocking you from sight

Swing your arms to the rhythm
And stomp your feet light as air
See the lights swirling above
And dance until you die

“Listen to the songs the wind whispers
Follow the beat of the Earth.
Let the water calm your soul.
Embrace the fire burning within your heart
because soon everything will disappear.”
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

She was moving faster now and breathing heavy. Her face was lit up. My dream self was right this was good for her.

Don’t look back once the decision is made
Your chance for escape has been forgotten
Your former self is buried beneath the grave
Your old life scattered beyond repair

The years fly by as you surrender to the circle
Forever dancing to the haunting beat
Bloodshed continues behind closed curtains
Everything you used to know is gone

Swing your arms to the rhythm
And stomp your feet light as air
See the lights swirling above
And dance until you die

She was just a flash of movement now. You could barely make out the dance steps. My dream self was somehow able to keep up and support her. Then the song suddenly slowed down and Rose’s dance steps became graceful and elegant. Suddenly something strange happened. The images I was seeing cleared up all of a sudden. Now I wasn’t looking at the dream I was somehow a part of it. Rose was now right in front of me. My feet were moving as if I knew all the steps but that didn’t stop me from stumbling a lot. By this time I was totally confused and didn’t understand how anything was working at all. The only good thing I was doing was managing not to step on her toes. Before it was like I was watching a movie now it was like I was a part of it except I had no control of my body. Trust me I could feel everything like my aching feet and clammy hands but I had no control over them. Rose’s was slowing down and she breathing really hard. She would die soon. The next time she spun toward me she slipped something into both of my palms. I wanted to look at them but I knew Rose wouldn’t be here for long so I resisted the urge. Instead I just stuffed whatever they were in the pockets of my shorts. She stopped singing and whispered in to my ear.
“You still have a lot more in store for you then you think but don’t worry I’ll help you again and this time for real.”
Before I could ask what she meant by that she sung the last words of the song and fell into my arms dead.
“Whisper your goodbyes and dance until you die.”
Her last words were still ringing in my mind, repeating itself over and over again. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen such an ironic song and don’t get me started on all the other ironic things about this. Suddenly everything changed and I was looking through a foggy scene again. I watched my dream self lay Rose’s dead body down and pull whatever she put into my palms out. I didn’t get to see them because I woke up in the Mercury cabin in a cold sweat as if nothing had even happened. At the time I didn’t know just how important that dream was. All I could think about was wanting to ask someone to remind me to never go to asleep again.

P.S. I chose the sleeping emote because this is a dream scene. Maybe I should have chosen the sick one because I was sick for so long.

P.P.S. I really want to read city of fallen angels but I have to wait until I go to a book store. That was the first good series I have read in a long time.
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I’m so sorry. I accidentally deleted the chapter and I’ve been really stressed for time recently. Last week I had a science exam and a French project due on the same day plus later in the week I had a Hum project due. I have just recovered from being sick and wait for it I ran 3000 metres for track with a pulled muscle. I’m really proud but I came in dead last because of my pulled muscle. Anyways I’m going to try and rewrite the chapter for this Sunday. Have you guys ever heard of the book the Outsiders? I’m doing a novel study at school and have to write an alternate ending for the story so I’m going to post it here later. If you like it I would suggest reading the book. It was good for a novel study book but for a book I would willingly read it’s just okay. Oh also I have read some cool stories about the gods. They really make you think about how things could have been. Hades is so different from the way he is described in PJO. Every time I hear about Hera In PJO I think of an irritated middle aged woman but in this series she looks so pretty. if you would like to read the stories here is the link:


P.S. after you follow this ling you see the words in between [/b]next and back click on the black arrow and skip to the chapter that says my seasons[b] or go can look through all the pictures before you read My Seasons. This is a manga by the way. I hope this keeps you occupied for a while.
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You were right, that last chapter really did get me even more confused about Rose, but hey, IT WAS REALLY GOOD, love the descriptions, and basically everything, The only thing that confuses me now is Rose's sudden change to stone, emotionless, and Percy-hating, I really don't get how ANYONE can hate Percy, he's just too awesome, I mean even Clarisse likes him a little, not like she'd ever admit it but you know it's true! Any who Thanks for the amazing chapters! heal that pulled muscle and keep writing!